In case you’re wondering PETA, this is why people hate you

Joe Biden serves hot dogs to honor our troops

My apologies to any v*gan Zoners, but this story just makes me want to hurl a Double Down at the doors of the PETA headquarters. This is an excerpt from the letter that was sent by PETA to Vice President Joe Biden today:

Many members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal protection group with more than 2 million members and supporters, caught you moonlighting as a hot dog delivery man on The Colbert Report. While we enjoyed the show, we have one suggestion: The next time you decide to honor our men and women in uniform, please give them veggie dogs or other nutritious, cholesterol-free vegan foods and leave fatty, artery-clogging meat off the menu. After everything that they’ve done for us, the last thing our soldiers need is a hearty helping of heart disease.

Also in the press release:

“You can’t expect the troops to be lean, mean fighting machines if you’re stuffing them with fattening, artery-clogging meat, eggs, and dairy products every day,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “These men and women have seen enough violence, so the nicest thing that the vice president can do is to spare animals from the violence of factory farming and turn our servicemen and servicewomen on to the lifesaving benefits of delicious vegan food.”

You know what, PETA? You can suck my hot dog. That show was about honoring the troops, not pushing your agenda. And having Joe Biden there supporting the troops was a very noble thing for him to be doing. God bless him and Stephen Colbert for honoring them by serving them cow taint.

Also, I would be more than happy to eat veggie hot dogs – I used to eat MorningStar Corn Dogs every single week until they stopped making them. So maybe if you want people to eat meat-free hot dogs, you should talk to the one company who used to make the only edible ones.

In case you missed it the first time around, here’s Joe Biden serving our troops in the ‘Colbert Report’ audience.

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  1. If you remember, PETA got mad at Pres Obama because he smacked the fly and killed it. That is most definitely in my top 5 list of the craziest f#*#ing presidential things I’ve ever seen.

  2. The PETA people are bats**t crazy.

    And my new favorite line is now, “You know what, PETA? You can suck my hotdog.”. Perfect! :-)

    • “Suck my corndog” is funnier. “Suck my vegan corndog” is even funnier, but then maybe I’m just weird.

  3. Count me among the many vegetarians & vegans who think PETA’s full of sanctimonious hooey, too! Almost (but not quite!) makes me want to gnosh some bacon just to spite them (not a hot dog, mind you – I have my limits!!)

    [I think I’ve just seen my first ReCaptcha repeat, and I *still* don’t know what it means: “intemperate honseig”]

  4. Yeah, when Pres. Obama killed the fly PETA was all over him. And when Al Gore came to Manila to deliver the Asian version of “An Inconvenient Truth” he was also met by protests from PETA because he was a meat-eating environmentalist. And then I found out that some of the celebrity spokespeople of PETA only *claim* to be vegetarian/vegan. Amazing.

    Ha, and I just noticed that your adorkable VP is carrying a customized hot dog box. :)

  5. Dude…really PETA?

  6. PETA, meet me over at camera 3.

    THIS IS NOT THE TIME NOR PLACE! As a vegan, I admit that I usually agree with your opinion, but please, PLEASE try to exercise some restraint! I understand that it is your job and entire purpose of existence to draw attention to animal agriculture and the like, but there are ways of doing that without making people hate you and without disrespecting the much appreciated efforts of the Report and VP Biden to honor the troops.
    A few additional notes: 1) You do not know that the audience members were not offered the option of veggie dogs. 2) It is not your job to look after the health of the troops and vets. 3) In all likelihood, Joe Biden did not come up with the bit himself. 4) They were replicating a pre-existing American phenomenon, the hot dog cart. They did not invent it nor endorse it; it is merely a symbol, and everyone else seems to understand that. 5) Remember for next time: TACT! DISCERNMENT! PRIORITIES!

    *tentatively puts down pitchfork* Okay? Thanks.

  7. Do people care about PETA? They’ve seemed like the polor opposite of Westboro Baptist Church, crazy schmucks who hate.

    PETA can:
    Eat out my tofu
    Kiss my buns
    Eat my meat
    Lick my footlong
    Re-evaluate your views to see if they actually make sense.

  8. They watch an entire episode honoring the men and women who fight for our country, and all they think of is, “Man, they really should have used veggie dogs”? Seriously?! PETA. Pick your battles. You’re not helping.

  9. PETA is run by Abraham Simpson, i knew it. Who gives a cow of what we can or can’t eat?, let our clogged arteries alone.

  10. Veggie here who despises PETA. They do nothing to help animals. Nothing AT ALL. Do any of those donations they take go to shelters or to housing and helping animals in need? Nopes. They fail hard.

  11. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Ooookay…seriously, PETA? Ugh. Just echoing all of what’s been said in the comments already — not the time, nor the place to be pushing your agenda, guys. Yeah, this is not cool.

  12. Okay, PETA people, listen up. I’m only going to say this once:

    I’d give you maybe 2 oz. of respect if I ever saw one of your reps greeting our returning war veterans with an apple or some hummus. The next time you want to stand around and start lambasting someone for doing something to repay our troops for their sacrifice, you should really look long and hard in the mirror first and remember that the only reason you have the right to stand around and preach about this is BECAUSE of the men and women of our armed forces.

    There’s a lovely quote from an episode of The Report that involves flipping someone off with a frog leg, but it’s not appropriate for this Blog. But, I know my Zoners know what clip I’m talking about. Yeah, that…

  13. PETA are a bunch of morons. We shouldn’t be giving them this much attention. The Veep handing out hot dogs was wonderful. I think the troops deserve hot dogs, burgers, fries, onion rings, fish and chips and cake and ice cream everyday.
    Let’s forget about PETA and honor the troops some more!

  14. While today’s troops are only protecting the pocketbooks of crooked politicians and industry leaders, I do have to say that most of what peta does is tasteless (no pun intended). Hell, I’m a veg and I think these guys are morons. Now, for everyone knocking vegetarian food, you’ve obviously never had any of the good stuff. And yes, hummus is delicious — just don’t buy the stuff at the grocery store, cuz it sucks.

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