Hovercards come to your No Fact Zone Gravatar

Hovercards by Gravatar - DB Ferguson

I know many of the Zoners have taken the time to sign up for a Gravatar account, which puts a cute picture next to your comments. Today Gravatar came out with a plugin called Hovercard, which allows you to put information about you, your social media profiles, and your website into your Gravatar profile and share that with other commenters on blogs where you participate.

According to the Gravatar blog:

Gravatar Hovercards show information about a person: name, bio, pictures, and their contact info at other services they use on the web like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. As a commenter, Hovercards offer a great way to show your Internet presence and help people find your own blog. You can see other people’s Hovercards by moving your mouse over their Gravatar picture in comments on any WordPress.com blog [or any blog who has the Hovercraft plugin installed, like No Fact Zone], and after a moment the Hovercard will appear. The information shown is taken directly from the person’s Gravatar profile. The more info in the profile, the more we show in the Hovercard.

To activate this feature if you already have a Gravatar: sign into your Gravatar account at http://en.gravatar.com/ and edit the information in your profile. Once you have edited your information, other Zoners can easily learn how to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, and any blog or Tumblr you link to in your profile by hovering over your Gravatar.

You can check out the Hovercard plugin in action by hovering over my (newly updated) Gravatar in this post!

Huge hat tip to the wonderful blog about blogging, Weblog Tools Collection, who featured the code to activate this feature!


  1. Hover over the very pretty picture there next to my comment to see the Hovercard plugin in action! Also, I absolutely love that picture of Stephen – it’s my favorite pic of him in a very long time.

  2. riftcanyondreams says:

    Okay, I finally signed up on Gravatar. I just changed my profile picture and this feature seemed kinda cool, so I thought why not!

  3. this is awesome- i love getting to know other zoners and this just makes it ten times easier!

  4. Definitely looking forward to trying this out – thanks for the tip!

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