Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear – The Official Discussion Thread!!!!!

Okay, Zoners, the time is upon us. And you know you want to talk about it with all of the other people who really, truly understand how momentous this occasion truly is. You can watch the event live on Comedy Central basic cable channel starting at 12p EDT, or if you do not have cable, you can watch a commercial-free stream on the official site for the rally – RallyToRestoreSanityAndOrFear.com.

We’ll start blogging events as soon as we are able (on Twitter and Facebook), but until then, please, share your thoughts on the craziness and wonderfulness that is the Rally on this thread.

Until then, enjoy this Welcome Video for the rally (while it’s available), with Stephen and Jon issuing a most amusing Spoiler Alert!


  1. Have a wonderful day, DB! Hope to run into you!

    • Hey Mea – I’m *so sorry* we weren’t able to meet up! I was really looking forward to at least a big ol’ hug from you and your British babe. Ack!

      • I did try to pull my friends along to the museum for the meetup after the rally, but upon seeing the line that was forming outside, we decided to begin hunting around for a bathroom. Unfortunately, by the time I made it back to the museum, it was closed. =( I regret not waiting around a bit longer, but my bladder was honestly screaming by that point.

  2. Have an amazing time, everyone who is going! I’ll be watching from afar, unfortunately, but I am still SO FREAKING EXCITED RIGHT NOW!

  3. I am so crazy in love with the two men in that video, it’s just unreal.

    Have fun at the Rally everybody! Don’t miss out on that crazy crazy rally sex!

  4. If anyone is in the rally area or on the HuffPost buses, keep an eye out for Arianna Huffington, according to several people on Twitter she was there to meet the buses and has been chatting to fans!

  5. My bus leaves for the rally in just over 1 hour. Hope to meet some Zoners today.

    (singing) I’m going to the rally! I’m going to the rally! :D

  6. That video is oddly adorable. Especially Stephen’s laugh right at the end. It looks improvised, at least partially, especially from “crazy, crazy rally sex” onwards.

    Have a GREAT time, everyone! I expect to see a bunch of the NFZ contingent on the live stream!

  7. Eddie Izzard will be at the rally, and just arrived in Washington DC according to his Twitter!

    • lockhart43 says:

      I read that last night on his facebook feed! I would go just for the possibility of seeing him, lol. *love*

    • Spoon At A Spork Fight says:

      A woman next to me at the rally had a big yellow sign that said “I want Eddie Izzard’s autograph!” She also gave me a tiny American flag pin, which I will treasure because I’m that dorky.

  8. riftcanyondreams says:

    Wow, this is so exciting. Even when you’re not really there. I can’t imagine how exciting it would be to actually be there… or maybe I can. I don’t know, I can’t think straight right now, it’s too epic. :D

    I wish everyone who’s going a GREAT TIME. Thanks for keeping us posted btw, DB. And sorry about your phone…

    Anyways, I hope to see you all (the couch ralliers and the real ralliers) in the rally threads, here and on the CN board!

  9. AliceInDallas says:

    Still in hotel room a couple blocks northwest of the white house.
    We’re putting on as many clothes as we can.. layers, layers, layers. :)

  10. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Even though I can’t be there (or watch it live) this is so exciting! I hope everyone has a fantastic time!!

  11. Gratefull says:

    My belly is all in knots. Sounds like Rally-folks are having a MASSIVE time already and it is a few hours from the official start! WOW, this is EPIC and I am thousands of miles away and can still feel the pulse wave in the Force!

    Will be watching y’all on TV. Have BIG fun!

  12. John Legend is going to be at the rally!

    @johnlegend: On my way to DC to rock w/ @questlove & The Roots for @Rally4Sanity

    • Spoon At A Spork Fight says:

      Hearing John Legend play with the Roots was lovely. He sounded amazing during the Star-Spangled Banner harmonies!

  13. pkyoubuggin says:

    Have fun everyone! I can’t wait to hear all the repor(t)s coming in.
    Don’t Jon and Stephen look handsome in that vid!

  14. Hello, I am currently ded with glee from that clip. Please revive me in time for the rally/march!

  15. I’ve been looking forward to this Rally for WEEKS! I hope everyone who’s in attendance has a wonderful time and safe travels to and from DC. I’ll be thinking of you all and watching the coverage vigilantly looking for those of you with “Z” paraphernalia!

  16. Have fun you guys!! Looking forward to some great reports and pics :)

  17. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    The rally is already a success 100 times over just thanks to that video.

  18. who else feels like they r taking a part in something historic!! lol i might not be able to tell my kids that i was there but i saw it live at least!!

    side note- stephens wristSTRONG is MIA- whats that abt?!

    • lockhart43 says:

      side note- stephens wristSTRONG is MIA- whats that abt?!”

      I do know that he doesn’t wear it all of the time. If he’s going to a public event, he always wears it, but I’ve seen him quite a few times without it. I know that’s not much of an explanation lol, but hope that helps. :)

  19. lockhart43 says:

    I remembered to watch that Welcome video on my iPod right when the rally started. They are so damn cute together! You can tell the whole thing was improvised, I love it. :D

  20. lockhart43 says:

    If there’s anyone going to a satellite rally in Chicago, I just read on his facebook page that Greg Hollimon’s going to be there and he’ll be speaking on stage: “THE TIME HAS COME – I’LL BE AT THE ‘RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY IN GRANT PARK @ COLUMBUS and JACKSON AT 11am and SPEAKING AT ABOUT APPROX. 1:40pm.” :)

    EDIT: Holy crap it’s Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters! My dreams of seeing them in the same place as Stephen have finally come true…

  21. marleygirl84 says:

    Oh man, I should have went to Chicago LOL. I love Greg Hollimon and I even had a dream I met him last night. Weird.

  22. Words cannot express my joy at seeing that thing. But here is a vague approximation:

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I love you. I love you so very very much.

  23. Splendiferous_Zeppelin says:

    THE RALLY WAS AMAZING!!! I had so much fun watching!!!!! I just wish I could have been there in person. Jon’s speech was amazing. I’m so happy to be a part of this fandom right now, guys!! Hugs to one and all, and YAY FOR SANITY AND/OR FEAR!!!

  24. I am touched to my core. I feel like I just witnessed history. Jon Stewart, you are my hero.

  25. Seriously, that final speech? Jon, you are a god amongst men, sir. The presence of 150,000 it-getters may have restored your sanity, but you and Stephen restore ours every damn day.

  26. lockhart43 says:

    That final speech by Jon gave me goosebumps. That was amazing.
    Watching Jon and Stephen up on that stage in front of all those people was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen!

  27. Just got off our last flight, driving home. I’ll be doing a write-up (probably after I do a longer draft, to try to record every moment XD). But long story short, so many dreams came true for me today! I joined a new-age peace movement in the form of hundreds of thousands of it-getters, I had a good friend to squee and scream with the whole time, I had prime real estate, and I saw Stephen Colbert in person for the first time, after a very long 4+ year wait. Quite simply the best day of my life.

    I’m proud beyond description of our fandom. We prove to the world that we can not only be a joy machine of ridiculousness, but a titanic force by which to spread a long-overlooked message of peace, love, and understanding. This was our Woodstock, and I hope this rally turns out to be as influential to America as it deserves to be.

  28. Crystal Cash says:

    Has anyone mentioned the fact that it was impossible to actuatly get to the rally!! My god I was SO close. I leave st. albans wv at three in the morning get here at 10:30 and rent a rinky dink hotel room in virginia then I park at a mall take a bus to a metro station that was backed up for a mile (2-3 hour wait to take the metro) almost the same wait to get a cab (if you can even get them to answer the phone!!) so I wait a half an hour to take a bus BACK to my car to try my last option of driving into dc (on a good day being a nightmare to park in) only to get prematurly excited when making it into town thinking YEAH! now theres still two hours left of the rally and I can find somewhere to park before that right?! NO!!!! stuck in a hardly ever moving cluster f*** of impatient people who abuse the use of they’re horn I get directed out of town then back in to finaly find a parking lot (that cost 12 dollars geez) right at 3:00 which is the exzact time the rally ended! Extremly stressfull situation that I didnt expect to that extreme. I have three children ( 6 year old Dylan 3 year old Lilly and 1 year old Karma) who needed a sitter because this is a 2 day vacation for me (and my other half Alex) and me leaving at when I did was my only option and expected more access to such a big ordeal but were making the best of it and experienced the vibrant croud and took a long walk to different momorials and plan on making a stop at the zoo on our way out tomorrow so not a total loss just very disapointed I didnt get to enjoy the much anticipated event. I wish i could have seen it (even if only from a big screen I later saw several of) not just heard it in the distance muffled by car horns and the madness that DC is! Just letting you know my struggles as your fan today. Crystal Cash

    • I heard variations on this story countless times post rally (especially from fellow attendees at Lizz Winstead’s show at Artisphere)…the Washington Post reported today that by 2pm Saturday Metrorail (the subway) had had as much traffic on it as it would on an entire Saturday (it’s open from 7am to midnight). There were still crowded trains on Metro even in VA & MD when I rode back from Lizz’s show at 9pm.

      And no the Park Service won’t give out official estimates on how many people showed up. Having been to concerts on the Mall where 400K-500K people showed up I could confidently estimate 250K people showed up & I would be giving you all a conservative but realistic estimate. I don’t think they expected more than 100K people (their permit was only for 60K, which was way way low).

      Also this was a reunion weekend for Howard University, the running of the Marine Corps Marathon was today (and that may have been some of the traffic you got stuck in) and of course Halloween (there are parties all over the DC Metro area). So you had a lot of company there, getting seriously stuck.

      The good news is I didn’t see lots of trash left in the Mall area but the bad news is trash cans were overflowing on all the nearby the Mall streets of DC. I think Team Reddit just shifted the problem over a couple of blocks…oh well.

  29. CHI! CHI! LE! LE! CHI! CHI! LE! LE!

    Stephen: You are AWESOME!

  30. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Jon’s final speech was amazing, the whole thing was amazing, SO proud to be in this fandom today and every day. We do great and wonderful things and hold events where people are not douche-y. I love you guys! <333

  31. lockhart43 says:

    I’m still reeling in the pure awesomeness that was this rally!! I loved everything, but the highlights for me were:
    – When Adam and Jamie from the Mythbusters showed up to warm up the crowd – that was SO fantastic! Just watching that entire crowd do the wave was something to behold.
    – Stephen’s pants – those were just ridiculous, and I loved it. :D
    – “I’m More American Than You” – Jon and Stephen singing together on stage in front of 150,000 people? YES please!
    – Tony Bennett. Seriously. Tony-freakin’-Bennett.
    – Jon’s speech. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

    I’m so proud to have been a part of all of this as a fan, and I’m so proud of Jon and Stephen and everyone who works on TDS and TCR for working their butts off to put this whole thing together.

  32. It was great getting to meet some of you after the rally! My apologies for having to leave early, but it was still great to meet you!

    The rally was just…ah, there was so much I don’t know where to begin. One thing I’m glad of is that they managed to split the time between Jon and Stephen pretty well – I had my concerns that this would be a Daily Show dominated rally, but my fears were quickly put to rest (all that restoring sanity, I suppose).

    And Jon’s final speech was so fantastic. I felt like crying with joy at some points, it was just so beautiful and heartfelt and honest. By the end I was gazing at the stage, hanging on to Jon’s every word and just feeling beside myself with joy at being surrounded by so many wonderful, wonderful people who got to participate in the fun and silliness that is these two great television shows. This is why I follow Jon and Stephen, and this is why I shall follow them to the end!

    And the Mythbusters guys were there! HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!? [/nerd]

    Truly a highlight of my life! Thank you for all you do, Jon and Stephen! And thanks to all who made it out to DC!

  33. I had a great time at the rally, and the whole trip coming and going. But I have to say that the highlight of it all wasn’t John’s speech or Stephen’s pants or Ozzy (although Ozzy was awesome)–the best part was meeting DB.

  34. So I was one of the lucky ones who got to go to DC, then got luckier by being among the last people to get into the section closest to the stage (though I was way at the back of it, thank goodness I left for DC via Metro right as the first train left the station at 7am), then luckier still to meet other Zoners in person & DB.

    Then I got to go see Lizz Winstead rock it hard in her first hour-plus show at Artisphere in Rosslyn VA (just over the river from DC, she did 2 shows post rally & NFZ after DC rally meetup). It was a very good Saturday.

    Funniest yet luckiest thing that happened to me was meeting up again with someone who works for Turner Classic Movies & was at the 1st Classic Film Festival they put on last year. I gave him the scoop on the rally & NFZ, he spilled details on TCMFF 2011 & I was just able to pre-buy my ticket to that (as a prior attendee they let us go first & at a discount. It was nice to return a favor for him (we all got treated like A-listers by TCM staff). I live in a very tiny, friendly lucky world & I’m glad there are so many Colbert & Stewart fans in it.

    The whole vibe of the rally was one of intense friendliness, DC is usually not that nice a place to be (I’ve lived in or near it since 1980 or had family there) and can tell you Washingtonians are normally ruder than even New Yorkers. But not on this day.

    I wish that vibe could go on in DC forever. It just might be up to fans of Stephen (& Jon) to make that happen. Think we can do it? I hope so.

  35. lockhart43 says:

    (For some reason this wouldn’t post for me yesterday, but when I tried to post it again, it said it was a duplicate post. SO, if it pops up later, if one of the Completists could just delete the extra, it’d be much appreciated. That means that this post is a day old, but the feelings are still totally the same :D)

    I’m still reeling in the pure awesomeness that was this rally!! I loved everything, but the highlights for me were:
    – When Adam and Jamie from the Mythbusters showed up to warm up the crowd – that was SO fantastic! Just watching that entire crowd do the wave was something to behold.
    – Stephen’s pants – those were just ridiculous, and I loved it. :D
    – “I’m More American Than You” – Jon and Stephen singing together on stage in front of 150,000 people? YES please!
    – Tony Bennett. Seriously. Tony-freakin’-Bennett.
    – Jon’s speech. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

    I’m so proud to have been a part of all of this as a fan, and I’m so proud of Jon and Stephen and everyone who works on TDS and TCR for working their butts off to put this whole thing together.

    • Ah, sorry lockhart43. Your comment never showed up for moderation, just somehow landed in the spam bucket where we missed it. Thanks for reposting – I’m with you on all those highlights!

  36. So Glenn beck just got done mentioning how terrible he thought Stephen Colbert was at the rally. A**hole

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