No Fact Zone is on our way to the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear!

A huge chunk of the Completists are heading out to Washington D.C. today. Here’s the game plan of what to expect from our planned rally news coverage, our Zoner meetup, and what you can do to help No Fact Zone report the most amazing rally coverage ever – by the fans, for the fans!

    Our primary coverage on Saturday will be through our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to follow or visit to keep up with all of our live coverage!
    We’ll be doing the majority of our big blogging coverage on Monday once I get back to Dallas, including our own personal write-ups, and posts containing all the rally coverage we can stand. If you get any news or tips that you think the other Zoners would like to read, please use the “Send Us Your Tip!” link in the sidebar to send us links instead of putting them in posts, and we’ll do our best to get them into a post on Monday.
    We’ll have a Big Super Mondo Rally post going up early in the morning tomorrow, October 30th. Please use this post to discuss the rally as it is happening with other Zoners, and comment on your own thoughts about the events, the musicians, and how amazing Stephen looks when he’s speaking to 100,000 people.
    I’d love to have your reports on the festivities all over the country. If you are going to a satellite rally in your city, please send write-ups and pics to db (@at), and I’ll get those published as soon as I can!
    If you are going to be in DC, please join our DC Zoners Google Group. This way, all of us will have an easy way to communicate with each other throughout the day.
    We are meeting immediately after the rally at the National Museum of the American Indian in the Mitsitam Café. Please visit our Zoner Meetup post to learn more about the venue and meetup.

Holy friggin’ cow, Zoners, this is happening! This is it! We’re on our way! It’s tomorrow, people! I cannot WAIT!

Everybody breathe, and we’ll be back for a Massive Day of Blogging on Monday!


  1. lockhart43 says:

    Not only do I get to carve pumpkins with my mom tomorrow, but I will be spending noon to 3pm in front of my TV watching the rally and then most likely the remainder of my afternoon online reading about the rally. Yay!
    I got an email from DonorsChoose just now, and apparently they will be at the rally as well, complete with a “wall of fear” full of more pieces of student artwork, and the chance to pick up a $10 gift card to donate to the site. So go check ’em out if you get a chance!
    Here’s the email text:

    “Greetings, Internet Ambassador:

    Might you be Restoring Fear this weekend? will be, and we’ll have our own tent on the National Mall Saturday to help us do it. Come visit!

    -Remember that awesome student artwork on the Colbert Report. Well, we’ve got tons more. Come stare down our “wall of fear” and choose your favorite piece of student artwork to take home.
    -You’ll get a chance to meet some staff, draw your own fear artwork, and redeem a $10 gift card towards a project of your choice.
    -We’ll help you make a fear sandwich. (Actually, make your own fear sandwich. We want no part of that. Unless there’s avocado in it. Is there avocado in it?)

    Thank you for helping restore fear in classrooms across the country. Hope to see you Saturday, you charming chunk of humanity.
    – The Team”

  2. Phew, good job I decided not to go – I would have had to leave today and it seems there’s been all sorts of terror alerts at Dubai airports relating to flights to the US, due to “suspicious packages”. Imagine if I’d been left sitting on my arse at DXB, waving my little fists as the ‘Flight Delayed’ sign kept flashing up. Really, the amount of disappointment – and raaaaaage! – that would have generated.

    No satellite rally to go to, no C-Span or Comedy Central, although they’re streaming it on the web site, I see. I’ll keep an eye on proceedings somehow. Here’s wishing all Zoners a fabulous day – and take pics of the meet-up, if only so the rest of us can say “Oh, I didn’t imagine [insert Zoner name here] to look like that at all!”

  3. Kinaesthesia says:

    Phone is programmed; Twitter is up; camera batteries are charged. Thanks for all the info! I’ve been MIA around this fantastic site for what feels like years but I’ll see all you Zoners out there on the Mall. Welcome to DC, everybody!

  4. Shannon Nugent says:

    I can’t go to the rally unfortunately. But I will be going to a meetup in Toledo OH. I live in Monroe Michigan and that is 45 minutes away. Closest to me. I’ll blog and post pics from that when I get home from work tomorrow. I have to work at my stupid part time job from 3 – 10. so I won’t be able to see all of it. I’ll have to leave that around 2:15. We’re a small group, but I LOVE meeting other fans. I really wish I could see all of you. I can’t. Sad. Maybe we could do a SKYPE communication sometime?

  5. bipolypesca says:

    I just found out a couple of hours ago I AM GOING TO THE RALLY! Kind of scary because I have not been keeping up on ANYTHING as I thought I was not going. I’m nearly a month behind on the shows, have no idea what is going on with NFZ there (except for what’s in this post), and… well, I just hope to be able to make it to the meeting right after the rally at the cafe. I guess I’ll recognize people from their Stephen-highs!


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