Restore Truthiness movement raises $16K $117K (and counting) for

It’s always great to see the Colbert Nation pull together, but it’s even better for the Nation to come together for a cause dear to Stephen Colbert’s heart – Stephen first supported the charity, which helps schools fund special teacher projects, when friend of the blog Craig Newmark was on the show. He introduced Stephen to a Democratic Straw Poll which raised a total of over $190,000 for classrooms and helping over 2,500 students. He featured art by some of the students who benefited from the Donors Choose fundraising drive on the Philadelphia Show sets. Stephen also encouraged his fans to donate to the cause for his Give Back Birthday celebration, which raised over $9,000.

Stephen became such a supporter of the cause that he became a member of the Donors Choose board. He has been known to give guests of the show $100 gift certificates to donate to the Donors Choose cause of their choice. Stephen also appeared at a special Donors Choose event at the Manhattan Bridges High School, featuring the partnering of the organization with the Gates Foundation to start the “Double Your Impact” initiative, funded with a $4.1 million investment from the Gates Foundation.

Now the powerhouses behind the Restore Truthiness rally – the Reddit group, and the Facebook group – have started a Donors Choose fundraising drive in the hopes of raising $101,010 by 10/10/10. In just a few short hours, the group has raised almost $16,000! Way to go, rally supporters!

Give to Donors Choose at the
Restoring Truthiness Giving Page!


The campaign raised the entire amount – in under 24 hours! Their new goal is to fund 1010 projects – so keep giving! Let’s make a difference, Nation!


  1. As one of the teachers who just had a DonorsChoose project go from a long shot to funded in minutes, I have no words to express the mess of feelings I’ve got going on right now. To any Colbert enthusiasts who helped make this possible, thank you!

  2. This is wonderful! I don’t really have an opinion for or against the rally, but Colbert Nation I’ve now got a major crush on you (well an even major-er one since i was already pretty sweet on you).

  3. Karenatasha says:

    How fabulous! Nice to know that Stephen’s still fictional rally will generate more real good than Beck’s actual one.

  4. Brilliant! You rule Colbert Nation!

  5. Here’s a thank-you who just had a project fully funded by these guys today! I went from about half funded to fully funded on a $600 project while I was teaching today. It was a great surprise to come home to, and I can’t wait to share the news with my students tomorrow :).

  6. This is fantastic, what a great idea! I just donated to DonorsChoose last week, but I will happily donate again :D.

  7. almost at $50k now!

  8. 65k now!

  9. yay!! i love when the colbert nation comes together like this :D. when i first started watching the show i would watch a lot of old videos of for instance when stephen broke his wrist and i would always be jealous of the people who had actually watched that show when it had happened. so whenever something amazingly cool and big happens like this i always jump for joy and get ooberly excited (yay for making future colbert fans jealous ;D)

    its great how the nations already raised money and a rally hasnt even taken place yet!

  10. That is so great! I <3 you, Cobert Nation.

  11. Well, holy crackers. $95,000 in less than 24 hours. I am completely gobsmacked. (Word of the day…)

    It’s amazing what the Nation can do when we use our powers for good!

  12. Ms Interpreted says:

    It’s apparently a record-breaking push, according to this TIME post.

    [nitpick]I wish they’d credit the person who gave them the idea to set up a DonorsChoose page, which they haven’t, but the result is nine kinds of awesome and I couldn’t be happier for all those students and teachers.

    Way to go to Charles Best and his crew for dreaming up DonorsChoose, too!

    • Wow again – over $100,000 raised for needy children in less than 24 hours! I am so excited about this, and so proud of the Colbert Nation! FANTASTIC effort everyone!

    • I second your nitpick. I wish they’d give credit where it’s due.

      But having said that, how amazing that so many teachers and students will benefit from the Nation’s generosity!

    • I agree. Kudos! setting up this page was a great idea and to push all that rally energy into such a good cause, well, that really is good karma and a win-win.

      Generosity and helping kids learn! Can’t beat that! and we all know, Mr. C is pleased anytime good like that happens. Let’s up the game and support 101010 kids … we are more than 1/3 of the way there!

  13. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Oh, this is very awesome! I just contributed to Donors Choose last month with my birthday gift card, but I think I’ll head over there again for this special page. :D

  14. Happy to contribute! :D :D This is definately the best idea yet to get Stephen’s attention AND to get something wonderful done. This is one of the best charities out there. I remember what it was like to be a kid and to be confused when projects and things couldn’t go through because of funding issues. Everyone should help. Even 5 bucks helps! Just have on less Starbucks for the day.

  15. I just want to say thank you to all of you! I had a projcet that as of yesterday had $449 to go. I woke up this morning and when I checked my e-mail and saw the notification of fully funded I could not believe my eyes! I was so excited to tell my Kindergartners about all of the neat science experiments we will now be able to do! The big impact was when I was able to talk to my students about how total strangers care enough about THEIR education that they would take the time to give money to us. I could see these 5 and 6 year olds realizing that an education is important! IT is amazing the impact you all have! They were ready to write thank you notes today!!!! We cannot wait to get our supplies!

  16. One of my coworkers had a classroom project funded through all of you! I was just going to throw mine out there for your consideration! Thanks so much for doing this for donorschoose, teachers, and students!

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