Episode 6116 (9/15/2010) – Saul Griffith

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6116 (September 15, 2010)
GUESTS: Saul Griffith
SEGMENTS: Libertea, 888-OOPS-JEW
VIDEOS: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I’d like to start this guide by talking about last night’s show. There were so many positive comments about “Dr. Strangelove” that I spent the evening watching the movie on YouTube. And last night’s bit makes so much more sense now! And you were all right, it was absolutely hysterical! Very dry, very wrong. Stephen’s impression was totally spot-on.

Thanks to those who let me know that there was a toss last night. Stephen and Jon are so adorkable when they play off of each other. I’m looking forward to the announcement, if only to get the tension out of the air. Even the Richard Branson Interview Trainwreck didn’t build this much antici … [SAY IT!] … pation.

Stephen marrying his hand was amazingly silly enough, but when he started singing “Get Me to the Church on Time” (from ‘My Fair Lady’, for those of you who weren’t in high school swing choir), and came up with his hand in a little wedding gown, I started seriously laughing out loud. But when he threw rice at his hand after the “ceremony”, I literally yelped so loud that I woke up my cat who promptly shot me a dirty look. Oops.

And speaking of oops, whoo hoo for the Atone Phone being back! 1-888-667-7539, or 888-OOPS-JEW, (Press 1 for 888-MOPS-KEY, Press 3 for 888-MOSS-LEW, Press 4 for 888-MOS-PLEX) If you’re into Twitter, you can tweet with the hashtag #oopsjew. And yay for the emoticons! In case you missed them:

  • (:-p = “If you’ve libeled me, use this one, that is man wearing a yarmulke sticking his tongue out at me”.
  • }-E = “If you’ve knocked over my menorah, use this.”

Also, I think that Stephen looked amazing this year at the Emmys, as he always does, but it was cute to hear Joan Rivers on the Atone Phone nonetheless. I always love to see what random Jewish people are going to show up for the line.

What did all of you think of the episode tonight? Leave it in the comments! And don’t forget to vote in the poll – it’s easy, and it’s free!

Jimmy, Jimmy, I don't want to see him before the wedding, please.

  • This man is so electrifying, he may have a car battery attached to his nipple.
  • In New York voters picked the angry Carl Paladino. In Delaware they chose the furious Christine O’Donnell, and in New Hampshire, they elected a raging tire fire.
  • Yes, a very specific group. Black people weren’t supposed to get it.
  • That’s right, folks, he’s taking advantage of America’s wave of Grover Cleveland fever. G-Cleve, two non-consecutive terms. Paladino will bring back the bedrock conservative principles of 1885 — horse bonnets and punching the Irish.
  • It’s true – O’Donnell might serve out her whole term.
  • Masturbation is adultery. I know this is horrible news for my home audience, many of whom are committing adultery as we speak.
  • Oh, hand, you’ve made me the happiest man in the world.
  • Let’s begin our Christine O’Donnell sanctioned life together. I will love you forever. Hello, stranger. I have to work late tonight.
  • Folks, folks, I am blowing the shofar because last wednesday was Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish new year, which you already know if you were in Times Square to watch the annual foreskin drop.
  • “Clash of the Titans 3-D” is presented at Mo’s Plex exclusively in Mo’s flat scope 2D. Remember, if they have it at Netflix, we can get it at Mo’s.
  • Joan Rivers: Stephen, you are man of substance. You want me to judge you on your looks?
    Stephen Colbert: Well yeah!
  • Up to that point for years had you suspected you were a genius? Did this come as a verification?
  • You know what we have in America? Razors and combs.
  • So there wasn’t that rich smell of urine in the back of your pedi cab?


  1. marleygirl84 says:

    Oh goodness, Stephen singing something from My Fair Lady (my favorite musical) makes ME want to marry him! Or if he could just marry my hand. That segment was so ridiculously fun! I’ve said it a million times but here’s a million and one……Stephen is SOOOO cute!

    I was worried he was going to forget about the Atone Phone this year! I’m really glad he squeezed it in last night. He’s so consistent with it, always making the same face when he realizes someone is calling, and then answering the same way, “Shalom! How have you wronged me?”

    So happy for a toss. FINALLY! I’m even happier they are planning something together, because they haven’t done a joint event in a really long time. Jon + Stephen = Scrumtrulescent!

  2. Ms Interpreted says:

    I don’t know why, but it was the rice throwing that finally made me guffaw aloud, although I definitely enjoyed the whole segment. And the My Fair Lady bit was a delight.

    [OT: I’m so glad you watched Dr. Strangelove, DB! That movie is so filled with crazy, terrifying fun. I’m going to be pedestrian here and admit that the practically cliched “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” is my favorite from the movie, but there’s so much to love from that film that it’s hard to choose. I really, really liked that segment.]

  3. Stephen marrying his hand was the height of silliness. I laughed really hard at the rice-throwing, but I laughed even harder when he looked at his left hand and said “Hello stranger.”

    All I’m gonna say about that pending announcement is that Jon and Stephen are both big teases. Geez.

  4. Marrying his hand was hilarious and I agree the cherry on top was when he threw rice at it. On a side note – really, Delaware? Really?

  5. Mr. Arkadin says:

    I really loved the hand wedding which was gold.
    Although, I’m now catching hell from my hands about why I haven’t settled down with one of them! I’m afraid I’m still living in sin with both. (There so good to me. I can’t choose!) So thanks for opening that can of worms, Stephen! :(
    Good to see the Atone phone back. Rivers was alright. Better then Gottfried. But what is it with all these really mean & vicious comics (Rivers & Rickles come to mind first.) who get old, their careers go down the toilet & now their suppose to be lovable?! I don’t get it.
    The interview was very peasant & I loved the razor & combs comment.
    Great show!

  6. Okay, now my right hand is crying having come out to my left hand given that my hands and I are of the same gender. Only my left claims to love my right and is playing the “different orientation” card. But we live in a state that doesn’t allow gay marriage. This is all so very confusing!

  7. First Stephen makes a Dr. Strangelove reference, now you make a Rocky Horror reference? I guess this is Pop Culture Week at NoFactZone!

  8. SO glad to see a Toss! “An anaerobic announcement?” “America is my Jenny!” Ha! Loved all of Stephen’s adorable facial expressions at Jon’s baiting of how epic his announcement is going to be – the whole resting his chin in his hands in adulation always gets me.

    When Stephen married his hand, I lost it. That was just so stupid and goofy and hilarious. I’ve said it before, but it’s those crazy ridiculous segments that never fail to crack me up. And I laughed so hard when he threw the rice at his hand! I think it was because he threw it like an impatient 5 year old kid. :) Plus, Stephen singing is always a good thing.

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