Episode 6115 (9/14/2010) – Sean Wilentz

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6115 (September 14, 2010)
GUESTS: Sean Wilentz
SEGMENTS: PETA Criticizes Joe Biden, The Word – Mutually Assured Coercion, Luther Campbell Opposes Ground Zero Mosque
VIDEOS: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stephen’s reaction to veggie hot dogs is quite understandable. Turnip Taint? No thank you! I’ve never seen the movie Dr. Strangelove, so I got a bit lost at the end of the Word. But it’s a movie I’ve been intending to see forever, so I went ahead and added it to my Netflix queue today.

Any reference to coochie popping is going to have me snickering. Because I’m 12. But oh, I do miss my booty music. I love seeing writers on the show who are truly passionate about their subjects, and it’s obvious that Sean Wilentz has much love for the music of Bob Dylan. Luckily for those who want to heed the advice of Sean Wilentz, you can go onto YouTube to hear a live redition of Chimes of Freedom by Bob Dylan.

What did all of you think of the show tonight?

Stephen Colbert as Dr. Strangelove

  • I stand by my friends, except Helen Thomas (I’m so sorry!).
  • We should call you the People for the Unamerican Treatment of Animals or PUTA because you are, and I think our Hispanic soldiers would agree with me.
  • Which is it, PETA, delicious food or vegan food? It can’t be both.
  • Veggie dogs? Do you know what goes into a veggie dog? All the parts of vegetables no one wants, the lettuce hoofs, the turnup taints, the soy anus.
  • Ground Zero is a sacred site. How dare they build a house of worship there.
  • Gates warned Jones that burning the Koran would endanger American troops, and no American wants to put our soldiers in harm’s way. [Except By Feeding Them Hot Dogs]
  • Sean Hannity is so terrified, he bought a thesaurus.
  • [As Dr. Strangelove] Then as far as the Muslims know, 1,000 Korans will have exploded because their actions caused it, therefore according to the Koran, the jihadists will have to attack themselves. It will work!
  • Nation, as I was saying to all of you before the break, many of my conservative brethren have come out against the proposed Islamic community center, or as it’s become known, the Al Qaeda victory center and Bin Laden Fun-Plex.
  • He says the ground zero mosque idea stinks. That means something coming from the man who sang “Face Down, Ass Up” and “Doo Doo Brown”.
  • I’m sure Luther would be find with mosque developer Imam Rauf being as nasty as he want to be, if he did it in a tolerant way, by releasing his sermons as a double album filled with references to to coochie popping.
  • Oh, I’m sure. No one’s father.
  • We hear him and we go, eh, you know, he’s no Britney. Can he pop that coochie? I don’t think he can.
  • When we see Bob Dylan, is that really Bob Dylan, or is that like the character of Bob Dylan playing Bob Dylan?
  • Is that the Traveling Wilburys?


  1. I am going to squeeee here … I TOTALLY LOVED DR. STEPHEN STRANGELOVE! … *happy dance* … do it again! do it again!! … LOL

  2. I thought it was a bit funny that Stephen said he’s in his 30s but earlier did a reference that not a lot of people got. (just looked it up, released in 1964).
    Loved the veggie dogs rant, but what was he doing at the close of the show?

  3. DR. STRANGELOVE FTW!!!!! That was awesome!

  4. I absolutely geeked out when he started imitating Dr. Strangelove…granted I was the only one in the room who had seen it, so they thought I was crazy…which I am. But I’m glad he addressed the hot dog issue and how PETA didn’t care about the giant “all-beef” hot dog haha

  5. DogGoneGirl says:

    Wish Stephen had hat tipped DB and NFZ for that PeTA bit … that would have been cool … Ya, it was out on the air waves but DB did that great post on Monday! NFZ, you ROCK!

    • Well, it *was* all over the news. We do tend to overlap stories on occasion, but they have access to the same Google News streams I do. :)

  6. DB- when u do actually end up seeing the movie please explain the reference to me ;D

    i loved how sean wilentz was just cracking up over some of the jokes that stephen said. and my heart broke when stephen said that sean broke his heart :)

    on a side note- does stephen smoke? bc everytime he does a segment with a cigarette i feel so annoyed (my mom has definitely made sure that i understand the “no smoking ever” rule) so i just wanna know…

    • I don’t think so – the few times he’s “smoked” on the show, he didn’t inhale like a real smoker would. And good for you for not smoking – I smoked for years and just kicked the habit a few months ago. It’s hard to quit, and smelly and expensive, and don’t even get me started on how much cancer it causes.

      • well good for you for quitting. i know relatives who have quit and you can see that its very difficult for them.
        and thanks for the link that u mentioned below

    • Also, not sure if you can see the link I posted in the quotes, but there is a Dr. Strangelove vid of that segment on YouTube. If you click the link, you can watch it.

  7. Ms Interpreted says:

    That Dr. Strangelove reference was brilliant! Stephen really is uncannily good with that impression. What a fun segment. :)

    Oh, and I forgot to mention this before, but “PuTA”? Almost killed me. Spanish speakers — assuming their sense of humor is as occasionally infantile as mine is — must have been giggling.

  8. Oh, anyone who hasn’t seen Dr. Strangelove yet is in for a big treat. Great movie, and that was a flawless impression Stephen did.

    The reference to the Traveling Wilburys and PUTA were my other two very big laughs of the night. Great show!

    • Karenatasha says:

      Oh, I so agree with you–I LOVE Dr. Strangelove! All these years later, it’s still original, fresh, and (unfortunately) relevant.

      For those who haven’t see it, all I will say is that Stephen was doing one of the roles Peter Sellers takes on in the film. Sellers was brilliant, and Stephen’s imitation was great. And you “Strangelove virgins”…I almost envy you, getting to see it for the first time.

      The ep was great, but this, along with the rest of the Word, was a highlight for me. It’s a reminder of Stephen’s deep performance skills, and the fact that he is a true comic actor, not simply a stand-up comedian. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

  9. Great screen shot! What do you use to get it?

    Does anybody at Comedy Central know the code for embedding video has two mistakes in it? I have to correct them any time I embed a video of TDS or TCR.

  10. I really have to watch Dr. Strangelove!

  11. Mr. Arkadin says:

    DB! You haven’t seen Dr. Strangelove?! So you haven’t been protecting your bodily fluids? *Shudders in horror* You poor girl. :(

    For the record, I see “Stephen” as more of a cross between General Jack D. Ripper & Major T.J. “King” Kong then Dr. Strangelove. ;P

  12. I loved it when Stephen went into the Strangelove segment! I saw the movie a long time ago (on TV if I remember correctly) and it’s definitely worth seeing all the way through. I was glad that they gave credit on the film clip (although of course they had to) because I did have the feeling that some people watching the show might not understand what Stephen was doing otherwise.

    Between the WORD ending up as a Strangelove recreation (great performance by Stephen I agree) and the way the interview with the Dylan author moved from “he’s not Britney” to real Stephen being so moved by Chimes of Freedom (which I should download) I felt it was a particularly surreal show which I ought to re-watch at a more normal hour!

    BTW my dream guest for the show would be Bob. I know he doesn’t seem to do TV ever but…he does have a great sense of humor.

  13. Oh my DB. If you haven’t seen Dr. Strangelove you have NO idea of the wonder you missed last night. I was amazed that Colbert pulled it off so well. He hit it spot on! Dr. Strangelove is one of my favorite movies, mostly because of it’s commentary in the film. So really, not only was the impersonation dead on, but so was the point he was making. I can’t wait till you see Dr. Stangelove DB! Then this will be one of your favorite moments in Colbertism. It’s mine anyway ^^

    • You so right, Dbells, his impersonation was dead on and the writing was Perfect! Brilliant! So many layers for goodness in that segment. MASSIVE! Yet again, TCR, you out did yourself!

      To have been a fly on the wall when he was rehearsing. That must have been hysterical! Can’t you just see him and Paul and Eric and all the writers doubling over! Yeeeehhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!

  14. PUTA haha…I love it.

  15. I LOVED the Dr. Strangelove bit! Despite the fact that I’ve been a Peter Sellers fan since I was a kid, I’ve never seen the movie, but I know enough to recognise a great impression when I see it. And it’s always wonderful to see Stephen show off his acting chops.

    I thought the interview was great. I thought Sean Wilentz handled “Stephen” absolutely perfectly, and I was so happy to hear the Travelling Wilburys mentioned, even as part of a throwaway joke. As soon as Stephen asked what Sean would recommend as an introduction to Bob Dylan I said “Blood on the Tracks.” So I loved him mentioning it along with Blonde On Blonde – it’s my favourite Dylan album – hell, one of my favourite albums full stop. I was listening to Simple Twist of Fate just yesterday. But when he mentioned Chimes of Freedom, I knew why he picked it. It’s a beautiful story. “And we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.”

    Lately it seems like everything Stephen does just makes me love him more.

    (Okay, I just listened to Chimes of Freedom for the first time in years, and DAMN that is a good song, but you gotta listen to I Shall Be Free No. 10, which is right after it on the album. Also check out I Shall Be Free and Talkin’ World War Three Blues from The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. Funny as hell.)
    Sorry for the long comment but I have SO MUCH LOVE for this.

  16. I just have to chime in with everyone else and say what a brilliant movie Dr. Strangelove is, and looks like I have the perfect excuse to watch it again, not that I need one, that’s for sure. The war room is also similar to the one in Monsters vs Aliens, as well as a couple of the characters, so we have another Stephen tie-in there. Yay!

  17. Dr Strangelove………….oh, oh, that was just inspired lunacy! I squealed with delight. And then again at Stephen pretending to be in his 30s to qualify as a ‘young person’ during the Wilentz interview….

  18. I have to admit that I’m in the same boat as DB – I’ve never seen “Dr. Strangelove” either. But I just watched the scene from the movie that DB linked to in her post, and wow, Stephen really did pull off a great performance. I wish I’d realized from the beginning what was going on, because I knew I was missing some important cultural reference there.

    I also enjoyed the interview a lot. As soon as “Chimes of Freedom” was mentioned, I started hearing the song in my head, but oddly not in Dylan’s voice. I was hearing Springsteen’s version, which is a good one. (See, the voices in my head aren’t all urging me to do crazy things…)

    The Traveling Wilburys reference was great. I loved it!

  19. pkyoubuggin says:

    The Strangelove thing was pitch perfect. He sounded just like Peter Sellers…..I am so amazed at his impressions.
    Definitely buying this ep.

  20. I’m not sure why, but “easy as pie…delicious kitten pie” made me laugh harder than it probably should have. And of course, PuTA had me giggling like a 5 year old.

    While I haven’t seen Dr. Strangelove (I’ve always wanted to, and it’s now at the top of my Netflix queue, I promise), I did catch the reference. But I did watch that clip and then rewatched Stephen’s impression, and it is dead on. Nicely done, sir. :)

  21. Just like to repeat everyone else’s sentiments about the Dr. Strangelove bit – an awesome performance based on a sublime piece of writing. To the Zoners who watched (or intend to watch) the masterpiece film for the first time, enjoy the treat!

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