RALLY LIVE!: In here, out there! Join in!

Zoners, DB says, “we’ve still got half an hour, and I’m behind the stage – if you’re in the area, look for me! Got my Z sticker on my bag and collar.” Here is a link to the ComedyCentral Live Streaming and the CSpan Coverage [Edit: links now go to archived video].



  1. Jinx! Buy me a Coke!

  2. LOL … will do!

    Rally! Rally! Rally!! … YAAAAAAAA

  3. DogGoneGirl says:

    John Legend is on stage!!!!

  4. Any band that rocks with a sousaphone has my vote. Excellent!

  5. LOL… the Mythbusters!!! … Wave technology for crowd estimation … that is one HUGE crowd!!

  6. Jon is ON!!!!

  7. STEPHEN!!!! … Stuck in his fear bunker!!


  8. OMG there must be millions of people :-)

    Jons outfit is a typical Jon Stewart!

  9. lockhart43 says:

    I watched the rally on Comedy Central, but I just turned it to the end of the C-SPAN coverage and they’re asking people to call in to say whether they thought it was political or entertainment, and they have special numbers to call for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. After Jon gave that beautiful, amazing speech about what the entire purpose of the rally was. FML.

    • I know. The call-ins completely defeated the purpose of the rally to begin with. THEY ARE COMEDIANS, NOT POLITICIANS, PEOPLE! *sigh*

  10. Words cannot express my joy at seeing that thing. But here is a vague approximation:

    Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and the combined staff of the Daily Show and Colbert Report, I love you. I love you so very very much.

  11. Jon’s speech was fantastic. Definitely my highlight of the rally and worth staying up till 3 am local time for!

  12. GRRRR!!! I was streaming it live on the rally site (I’m not in the States), and at the very end, it just froze on me. Jon and Stephen were bringing everyone back out on stage for a final song or something. Can anyone fill me in on the last few minutes? Please??

    • Yeah it seemed to cut out for me at the worst possible moments too! One moment Sheryl Crowe was on stage, next thing I know there’s a giant paper mache Stephen!

      Don’t worry you didn’t miss much at the end of the webcast, everyone came out and Mavis Staples sung the final song – however the webcast cut the song early anyway so we didn’t get to see the end.

      • Thanks for that. :) Surely this will be available somewhere on the internets at some point? Or better yet, available for download on iTunes so we’re not made to suffer if we’ve got a weak internet connection.

        Wow. I’m still on such a high right now after watching that. I just feel like a group hug or something. Preferably one in which I’m standing between Jon and Stephen.

  13. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Does anyone know if the join press conference will broadcast anywhere? (TV or web?)

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      I meant JOINT.
      Also there is a NY Times article from the 28th that says Jon & Stephen’s press conference will be carried live on CC. Did anyone see it there? Has it happened? All I’m getting is Scrubs!

  14. That was so much freakin’ fun to watch!! I can’t even believe how many people were there. It looked so crazy. Man that was so epic, and I wasn’t even there in person. The song Stephen and Jon sang was amazing. ^_^

  15. EvilDevil says:


  16. Hi Zoners! Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    Anyway, it seems that the National Press Club will be streaming Jon and Stephen’s press conference on their website, here:


    Right now it’s just the reporters waiting, but hopefully the duo will arrive soon.

    Saw the rally on my computer in my dorm. SO AWESOME.

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      Thank you so much! You are a great person! :D

    • lockhart43 says:

      YES! Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! That was great!

    • NOOOOOO!!!

      I just missed it gaaahhh! Hope it will be posted somewhere. What was asked, what was their response?? Oh well, l’ll guess l’ll find out soon enough :S

      • Hopefully it’ll pop up on YouTube. I missed a little bit of the beginning myself because of buffering issues.

        A funny bit though was when Jon mentioned having had a number of failures in his career, and Stephen proceeded to list them for him. “The Faculty, Death to Smoochy….”

      • Mr. Arkadin says:

        I miss the beginning. I accidentally unplugged my router just when it started! (I’m such a tool!) What I did see indicates it was a very Jon-ccentric conference. Jon did far and away the majority of the talking. Here are some of the things I remember: Arianna Huffington having an orgasm of praise over Jon & his speech. She pretty much ingnored Stephen. Even though he kept interupting her kind of giving her the business.(I think she also said Huffpo used 10,000 buses for the rally.) Stephen said his favorite moment was when the Mythbusters got the crowd to try and make an earthquake. It was just before he was put into capsule & when he saw that he thought this is so great & soo stupid, that he nearly levitated with joy. :)
        They also talked about how when Jon came out it dawned on him that they hadn’t performed the national anthem yet. So when Jon brought the 4 Troops on, Stephen was already locked in the capsule & could barely move. Stephen assured the press that despite that he still put his hand over his heart. What an American! :)
        I’ll stop there. Sorry for being so long-winded.

    • Thankyou Mr. Arkadin!! :D

      • Mr. Arkadin says:

        Your very welcome! :)
        BTW, It should read 10,000 PEOPLE not 10,000 BUSES. *Headdesk* (For the record she said 200 hundred buses.)

    • Yay, managed to buffer the press conference! Awesome!
      Notice how Stephen made sure to sit on Jon’s right? Is that so his good ear would be in that direction? and jon said ‘oh yeah, he does that’ or something.
      Hehe, love Stephen’s laugh

  17. The Rally was so amazing. And Jon’s speech was just so fantastic. I’am so proud of him and Stephen.

  18. Great rally, or greatest rally? I’m sure we all know the answer to that! What a wonderful thing our guys put together. All the musicians were fabulous, the skits were adorkable. Loved the giant Stephen papier mache puppet. :-)

    Kind of cried when Cat Stevens came out. And Peace Train is my fav song of his. Jon’s speech at the end was also great. I loved seeing the OJays, too.

    The best part might have been the crowd. I loved seeing everyone, and wishing I could’ve been there. I was with you all in spirit! DB, I hope you have the time of your life.

    I’m with Colbaby – I feel like we should have a group hug. :-) Consider yourselves all hugged!

  19. Wonderful performances by all! Stephen, Jon, all the musicians – and the Mythbusters! And I have to put in a word for Sam Waterston who did a great job reading Stephen’s poem of fear.

    That last song was a Staples singers’ hit from the 60s called “I’ll take you there” – extremely appropriate for the theme of this event.

    I loved it that Chuck made sure to focus on Stephen’s dance moves as the event was ending.

    Hope all of you who went had a great time.

  20. whatsername says:

    Is there someplace I can view the press conference now?

    Also – does anyone know if the crowd was inspired to leave the Mall cleaner than they found it, as Jon asked? I think that many people, unfortunately, probably had to leave quickly so they didn’t miss their buses going home…

    • I know a lot of people stayed behind to clean up trash, so I’m hopeful there was a good result! Reddit in particular was pushing the “clean up after yourselves” line.

      Very proud of all the wonderful TCR and TDS fans in the crowd!

    • The whole press conference is up on press dot org now, if you didn’t see it yet. I just watched it. :)

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      Scroll up to PG15’s post (It’s in yellow, He/She is a difference maker.) for a link to the National Press Club & the interview.

  21. I couldn’t see more than occasional glimpses on the Jumbotron, and couldn’t hear everything that was said, but WOW! My fellow “sardines” also were remarkably cordial, & people who could see and/or hear volunteered to share what . Jon’s & Steve’s duet was hysterical, Jon’s speech was inspiring, and Tony Bennett singing “America the Beautiful” mwah!

    Wish I could have met some Zoners in person, but I knew you were there.

  22. Hey folks:

    Till DB & Co. come back to entertain us, you can watch the whole DC rally (including the musical performances) here on the C-SPAN website:

    You can watch part of Jon and Stephen’s press conference after the rally here (click on the video link at bottom of article):

  23. MaryLovesColbert says:


    I’m so late to this comment thread, but I did watch the whole thing this evening thanks to C-SPAN and that amazing press conference with Jon and Stephen as well. Someone up there in the thread proposed a group hug and I think it’s appropriate. What an amazing, awe-inspiring day! <33

  24. I was up at 3am sitting at the computer totally rockin’ out to all the awesome music!! The rally was totally amazing eventhough the time difference is pain. I seriously loved Stephen’s outfit, that man can pull of anything, and Jon’s closing speech was just amazing!!

    Loved the banter between the boys at the press conference, even if it was Jon centric most of the time. I would have loved to have seen Stephen stuck below stage with his hand on his heart while the national anthem was sung!!

  25. Shannon Nugent says:

    I wasn’t there either. I was at a fan meet up in Toledo Ohio. 10 of us. I could barely sit for most of that. I was very pumped about the rally!!!! I had to leave at 2:10 so that I could get to work in time unfortunately. I left right when they were done (I think they were) doing the fear and sanity awards. I loved that 7 year old girl. I loved the music in the beginning. And that pastor guy was hilarious! I love how Stephen was trapped in his terror bunker and arrived on stage the way the Chilean miners did. The Fenix. The whole show was great! I even jumped when everyone did.

    I so envy the people who got to go. This show was too great for words.

    I smell the possibility of a poll in the near future.

  26. Shannon Nugent says:

    Oh, I have pictures of my group on Facebook. I’m going to add these people as facebook friends.


  27. lockhart43 says:

    Comedy Central’s Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear page has also posted clips from the rally: http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/rally_to_restore_sanity_and_or_fear/index.jhtml

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