Stephen Colbert scheduled to testify at House Subcommittee on Immigration hearing

File this under the category of “Well that’s a surprise!”  On Friday, September 24, Stephen will testify before the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law.  The hearing, “Protecting America’s Harvest”, will focus on immigration issues.  Stephen’s invitation apparently stems from his July interview with United Farm Workers president Arturo Rodriguez, who challenged Stephen to become a farm laborer for a day as part of the Take Our Jobs campaign.  Rodriguez is also scheduled to testify at the hearing.  Strangest of all?  Stephen will reportedly be testifying in character.

The hearing is scheduled at 9:30am EDT, and will be webcast at  It looks like they don’t archive video of hearings, but a transcript should be available soon after.

To remind you of the issues at hand, here’s Arturo Rodriguez’s recent appearance on the show:

h/t Ann G


  1. MaryLovesColbert says:

    This is really, really surprising! I won’t be able to watch the live broadcast of it, sadly, but I sure hope the transcript is available. :) Can’t wait to see what he does with this!

  2. Karenatasha says:

    What the….?!?!??!

    I guess they’ll ask him about his experience in the fields. Since he did that in character, I guess he’ll have to testify that way too.

    But this is really strange. However, he’s brilliant enough to finesse this. Maybe the only person imaginable who could.

  3. *head scratch* Is that actually legal, to testify as someone who technically doesn’t exist, as far as the government is concerned? Well, alright… Guess I’ll tune in!

  4. mrtigger001 says:

    Uhh…. sure! Why not?

  5. I’m not sure if I believe that he’s going to testify in character. That could be someone yankin’ our chain. I guess we’ll have to wait until someone fills us in on the proceedings!

    • thngwhtsqks says:

      I’m with you, I highly doubt Stephen will actually be testifying in character, especially considering the source of that claim.

  6. Well, I can safely say I didn’t see that coming! This sounds kinda cool, though. It’ll definitely be interesting to read the transcript. And I’ll be at work, but it’s an office and I work by myself, so I might be able to catch some of the webcast. :)

  7. I think it works better if he’s in character. Like he did at the WHCD. If he had said what he did out of character – it wouldn’t have had as big an impact as it did. Something about hearing the craziness said in a serious way that makes it sound even crazier. You know?

  8. testifying in character? thats the craziest f_ing thing i’ve ever heard! :)

  9. pkyoubuggin says:

    Going to a taping tomorrow so hopefully he will get asked about it! I’ll let y’all know.

    • First – yay for your taping tickets! Secondly, you know *you* could ask about it. And, um, come back with a taping report. Just sayin’.

  10. IT’S A TRAP! They just want to catch Esteban Colberto for smuggling illegals into the country and they know Stephen has information with close ties to him.

    They’ll try to put pressure onStephen to force his cooperation and if that doesn’t work then they’ll put some threat against Esteban and see if Stephen goes and tries to warn him while they have him followed.

  11. Is it just me or is anyone else expecting Deni Crane and the rest of the cast of Boston Legal to walk into the trial?

    This is all rather very strange. It will definately be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  12. Denny Crane and Stephen would be the BEST OF FRIENDS. Except for Heterosexual Life Partners DennyandAlan, of course.

    Oh, wouldn’t it be awesome if William Shatner were a guest. Even more so if he were in character as Denny.

  13. I’m a DC resident so I’m trying to get into the hearing tomorrow. If I get there early enough and the line isn’t massive, and if I get reception, I’ll try to the best of my abilities to live tweet the event.


  14. His character is real enough to the people of Washington who’ve been NAILED by him. :D

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