Stephen Colbert thanks Reddit readers for Donors Choose response

It’s rare that Stephen Colbert steps (mostly) out of character to address his fans directly. But when fans raise over $140K in two days for one of his favorite charities, Donors Choose, he definitely appreciates it. Here’s a letter that was sent directly to Reddit to address the Colbert Rally community there.

Stephen Colbert's Reddit Response

If you didn’t catch all of the Reddit memes dropped in this letter, go over to, who has links to virtually all of the references.

Since the letter was posted, the amount raised has leaped to $219,620, from 5,412 Colbert Nation donors and reaching 59,354 students!! Again, way to go Nation! And as for that photo proof that Reddit talked about? It looks a little something like this.

Stephen Colbert - Reddit

Give to Donors Choose at the
Restoring Truthiness Giving Page!

Tip of the Hat to mrtigger001, lockhart43, Twitter user @StephAAmbrose and all the others who let me know about this letter!


  1. Glad to see how much is being raised! What a wonderful way to make your voice heard- by helping others! There aren’t many people who could instll such a response. Colbert fans have proved time and again thar they are unique in their devotion and generous in their donation! I imagine it is quite humbling and an honor to see good being done in your name. Happy to see Stephen’s recognition of thanks– written using what I would assume are reddit references (I’ll be honest, I am not familiar with the site!) and the very cute out of character pic is icing in the cake!

  2. Wow, that’s really awesome! I’m so glad we raised that much. Our efforts make him feel honored! Sweet.

  3. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Absolutely beautiful picture! I donated to the Restoring Truthiness page, it’s amazing how much money they’ve gotten through this. Another triumph for the Colbert Nation! :)

  4. It’s so nice to read how genuinely honored Stephen is by all of this. And what a great picture! I’ve always loved that U.S. license plate map in his office.

    By the way, the total is now up to $231,000!! Way to go Nation! :D

  5. I heard a rumor that the band Heart will be playing “Barracuda” against their wishes at Dr. Colbert’s rally! Has anyone else heard this?

  6. This is amazing! It always touches my heart to see how the Nation responds to such acts of generosity and humanity.

  7. Karenatasha says:

    This makes me so proud. I donated to a project and just received a thank you letter from the teacher saying they’d reached their goal! Really is a satisfying feeling.

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