Episode 6130 (10/11/2010) – Robert Reich

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6130 (October 11, 2010)
GUESTS: Robert Reich
SEGMENTS: Rich Iott Wears a Nazi Uniform, ThreatDown – Muslim Edition, Formula 4 Your Eyes Only
VIDEOS: Monday, October 11, 2010

Before I get to tonight’s episode, I’d like to thank Gabby from the F**kYeahStephenColbert and Caps of Colbert Tumbler, who taught me a very nifty trick about how to grab high def screencaps. Go ahead and check it out – click through today’s screencap to see Stephen in all his HD glory! And follow the Colbert tumblrs for tons of Colbert eye candy goodness.

What a fantastic show tonight! It was amazingly silly, and just had had positive vibes all over it. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around a politician who thinks it’s a good idea to run around in a Nazi uniform “for historical purposes.” Stephen as a young ultra Orthodox Jew was simply adorkable, and him barely able to hold together when he said “I’ve still got it”, doubly so. And yay for the baby carrots mention – quite appropriate for National Coming Out Day.

The segment about the new book The Secret History of MI6: 1909-1949 had me doubled over with laughter. Because I’m 12. The puns were totally groanworthy, and comments like “using the invisible spink” were just too amusing for words. The entire reporting of Formula For Your Eyes Only was amazingly ridonk. I very much enjoyed the Robert Reich interview. He used the “teacher teaching the slightly thick student” approach to the interview, which always makes an interview about a dry subject much easier to swallow.

What did all of you think of the episode tonight? Leave it in the comments!

Every Rosh Hashanah, I would briefly convert to ultra-Orthodox Judaism

  • Fathers bond with their sons in all kinds of ways. Building a boat, fixing the car, solving the Jewish problem.
  • He’s just fascinated by Nazis because they’re incredible.
  • Thanks, Eric Cantor, without your support, now Iott will lose the Jewish vote.
  • Of course, the beastiality video wasn’t bad for children because it was a woman and a male horse. Nothing gay.
  • Some people call me Islamophobic, but if Muslims aren’t trying to take over America, then why have they slipped the name of their god into our Christmas carols. Nice try, fa la-la-Allah-Allah-Allah.
  • Oh, they call me crazy when I said baby carrots were trying to turn me gay. Well, now carrot soup is trying to turn me Muslim.
  • From now on instead of chicken and stars, it will be pork and cartoons of Mohammad, and I mean no offense to the prophet, blessings and saltines be upon him.
  • Certainly some of their more high fiber offerings have declared a fatwa on my colon.
  • Now, I’m sure some of you out there are asking, Stephen, can eating halal food make you Muslim? Yes, the same way drinking a cosmo can make you gay. Case in point, Christmas party two years ago. I don’t want to talk about it.
  • The book is called The Secret History of MI6: 1909-1949. It is full of interesting tidbits for the spy nerd, like debates over assassinating Nazi leaders, their experiments with exploding filing cabinets and the fact that during World War I, British agents used semen as invisible ink, begging the question, do they not have lemon juice in England?
  • Now, I assume British agents used the technique to write notes like “The Huns have discovered my position. I fear they heard me wanking.”
  • The British intelligence agent who first championed this method in 1915 was named, and I am not making this up, sir Mansfield Cumming. Which I believe is also what he yelled when producing invisible ink.
  • And as luck would have it, agents were anxious for an excuse to rub one out at work.
  • When using the invisible spink, the British discovered that a fresh operation was necessary for each letter. They also discovered they loved writing letters. And keeping diaries, making shopping lists and printing a daily newspaper.
  • That’s why for your espionage printing needs, I am proud to introduce, ‘Formula For Your Eyes Only’ Invisible Spy Ink [For Women]. It comes in printer cartridges fully loaded with boner toner.
  • Formula For Your Eyes Only, compatible with HP, Cannon and Kodak printers. Sorry, Epson, you just don’t do it for me.
  • Your cleverness will not protect you, sir.
  • What’s heaven for? This is heaven right here.
  • If we have ugly, angry politics, that gives me something to talk about every night, and I get richer. Just speaking as a pundit, not as a human.


  1. Gratefull says:

    I have to say, the interview last night was supreme. That pregnant pause between Mr. R and Mr. C was worth a 1,000 words. It was too funny and good for them for letting it hang there. TOO FUNNY!

    I heard an interview about the spy book on the radio and LOL’d when MR. C picked up on the invisible ink and then it was a natural progression to bring out the formula 401 but in cartridge form! LOL Boner-Toner!

    But perhaps my favorite line of the night was after his High School pix was up and he was mimicking it and said, “I’ve still got it.” LMAO … Yes, Mr. C. you certainly do still go it.

  2. Ms Interpreted says:

    I am a mature woman in a rather staid, traditional profession. I have multiple degrees and work in an office populated by old men in (unironic) tweed.

    Nonetheless, it would seem I retain the sense of humor most commonly associated with twelve-year-old boys, because Formula 4 Your Eyes Only had me literally wiping tears of laughter.

    Honestly, I laughed *so* hard at the Mansfield Cumming-Boner Toner section, it’s almost embarrassing. Except that I don’t care, because it was so awesome to be that completely helpless with laughter. It was brilliant — even Stephen couldn’t keep that giggle from bursting out!

    A great show overall, but that MI6 section alone would have been worth the price of admission (so to speak). Awesome!

  3. I always feel so sorry for “Stephen” when he is sad and mopey. His voice quakes and those beautiful brown eyes lose their sparkle. Hearing him talk about not having a place for his march/rally last night at the end of the show was comically heartbreaking. I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds–I hope it will bring more interaction between Stephen and Jon as the date approaches because who doesn’t love those two together?!? :)

  4. lockhart43 says:

    I was giggling like a five-year old during the MI6 segment. Every single joke had me just cracking up. My face legitimately hurt from laughter, especially after “That’s him in the monocle there, evidently he went blind one eye at a time.” HA! Stephen and the writers must have been crying with laughter when they wrote that segment.

    The whole show was fantastic – the interview was great, and I loved the Muslim ThreatDown, but nothing can top Stephen struggling to hold in his laughter while talking about sir Mansfield Cumming “producing” invisible ink. :P

  5. Karenatasha says:

    I loved the Iott piece and Stephen’s whole take on the Tea Party people, and that’s what I voted for, partly because I think it’s so important to remind people how screwed up these candidates are. (And as a citizen of the state where Paladino would be governor, I feel the pain.) It was so sharp and take-no-prisoners.

    But that said, like everyone else here, the M-16 riff had me in stitches, with “Boner Toner” being one of the best. I was dying with laughter. The Reich interview was great too..and young Stephen as a Chasidic Jew! LOL.

  6. I liked the callback to the Campbell’s stock. You guys should post a link to the episode when you get the chance.

  7. Mansfield Cumming and our brave boys ‘rubbing one out’ for Queen and country behind enemy lines? Why, it makes you proud to be British – damn good show, chaps!

    And indeed, one damn good show… the ending to the interview was absolutely delightful. I was wondering who would crack first. Classic!

  8. Apparently, at the age of 43, I still have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy. That whole MI6 segment just killed me!

  9. MaryLovesColbert says:

    That MI6 segment was absolutely hilarious! I can just imagine the TCR writers stumbling upon that story or one of them reading that book and just being like, “we have to use this!” Stephen clearly had fun with that segment, and that usually makes a segment great. :D

    The interview was really fun too! Was anyone else struck by how short Robert Reich is??

    • Ms Interpreted says:

      Robert Reich has multiple epiphyseal dysplasia. It’s actually the same condition Danny DeVito has.

    • friedthing says:

      Check out the video of Conan and Robert Reich playing police detectives… they both poke fun at their heights :). Thanks, Internets!

    • Ms Interpreted says:

      If you didn’t know much about Reich before, you wouldn’t necessarily have any reason to know that.

    • lockhart43 says:

      Don’t worry, MaryLovesColbert, I was wondering about Reich’s height as well. I’d never seen him before the interview, so a big thanks to Ms.I for the explanation! :)

      • MaryLovesColbert says:

        The only time I’ve seen him is during the Roundtable on This Week with Christiane Amanpour, and you can’t really tell how tall he is on there. It was just surprising to me, I didn’t know he had a condition.

  10. I just had the crappiest day at work imaginable, so the ridiculous, and relentless, juvenile humor of the MI-6 segment was pure anti-stress tonic. Nevertheless, I voted for the Reich interview, because he’s smart & agile & funny enough to roll whatever direction Stephen goes, and still come out with something interesting to say.
    I also loved the “Speaking as a pundit, not as a human” bit, because it brought me back to the elections, when all the newsies were asking Stephen & Jon if they were rooting for things to go badly, because a good government would put them out of business. And Jon & Stephen were like “Hello? We have families, too!”

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