Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout “Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout Sully”

Ladies and gentleman, the pilot has turned on the Get Down sign!

Oh yes. That just happened. Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Jon Stewart, and Tay Zonday just sang about everything that was fabulous about just a smidge too far back to be relevant in pop culture. So let’s talk about it all! The dancing! The singing! The epaulets! The dancing! The mustaches! The dancing! Sweet baby JESUS that was adorkable!

Everybody sing along – make sure to pick up the single on iTunes, or pre-order the entire program in HD on iTunes. And don’t forget to go to the Night of Too Many Stars official site to find out how to donate to Autism Education, including celebrity auctions.

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Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout Sully lyrics
Sung by Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Jon Stewart, and special guest Tay Zonday

Have you heard the news about the world’s greatest pilot?
He knows how to fly and he knows how to style it
With his sweet silver hair and his flowing mustache
He’s the captain you want when you’re going to crash
Just when you thought his name would be mud, son
He pulled off the Miracle on the Hudson

Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully, Sully
Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully
He’s on everyone’s mind, ’cause he’s one of a kind
And the way he lands a plane is mighty fine, mighty fine

His legend and his fame will never die-ah
His name will live forever just like Sanjaya
If you need a hero, Sully’s got the goods
He’s even more beloved than Tiger Woods

Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully, Sully
Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully
So get off of MySpace and kick off your Crocks
He’s more fabulous than Scrabulous and Dick in a Box
Move over, Joe the Plumber, Sully’s at the gate
Him and glory go together like Jon and Kate

Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully, Sully
Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully
Like the Stimulus Plan, he’s saving the nation
He’s hotter than the latest YouTube sensation

Chocolate rain, kills the goose and then you land the plane
Chocolate rain, passengers felt hardly any pain
Chocolate rain, his wife of 20 years is named Lorraine
Chocolate rain …

Tay Zonday everyone!

Come on everybody, follow me and let’s all do the Sully
It’s real easy, and you don’t even need an Airbus 820 to do it
Women and children on the dance floor first
Ladies and gentlemen, the pilot has turned on the Get Down sign

Buckle up tight, ’cause it’s a real short flight
Give your mustache a brush from the left to the right
A gaggle of geese just surrendered their souls
Rub your mustache twice and grab the controls
Brace for impact, the plane ain’t gonna taxi
Make sure your mustache is not too waxy
Now you’re walking on water, you brought it on home
Give your crew a salute and your mustache a comb

[Jon Stewart] Wait a minute! Wait! Wait! Just hold on a second! Just let me get this straight …

Buckle tight, left to right, gaggle gaggle mustache twice
Brace impacting, mustache waxing, bring it home, mustache comb!

Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully, Sully
Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully
My hero is Sully in an emergency
He landed safe
Suck it, Geese!

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  1. lockhart43 says:

    Stephen’s got some sweet dance moves! Ohhh how I loved watching that – it was so adorkable, I can’t even stand it. Watching Stephen, Jon and Steve dance together in matching pilot hats might be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. And I am absolutely buying that song! :D

  2. Stephen’s moves were wonderful. What a fabulous number. I have downloaded it already.

  3. Shannon Nugent says:

    I downloaded it too immediately. Great song. So funny. Great dance moves. Great group of people.

  4. comedy central has posted the clip!!! omg the dance move that stehen does right before jon stops him the second time :D

  5. friedthing says:

    Haha, that was really catchy!! :D I’m actually pretty impressed :). Nice job, guys! So cute :)

    • friedthing says:

      Reply to myself :) I didn’t mean for that to come off sounding condescending, which it kind of does the second time I read it…. I know perfectly well that the Stepvhens can sing and dance (well, move), and I knew their number would be silly and adorable, I was just surprised it was so… professional? un-ironic? I’m just trying to say it was great, that’s all!

      *slinks back into cave*

  6. Well count that among the cutest things to have ever happened. Those three are all kinds of adorable.

  7. That was utterly wonderful! Great dance moves and such a catchy little number to boot!

  8. DogGoneGirl says:

    I am in a hotel room in Chicago, the TV doesn’t have Comedy Central and I had to work late last night. But now, I am sitting here giggling as I watch the video on the CC site! THANK YOU, DB!

    “Ladies and Gentleman, the pilot has put on the get down sign” LOL

    All of them were wonderful! LOL! Suck it GEESE!

    (One great detail, I got to go to Second City the other night! Yaaaa!)

  9. just wanted to say- ur screen name rocks!!! im annoyed i didnt think of it ;) so just one quick question who did u choose- Colbert or Legend? ;)


    (…I seriously hate iTunes…but I suppose I can install it again for a good cause. :( Must own this song!)

  11. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Stephen’s dance moves!! Oh my goodness…that was amazing. It was so hard to hear about all the awesomeness last night and not be able to see it, so this made my morning! Just fantastic…wow. :DDDDD

  12. Just in case anyone wants to download the video from YouTube


    Hurry before it gets taken down!

  13. That has to be one of the cutest and funniest things I’ve ever seen. The dance moves alone were worth it.

    But OMG I’m going to have that song stuck in my head ALL DAY!

  14. omg. That’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen!! The dancing! Oh, the dancing! I’m so giddy right now. That was so cute, funny, and highly entertaining. Man, I just love those three. ^_^

  15. I think that may be the Best Thing I Have Ever Seen. Our boy’s got rhythm, and man, can he move those childbearing hips of his!

    Looking forward to a day of seeming like an idiot for walking around work dancing and singing “Sully, Sully” to myself. :D

  16. You can buy it on UK iTunes! WIN! This absolutely brilliant.

    • Australian iTunes too – I just bought the song there! :)

      • friedthing says:

        The iTunes version is cracking me up because, with my headphones, only Stephen comes in through my left ear (appropriately, har har) and only Steve comes in through my right, so if I take one of the earbuds out, I can pretty much get a solo performance from either one. I’m not sure why this is so much fun to me, but, well, why question it, right? ;)

  17. OMG, how many fangasms can a fangirl have while watching that? Absolutely wonderful and all for a good cause -win/win!

  18. Everyone, be sure to check out the NoTMS website. There’s a video of Jon and Stephen that was left out of the broadcast. :D

  19. Karenatasha says:

    Do we know who is credited with the lyrics? And the choreography? (I always love a dancing Stephen!)

  20. That was incredible! Thanks so much for posting it, DB. Now to download the song.

    Absolutely, the dancing was amazing, and I love the song. It is definitely catchy. I think it will sweep the nation! :-D

    Does anyone not love those guys? So, so, cute.

  21. Wahhhhhh, the comedy triumvirate! Gotta, gotta, gotta love ’em.

    And obviously the all-singin’, all-dancin’ foreground talent was something else, but whooping applause for the background dancers too!

  22. That was so awesome. Hilarious lyrics, awesome singing and dancing. They’re just so great together. Those background dancers were epic, who are they? Everyone really played on their strong points, it made for an awesome performance!

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