Klassic Kolbert: Esteban Colbert interviews Lou Dobbs

Above virtually all else, Lou Dobbs has been known in his career as being anti-immigrant, a fact that the ‘Colbert Report’ has been pointing out for years. New information brought to light, however, points Lou Dobbs in a very negative light. According to The Nation, Dobbs has knowingly been employing non-documented workers for years, often with low pay and long hours:

In his work as a groom for Dobbs’s horses, Salinas said he regularly started at 5 am and did not get off until after 6 in the evening. According to Pedro Gomez, another undocumented worker, who cared for Dobbs Group horses in Vermont and Florida, the workday during horse shows like the three-month-long Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival [tending to the Dobbs Group horses] was typically twelve hours or longer.

When Gomez worked for the Vermont-based stable contracted by Lou Dobbs, his wages were $500 per week, and he typically worked sixty-five hours, meaning he was earning only slightly above minimum wage. During shows in which Gomez was caring for the Dobbs Group horses, Dobbs’s daughter would sometimes give him a $100 weekly tip, according to Gomez. But he says he was never paid overtime.


Reading this article took me back to one of the best sight gags the ‘Colbert Report’ has ever done. They took an interview of Lou Dobbs from January 2007, and spliced it with new footage of Esteban Colbert so that it looked like Esteban was the one interviewing Lou and not Stephen. It was absolutely brilliant, and hysterical to boot. Please enjoy!

(h/t Pete Dominick’s Facebook page)


  1. Oh, I’d forgotten how fantastic that Esteban/Dobbs “interview” was. Brilliant! I wonder if he will eventually feel pressured to respond to the story (and no, answering questions on your call-in show does not count, Mr. Dobbs).

  2. Wow, Lou Dobbs is even more of a jerk than I thought. Thanks for posting this!

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