“Rally to Restore Sanity” vs. “March to Keep Fear Alive”

It’s on.

Who: Jon Stewart. Stephen Colbert. Reasonable people. And not.
What: (Rally to Restore Sanity) and (March to Keep Fear Alive)
When: 10/30/2010
Where: The National Mall in Washington, D.C.

More information to follow, so stay tuned; we’ll update this as information becomes available!

Update from the Associated Press: Jon and Stephen have filed their application for a rally permit.

Further updates from The Washington Post, TBD, and The Wall Street Journal here.


  1. It is an understatement for me to say that I am excited for this.

    This is so awesome!!

  2. Wahooooooooo! Joy Joy Joy! Well, actually I should say Fear Fear Fear! Massive.

    • The great Stewart-Colbert (STEWBERT) Reunion tour 2010. I can’t wait. I want a T shirt with the tour dates on it

    I can not express into words how excited I am…my brain is not processing logical/coherent thoughts.

  4. MaryLovesColbert says:


  5. Jealous!!!! :( I really really want to go.

    Can I just say how insanely amused I am at the huge DON’T CLICK HERE buttons on both sites? And that lovely jab at Jon and his Emmys from Stephen’s rally site:

    But now, there are dark, optimistic forces trying to take away our Fear — forces with salt and pepper hair and way more Emmys than they need.

  6. Sheer, exciting AWESOMENESS!

    Oh, to be in Washington, when Jon and Stephen are rallying there…

  7. Booking my bus tickets before work tomorrow and I just made plans to stay with a friend in D.C. Finally, a chance for the Colbert Nation to unite… IN FEAR!

  8. Anybody want to collaborate in a “broke but technically within driving distance” sort of sharing effort thingy? Hmmm? Not that I have any brilliant ideas, just throwing it out there :)

    • What constitutes “technically within driving distance”? Does Michigan count? :P

      After my trip to New York City, I am telling myself that I cannot go to this. *repeat to self: you cannot go to this* After meeting Stephen and seeing Jon, that’s actually a little easier to accept, lol.

      I will absolutely be living vicariously through all of the people who will be going to this! It’s going to be so MASSIVE!

      • I will absolutely be living vicariously through all of the people who will be going to this! It’s going to be so MASSIVE!

        Yes, seconded! Because I live in a different country/time zone, s one more thing I have to ask Stephen forgiveness for :D #oopsjew

        reCAPTCHA: atimfee International

    • Karenatasha says:

      Yes — what is your driving distance? I can’t drive, but I’d help contribute to gas or a hotel room. I’m thinking of going and perhaps not staying overnight, since I’m in New York. It depends what time they hold the rally.

    • I want to go and I can drive. The question is, will I get anyone to go with me? It’s like pulling friggin teeth to get anyone I know to go to NYC to see the show, but this is on a weekend. :-)
      So anyway, I don’t know that I will go, but I can and at least there’s that.
      Anyone from the Boston area going?

      • I am in southern Ohio, which is like a 9-hour drive, but I’m actually free on the 28th/29th so I can get myself there, I just don’t really know anyone in the DC area, so it would be nice to find some other people to go with and maybe save on a hotel room, that sort of thing….

      • I’m getting together a group from Boston to hit the Rally to Restore Sanity in October. We hope to get enough people to both rent a bus and reserve hotel rooms at a discount rate.

        Email me at stone@grad.com if you are interested, and I’ll reply when I can.

        Thank you,


      • Hey man a friend and I are trying to get from Boston to DC. We don’t have a car but are wiling to help with gas costs. Let me know.

        Kai Sorensen
        [e-mail DB for contact information]

      • RustyHinges says:

        Hi-I’m from Boston and really want to go. Know anyone who’s driving?

      • A friend and I are trying to go but need transportation. Please email me soon about possibly hitching a ride with you. We’ll gladly help with gas costs. ksorensen1@berklee.net

  9. HELL, YES!!!

  10. Anyone have suggestions for D.C. hotels?

  11. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Damn! Being on the west coast sucks! Not only can I not go to this. I don’t really know what THIS is! :(

  12. lol I go to GWU in DC…meaning I live 3 blocks from where this is gonna happen.

    I win! :D

  13. The State Plaza Hotel is usually pretty cheap, and it’s on 21st and F, meaning it’s within walking distance of the rally.

  14. lackadiasical says:

    I just moved to DC two months ago, I knew there was a good reason to stick it out! I’ll probably wind up designing some shirts/buttons/stickers for the rally: would folks be interested in that sort of swag if I printed up extras to sell? At any rate my friends and I will probably come up with a bunch of fake protest signs.

    • Excellent! I designed and put a bunch of shirt designs on Skreened under the username lackadaisical (click my name to see the shop). If you guys are interested in getting any shirts, feel free to browse the shop. I’d love to help out with any designs for the Zoner crowd if you guys are working on it.

  15. Facebook Page has been created for the Supporters of Rally to Restore Sanity.

  16. AWESOME! I’m in a bipolar stage right now…happy for you guys that actually can go but really sad for me :(

    You CAN’T miss this. It’s a saturday, come on. If i were living in the US i would go to the rally.

  17. marleygirl84 says:

    My darling wonderful amazing husband who I love dearly just agreed that I can go, even though I JUST went to New York last August. We don’t exactly have a lot of money so this is especially sweet of him to say. If anybody is from the midwest area (I live in MN) that would like to go, I would love to do a carpool!

    I’m so glad that they are doing this, and together too! (sort of). I think it was a really really good idea to have Stephen be all fear and crazy and Jon have his reasonable rally because if it was just Stephen, then it would be too much like Glenn Beck’s was (even though it would all be in satire).

    • So you’re driving from MN? I’m from Illinois, midwest but slightly out of the way =\ But it would be great to work up some sort of carpool party, considering I am low on cash.

      • Ditto re carpooling if you’re coming through OH!! :)

      • marleygirl84 says:

        That would be fantastic! I’ve been looking for people to carpool with! I even know most of the way already because last year I drove to New York.

    • Marleygirl that is so awesome that you will be attending these EPIC Rally’s. Unfortunately I can’t afford to attend, but I will be living vicariously through yours and all the other Zoners reports of the events.

    • marleygirl, I also live in MN (Mpls) & I would be very interested in a carpool trip to the Rally! I really want to go, & my husband is encouraging me to go, even tho he can’t come along (will be recovering from surgery). I would love to go with other fans. Contact me!

      • marleygirl84 says:

        I would love to carpool with you! Let me know your email address so I we can get into some more details.

    • Still have room in the carpool from Minnesota? I’m from St. Cloud, and my boyfriend and I are looking for an affordable way to get to the rally and back.

    • Colbertfan83 says:

      I am from WI and would be interested in carpooling!!!

  18. Living on a fairly large land mass on the bottom of the planet, I must wistfully watch from afar and wish everyone a wonderful wally, er rally!

    I hope the Nation bands together to help out those who need transport or accommodation. I can just imagine buses emblazoned with COLBERT NATION barrelling down to DC!

  19. Happy Housewife says:

    I can’t go due to a prior commitment, but oh how I wish I could!! I hope that this is the biggest rally D.C. has seen…EVER!!! This is awesomeness!
    Finally those of us who have lives, but don’t agree with the fear mongering and factless accusations we hear on a daily basis will be represented.
    Thank you to Steven & Jon for doing this. And I am totally jealous, but supportive of any and all who can be there.

  20. Ms Interpreted says:


    I don’t normally advocate reading comments on big websites like HuffPo (they descend into trolldom far too quickly), but some of the proposed signs for the rally I’m seeing in comments on this story are cracking me up.

    This one made me smile (I’m going to assume the punctuation errors were deliberate): “One, Two Three Four,
    What the heck are we mildly upset for?”

    “The Other Real Americans” also made me grin.

    • ImOldFashioned says:

      I am sorely tempted to attend–I’d love to meet up with you if I do!

    • HA! I love “One, Two Three Four, What the heck are we midly upset for?”

      These are great as well: “Hi Ho hi ho it’s off to work we want to go” and “The Level Heads are coming! The Level Heads are Coming!”

  21. Sounds like a good reason for a road trip. Count me in!

  22. I wrote an awe-filled squeeful comment but the internetz ate it. *shakes fist*

    But what it said was something along the lines of, this is amazing, they are AWESOME for actually making this happen, I’m still reeling, and does anyone wanna sponsor me the trip from New Zealand or something? Seriously?

  23. Wow. That’s what I get for not having cable or home internet right now. However, I knew my move back to the DC area from Chicago would be good for something! Count me in!

  24. The world needs more people like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert who can make people laugh, and poke fun at themselves and others without making it too serious. I hope the dual (or duel, so it would seem) rallies in Washington on the 30th remind people that not everybody can fit into the camps of “ridiculously conservative” and “ridiculously liberal.” This might *actually* do some good for the country, if it’s done right.

  25. The geese have spoken! My family will be there as my kids need to be indoctrinated too! ;o)

    • LOL! I thought of that angle but mine are only 7 and 4. Too young to understand and appreciate it. I’m really glad that there appear to be several Zoners going though! That makes me happy!

  26. Will Betty White be there? *LOL*

  27. I’m so there! I’m from central PA & might be carpooling with another PA friend. Still have to look into hotels though.

    I’m so making signs. Actually my lil brother loves doing those sorts of things, so he might make some for me. Definitely got to have a “Legalize it!” one though.

    • Also wanted to add, I saw a quote on Twitter that I love about the rallies: “Satire has become a mass movement.” I’m not sure why I like it, but I do.

    • adeline_sky says:

      i can’t wait!!!!!!

    • Whereabouts in central PA? I’m in the State College area, home of Penn State’s main campus. I’d drive but am terrible with directions.

  28. Hey, the field around the comments looks different. Cool, but I just assumed everyone has spell check built into their browsers nowadays.

    Awesome that the rally is on, I wonder if CC will allow CSPAN to air the rally, or if they are going to try to defray the costs by making a one hour special out of it. I think even for BUSBOY trying to make a rally television worthy would be hard to do.

  29. I wonder how many of my colboard friends are going. I haven’t been around for a while, so I don’t really know where every one is.

    And I miss ’em.


  30. It’s things like these that I’m glad I live in the DC area. :-) While I avoided downtown like the plague when the Beck fiasco was here, I will be flying my Colbert Nation colors at this rally. Plus, I have tickets for TDS on Oct. 27. The end of Oct. can’t come soon enough!

  31. Damn, this is so awesome. And exciting. I would totally go if I didn’t live in Germany..

  32. AAAARGGGGHHH! I had that week booked off and was planning a trip to the States, but then my horribly inconsiderate best friend decided to get married mid-November so I’ve had to change my plans and re-route to the UK instead. Damn these enduring 26-year friendships!

    And this is from someone who has been Rally Indifferent up until now. I avoided NFZ all day as I wanted to watch the show tonight unprepared, but dozily clicked on to my bookmarked CNN Politics page and “Stewart, Colbert call for DC rallies” was the lead item. I immediately checked the airfare! $2000?! Er….ooooh….could I fly to the other side of the world and fly right back out, only having one day off work in the process? Could I charter a shuttle aircraft and pick up my fellow Zoners out here in the International Division on the way, and all split the costs? It’s all so tempting….I NEED TO MARCH IN FEAR!

  33. I don’t think I’ll be able to make this trip from the left coast. :-( Still wondering if I might get enough frequent flier miles to blast out there and back, though. (I am traveling to DC this Monday – sucky timing!)

    If I can’t be there, I’ll be with everyone in the spirit of Truthiness/Fear – oh, and I guess Reasonableness, too. This will be the Best. Rally. Ever!

  34. I am so way beyond excited about this (I threw on Colbert garb in an excited frenzy this morning), but I am also feeling quite conflicted. On December 1 I will be 18, old enough for a taping, and I have been scrimping and saving this year to pay my way there. However, this is calling my name. I could actually go to this, I have the money, but I’m afraid I will have to sacrifice my 4-year-awaited birthday trip for this.

    Therefore I really hope that a carpool would be in order for me. I live in central IL, so for anyone in the vicinity hoping to go and willing to do some road tripping, I’m game. I’d gladly split gas money if I can avoid paying airfare. Basically my goal is to experience both rally and taping this year, but I must make the most of my funds for that to happen.

    Also, it may be a good idea to set up an easy way of organizing carpools. Keep track of who’s from where and determining smart collections of people in close regions, ya know?

  35. I’ve been thinking about my hypothetical-if-only-I-was-going sign.

    “Fear it, bitch!” was my first thought, but inspired by one of last week’s shows I’d be going with “Even our pickles are screaming now!”

  36. Woooooahahahahaha! I was just talking to my Deputy Editor and he casually dropped into conversation “Oh, I’m thinking of going to Washington – IF we can get some sort of promise of media access, however little – for Jon Stewart’s rally”


    “See you on the other side, ” I said “If you think you’re going to Washington, from the Middle East, just for the weekend, to be sane and reasonable, and leaving me here when I could be marching to keep the fear alive, you can damn well think again!”

    Fingers crossed the fairies at Comedy Central can chuck even a tablespoon of their pixie dust this far….

  37. Is there a charter bus to Washington for this?

    • Karenatasha says:

      Check out Huff Post — Arianna announced on TDS last night that she will arrange buses from NYC to DC. No info yet, but I’m signed up to get news as soon as it’s available. I’ve also booked a hotel for the 30th night. I do hope that we Zoners will find away to meet! (I might also have space for someone to share the room. Not sure yet, as a friend may or may not be coming.)

  38. AliceInDallas says:

    There is a website out there, reddit, where you can search for carpool rally and get a lot of results.

    (Not sure if it’s appropriate to mention it)

  39. Hello people- I live in OC, California, and am DYING to find a ride! I would be able to get myself to most places, and am actually going to take a Greyhound bus all the way across the country if I have to, but I’d much rather find somebody to go with! I can totally help pay for gas! Please e-mail me if you have a seat available (closer to the west coast the better!)


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