Permit request for Colbert/Stewart rally changed from 25K to 60K attendees

Here’s the breaking story, according to ABC News:

National Park Service spokesman Bill Line said Wednesday the organizers for the events have amended the number of people they expect on their permit application from 25,000 to 60,000.

Line says discussions are still under way and the permit has not been finalized yet. He says there’s no deadline for approval.

Our thoughts? They’re still lowballing it.

Tip of the Hat to MsInterpreted


  1. What happens if more than 60T go to the rally and they only had a permit for 60?

    • The national parks service no longer reports the amount of people who attend events on the mall because of the wide variance of estimations. I would assume that some type of security needs to be present, and that security is based upon the number of people expected to attend listed on the permit. I think mostly its a money thing regarding security. If that’s true, monetarily wise, it would be in their best interest to lowball the expected turnout number—which is why there is the back and forth. Mind you this is all speculation on my part, and i have prior experience with this… but it seems reasonable to me.

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