Keep Fear Alive/Rally to Restore Sanity – Update on Porta Potty status

Green Porta PottyOn Thursday, we shared the news (courtesy of the New York Times) that there was possibility of a Porta Potty shortage due to the Marine Corps Marathon planner being a bit stingy with the facilities already on reserve for the National Mall on the weekend of October 30-31.

After the New York Times article brought light to the issue, multiple news outlets released additional information on this Pottygate situation. According to AOL news, head of Comedy Central Corporate Communications Steve Albani was quoted as saying that “We will have no problem providing Porta Potties at our events … We’re confident and secure we’re going to get everything we need. This isn’t our first rodeo.”

However, according to the Washington Post, the organizers of the Marine Corps Marathon have had a change of plans. Instead of padlocking the porta-potties, they are going to have them delivered after all of the Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart fans have left the mall, around 10pm on the 30th. Rick Nealis, marathon director, had concerns about the condition of the porta-potties for the marathoners, even after being told that Comedy Central would make sure that the porta-potties were cleaned and refreshed. Neilis said “One of the problems was, what if everybody did use [the porta-potties] and you ran out of toilet paper…runners would be Tweeting, and on Facebook, and that’s not something, on our level of expertise…that they’re expecting from the Marine Corps Marathon.”

The final word about the situation, however, was given by the official Twitter account for the rally, @rally4sanity.

Rally4Sanity on Twitter


  1. lockhart43 says:

    This is sincerely one of the most ridiculously funny things I’ve ever heard. Why couldn’t this have happened to Glenn Beck?

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