Fantasy Colbert League: September 20-September 24

So I guess you could say that last week was a big one in the world of Jon and Stephen. I am so excited for both rallies – now all I can do is hope to anything that I can make it. Certainly this is going to make some big news, so people will be tuning in from now until October 30th. And when they do, these are the guests they will see.

Monday, September 20: Pavement

Pavement is an indie rock band from California. Earlier this year, the band released its greatest hits album, Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement. Pavement formed in 1989 when two members, who are still current members, Stephen Malkmus and Scott Kannberg, began performing as guitarists and vocalists. In addition to Stephen and Scott, the other members of the band include: Mark Ibold, Bob Nastanovich, and Steve West. The band’s first album was released in 1992, Slanted and Enchanted. They quickly became a very influential rock band known for their lo-fi releases. Other albums include: Crooked Rain Crooked Rain: L.A.’s Desert Origins, Wowee Zowee, Bright the Corners, and Terror Twilight. The band broke up in 1999, but came back together in 2009, and they are now completing a world tour that began at the start of 2010.

Fract: In 1995 Pavement performed at the music festival, Lollapallooza. Their performance received so many negative reviews that they deemed themselves, “The Band That Ruined Lollapallooza.”

Tuesday, September 21: Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt is the Chairman of the Board and C.E.O. of Google, a little company you may have heard of before. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, Schmidt went on to earn his Master’s and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Calfornia at Berkeley. While there, he designed a network to link the campus computer center, the Computer Science department and the Electrical Engineering/Computer Science department. For some time he was a part-time professor at Stanford Business School. He has worked for Bell Labs, Zilog, Xerox (at the company’s famous Palo Alto Research Center), Sun Microsystems, and Novell. In 2001 he left Novell and Google interviewed him to become the next person to run the company. Schmidt also created the Schmidt Family Foundation which works to adddress sustainability issues and the use of natural resources.

Follow Eric on Twitter here.

Fract: A man of many interests: Schmidt is one of the 200 top art collectors according to ARTnews.

Wednesday, September 22: Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro is the director of such films as Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy franchise. He is releasing the second book in his trilogy, co-authored with Chuck Hogen, called, The Strain. The Fall follows the first book, The Strain. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, del Toro studied at the Institute of the Sciences in his hometown before becoming a popular movie maker. Although it was announced that he would direct the new J.R.R. Tolkien movie, The Hobbit, he is no longer attached to the project. Some movies he currently has in development include: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Haunted Mansion, and The Witches.

Fract: Young buck: del Toro began studying movies and effects at the age of 8 with a special effects artist named Dick Smith.

Thursday, September 23: Oscar Goodman

Oscar Goodman is the current mayor of Las Vegas, a role he has held since 1999. Growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Goodman went to Haverford College in the suburbs of the city. After Haverford, he earned his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and entered the Nevada Bar in 1965 as he worked as Chief Deputy Public Defender. He represented many organized crime leaders during his time as a defense attorney, and also was a senior partner in the Goodman & Chesnoff law firm. Going into his third and final term as mayor, due to limitations against more than three terms in Nevada law, Goodman is known as Las Vegas’s “most popular mayor,” and he has proclaimed himself, the “happiest mayor in the universe.” A book was written about Oscar, called Of Rats and Men: Oscar Goodman’s Life from Mob Mouthpiece to Mayor of Las Vegas. Besides the political work of being mayor, he has been making efforts to have a major league baseball team or a professional football team relocate to Las Vegas.

Fract: Self-portrayal: Goodman played himself in the Martin Scorsese film Casino.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Mr. Arkadin says:

    I’m so looking forward to Guillermo del Toro! Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favorite films of all-time. And I’d like to think del Toro is an it-getter. Hopefully his appearance on Wednesday will confirm it. :)

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