To all of our new readers: Welcome to No Fact Zone!

Wow, has it been a roller coaster of a month for news! Between the push for the Colbert rally, to the announcement of the March to Keep Fear Alive, to the media circus of Stephen’s testimony for the House Subcommittee, we’ve seen a ton of new readers and read lots of comments from new visitors our site. For those of you who are new to the No Fact Zone family (the “Zoners”), I thought I’d point out some of our regular posts and exclusive site features, so you can get the most out of your Stephen Colbert fandom experience here.

So tell me more about this No Fact Zone fan site.

The No Fact Zone news blog and fan site was started with one simple goal in mind – I wanted to build the fan site that I wanted to find when I started watching the ‘Colbert Report’. I started blogging on July 16, 2006, and currently work with a staff of 10 Completists to blog all of the different features we have on the site.

Why do you call the site the No Fact Zone?

The term “No Fact Zone” comes from a sketch that was originally done during Colbert’s stint on ‘The Daily Show’. TDS ran multiple parody commercials for the then-non existent show for Stephen, called ‘The Colbert Report’ (“It’s French, B#tch!”). One of the lines in one of these promos has Stephen parodying Bill O-Reilly’s No Spin Zone with the line, “Tired of statement backed up by research? Then take a spin in the No-Fact Zone!” The phrase “no fact zone” was also mentioned in the White House Correspondent Dinner – “Every night on my show, The Colbert Report, I speak straight from the gut, okay? I give people the truth, unfiltered by rational argument. I call it the No Fact Zone.”

What exactly is it that you do around here?

Our primary focus here is to be the premiere source for breaking news about Stephen Colbert and the ‘Colbert Report’. Not only do we cover stories that are currently in the news, like the Colbert Rally and the Congressional hearings like we did this week, we’ve also been known to break news which gets picked up by mainstream media, most notably the Richard Branson Interview Trainwreck and the announcement of the Ben & Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream ice cream. If it’s news, and it’s about Stephen Colbert or the ‘Colbert Report’, you’ll find it here.

What makes you different from other Stephen Colbert fan sites and news sources?

In addition to being the premiere source for news for All Things Stephen Colbert, we also have multiple features that are exclusive to No Fact Zone. We have nightly ‘Colbert Report’ episode guides which are usually posted within 12 hours of the episode being aired. You can see the archives by checking out the link in the navbar at the top of the site, and the most recent guides are always linked in the sidebar of the site.

We also have weekly posts that feature content from the shows, such as:

  • Fantasy Colbert League – weekly posts which gives a detailed preview of the week’s guests
  • ‘Daily Show’ toss recap – featuring the segments at the end of the Daily show where Stephen and Jon talk about each other’s shows
  • Apopcalypse – these posts break down some of the more obscure pop culture references during the week’s shows
  • Fangirl Suit Report – featuring delicious eye candy from the week’s shows
  • All You Need To Know – a weekly roundup of all of the news featured on No Fact Zone
  • Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist – a roundup of news stories and mentions of Stephen Colbert in the blogosphere and mainstream media
  • Six Degrees – posts featuring news about Jon Stewart, the correspondents of the ‘Daily Show’, writers for the ‘Colbert Report’, and other news about people who would be of interest to fans of Stephen Colbert and the ‘Colbert Report’
  • Calendar (link in top navbar)– a Google-based calendar featuring guests for the ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’, personal appearances by Stephen Colbert, and Six Degrees events (events featuring Jon Stewart, ‘Daily Show’ correspondents, ‘Colbert Report’ writers, etc)

What the heck is a Zoner?

You know how fans of the Grateful Dead are called Deadheads? And fans of Star Trek are called Trekkies/Trekkers (depending how nerdy the group is)? Well, while the fans of Stephen Colbert are called the Colbert Nation, the fans of Stephen Colbert who participate in the community of this site call themselves Zoners.

The No Fact Zone fan community is unlike any other set of Colbert fans you will find online. Here at No Fact Zone, we’re family-friendly, we’re virtually troll-free, and in a nut shell we’re a shiny, happy community. We focus on keeping the community a positive experience, where people of all types can come and appreciate the greatness and beauty that is Stephen Colbert without the threat of nastiness that can be found in a lot of other areas of the internet.

And a Completist?

The staff who work on No Fact Zone call ourselves the Colbert Completists (a name we took from a segment on the ‘Colbert Report’). We are an all volunteer staff, who do this simply for the passion of our fandom. On our staff, we’ve got a lawyer, a professor, a librarian, a couple of students, an administrative professional and writers from at least three separate continents, but none of us are professional web designers or content creators. Our common thread, however, is that we all make time to make sure that we keep up this site to the standards that the No Fact Zone readers have come to expect.

Okay, I’m in, I’m ready to be a Zoner! What can I do to make my experience here better?

  • Read the Comment Policy – There’s quite a few suggestions in there, but in a nutshell, the big points to remember are to keep things family friendly, to be kind to each other, and to be respectful about Stephen and his family.
  • Get yourself a Gravatar – These are the pretty pictures you’ll see next to people’s names in their comments. Once you sign up for a gravatar at, when you leave a comment, the picture that you’ve selected will show up next to your comments. (If you sign up right away and don’t see the pic, be patient – sometimes it takes a little while for the systems to clear their cache.)
  • Participate in the community – We’ve got an amazing group of fans here, and we’d love to hear what you have to say! You can leave a comment if you’d like, or if you’re a bit shy, just vote in the daily Episode Guide poll. You can also give a “Shout Out!” (thumbs up) to comments that you like by clicking on the thumb icon below every post. This shows the commenter that their thoughts are appreciated. When a comment gets five or more Shout Outs, it is highlighted yellow and becomes a Difference Maker comment.

I hope you’re happy – I’m a complete addict now! How can I easily find out when you’ve published new posts?

Click on the below icons to follow our RSS feed, receive daily e-mails with our content, or connect with us on your favorite social media site!

I’d love to meet other Zoners – where do I start?

With this post!

Please go to the comments and introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about you – where are you from, how long have you been a fan, what are some of your favorite parts of the ‘Colbert Report’, etc. We love meeting new fans, and I can’t want to meet YOU!

Also, as is tradition with posts that are about the site, we like to end them by bringing them back to Stephen, specifically by sharing a beautiful piece of eye candy. Enjoy!

Stephen Colbert


  1. riftcanyondreams says:

    Hey there fellow Zoners! I’m not completely new to this site, but I thought I’d use this opportunity to introduce myself… I’m a soon-to-be student of the English language and literature from Germany. I’ve been a huge Daily Show fan since about 2009 and of course I became a huge Colbert fan too soon after that. :) I guess I was lucky to stumble upon the global edition of TDS one night on the German version of Comedy Central.. otherwise I probably wouldn’t have found out about these two fantastic shows since they’re not really that popular over here (which is a shame) .

    So – thanks a lot to all the people who make this site such a great place for true Colbert nerds.

    • Heya riftcanyondreams! Welcome to the site! I love it when lurkers come out and say Hi to everyone.

    • Welcome to the Zone! I’ve only recently de-lurked, and I’m so glad I did. The posters here are delightfully thoughtful and funny. :)
      Hope to see some more people take the plunge!

      • LOL … welcome, riftcanyondreams and Tish … luv the term “de-lurked!” … plunge away!!

      • Ok, I HAVE to ask, I’ve seen several references to SCILF in the Lair/Lounge of CN. Was that REALLY something that was once in the opening of the show?? And, (really stupid question here) does it stand for what I think it does?? LOL

        If it was a real thing, which episode? I’ve only discovered the show this year, so I’m afraid I’m playing a perpetual game of “catch-up”…but ZOMG what fun the game is!! LOL

  2. I noticed one thing that wasn’t mentioned in your “guide” for new Zoners and something I had been missing.

    Whatever happened to the “Colbert University” that was assiciated with NFZ? It certainly had a whole lot of useful info and backround. I really liked it.

  3. lockhart43 says:

    @Lori Estep – “SCILF” was the intro word a few months ago, and it was actually in the opening for a good long while, which means Stephen and the crew must have loved it as much as I did. I had to look it up, but I think it first showed up on the June 1st episode of this year. And yes, I do believe it means what you think it means, lol. :P

  4. @lockhart43 – LOL Thanks!! That is too funny!!!

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