Feeling patriotic? Get the Star-Spangled Pants and Fleece worn by Stephen Colbert!

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert during the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or/Fear in Washington DC

Have you been itching to get your legs inside some of those sexy star-studded pants that Stephen Colbert wore during the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear? Or possibly slip into one of those cozy Old Glory pullover fleece tops that Stephen and Jon Stewart wore when singing the lovely ditty “I’m More American Than You“? We’ve found where you can get them!

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times for tipping us off to the supplier of the pants: “The shamelessly self-promoting folks at Betabrand made sure to let us know over the weekend that the comedian was clad in a pair of their USA pants (online only, $90)” But if you want them, you better act quickly – according to the New York Times, the pants are made in limited batches, so they quickly become collectibles!

Betabrand USA Pants

The American flag fleece zip-up pullover was a bit tricker to locate, but I do believe we’ve found it. It looks to be sold by an online company called FlagClothes.com, and is called the Old Glory Patriotic Pullover ($110). The details look correct, although it looks like the fabric on the right back of the pullover may be red instead of white like the tops they wore on stage. But all other details are identical, so I’m guessing this is the one.

Old Glory Patriotic Pullover

Tip of the hat to Gratefull, somuch2kno and Arrow for finding the Betabrand story!


The Evel Knievel suit is available, too. (You’re welcome, Mea.)


  1. Nice work on finding the pullover – but $110, ouch! Here’s where I wish I wasn’t a poor student!

    • I’m a grown up, and $110 is a bit steep. But it’s still cool as hell.

      • Can’t argue with that! I think I’m regretfully going to have to pass though, my closet is full enough as it is.

    • Nicely done! I personally want the jumpsuit too, strictly for kitsch value. Especially with the little white ankle boots! Deliciously tacky!!

  2. I want the Evel Knievel suit!

  3. I love the fact that outfitting Stephen for the Rally involved nothing more than doing some shopping on the Interwebz. Hee.

    The fact that I’m seriously contemplating buying that Patriotic Pullover worries me. The price isn’t what’s stopping me so far, although it is pretty steep. I’m just not sure I’d actually wear it.

  4. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Haha! I can’t believe you could even buy the Evil Knievel suit! Priceless. Or, rather, it’s not, because $110 is just too steep for a fleece.

    • Well, it *does* have those nice embroidered stars on it. That probably ups the price a bit.

      I’m not getting commission or anything with these links. I just thought it was kind of fun.

      • MaryLovesColbert says:

        Haha, no, I didn’t think you were getting a commission! If I were richer, I’d be ordering that fleece already, honestly. And it is just fun to see the actual clothes from the rally available for purchase. :)

      • Now I have to look for an excuse to get one of these, other than the one where I show up to class wearing this and scare the fire out of my students.

  5. AliceInDallas says:

    I was hoping Stephen and Jon would auction off the ones that they wore. :)

    • Oh, now THAT would be awesome. From your mouth to Viacom’s ears …

    • friedthing says:

      That was actually one of my first thoughts when I saw the puppet :). “Hey, one of those huge Stephen hands would look awesome in my apartment.” LOL!

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