Episode 6113 (9/9/2010) – John Legend

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6113 (September 9, 2010)
GUESTS: Senator Jim Webb, General David Petraeus, Brent Cummings & Josh Bleill, John Legend
SEGMENTS: John Legend serves hot dogs to the troops
VIDEOS: Thursday, September 9, 2010

And another new intro word for the special show – “Ready, Vet, Go!” Stephen looked like he was having quite the fun rappelling into his studio to start the show. That was a seriously rowdy crowd – I loved it! The Sexy Hot Dog Guy was totally cracking me up. It’s great that Sen. Webb is fighting for the rights of the returning soldiers by guaranteeing that they will have the opportunity to get an education. Don’t forget to go to ColbertNation.com to get your certificate of commendation!

The stories of the Brent Cummings and Josh Bleill were very moving, and it was just touching to me to hear the audience give them such rousing support, including a standing ovation mid-interview. And John Legend’s performance was just beautiful.

I’ve only gotten choked up during a couple of ‘Colbert Report’ episodes, but this was definitely one of them. Bravo for two fantastic tributes to our armed forces this week – those will be most excellent shows to promote to the Emmys that will lose to Jon Stewart. What did you think of the shows this week?

  • Now, if everyone at Walter Reed will please just drop your pants, I’ll be with you in a moment.
  • Stop, stop, stop, stop. It looks like you’re eating one of your own children.
  • I don’t care if you capture Fallujah, you do not want to tangle with this.
  • The other major development of the last seven years is that Pringles now comes in Xtreme Screamin’ Pickle. Remember, this is what you were fighting for. When you shipped out, food scientists hadn’t yet figured out how to make a pickle scream. But now through genetic engineering, I assume they’ve given pickles testicles. After that the screaming is pretty easy.
  • I have helped you reassimilate and I’ve given you a sexy hot dog.
  • To really stick it to Al Qaeda, I made sure he was a kosher hot dog. Don’t ask me how, but he used to be a footlong.
  • Once you’re a vet you’re always a vet. It’s like a heroic form of herpes. You never get rid of it. I mean that in the nicest possible way. It just keeps giving.
  • I just have to grow a bigger pair of balls and I’ll be right there!


  1. I had a hard time choosing between John Legend and the interview with Brent Cummings & Josh Bleill. It was especially moving listening to someone who was so badly injured, and now can run and water-ski again. It was also good to have recognition for the vets who’ve been wounded mentally and psychologically.

    I just utterly love how Stephen can sincerely thank the troops as well as produce the laughs. His genuine efforts sharply contrast the jingoistic posturings of certain others.

    Finally, I could hear the *click* of a million screen-cappers as Stephen showed off his junk. ;)

  2. Ms Interpreted says:

    Another excellent episode, and a great way to end the week. The IAVA audience members looked like they were having a really good time, and the standing ovation they gave Josh Bleill was almost overwhelming. I really appreciated the way that Lt. Col. Cummings was able both to highlight the incidence of mental traumas and stress that people should refrain from stigmatizing individuals who suffer from them.

    John Legend brought his “A” game, too. I particularly liked that they got someone with Legend’s widespread appeal; I remember reading something a while back (maybe one of Thomas Ricks’ books?) that expressed admiration for all of the entertainers who participated in USO performances, but simultaneously noted that most of the big name acts were still coming from the country/western genre. Without disparaging those performers and their acts at all, it acknowledged that the demographic for our armed services includes a high percentage of people whose tastes run more to the R&B/hip-hop end of the spectrum, not something you got in a lot of USO-type shows. Anyway, I thought it was wonderful that Mr. Legend wanted to participate, and I thought his performance was beautiful.

    Oh, and that opening sequence with Stephen and the troops dropping into the desk area? *Hella* cool!

  3. The audience’s standing ovation for Josh Bleill was most heart warming.

    Stephen actually asking various Vets what supported them, what welcomed them home was the most generous act. Reaching out and asking them what they needed rather than assuming to know. That is a true act of human kindness. He modeled what each of us can do and should do when the opportunity presents itself.

    Now, we have to work to honor each and every human being and to try and keep us all out of harm’s way. Ya, yikes, that is a daunting task but let’s start one person at a time and see just how far we get.

  4. marleygirl84 says:

    What a beautiful episode! I loved it so much, even more than the first one! It really could have been an hour show with how much stuff they had to try and cram into it, I could tell poor Stephen was having a hard time moving the interviews along knowing he still had to fit in John Legend at the end. His song was emotional and lovely and I can’t wait to watch it again in a few minutes. The dancing hot dog was HILARIOUS and basically, so was the entire episode, when it wasn’t tugging at my heart strings and making me tear up. I voted for the song, but really I wanted to vote for the entire thing!

  5. It was so cool to see Stephen repelling into his desk! That had to have been fun. And the Sexy Hot Dog Guy was hilarious!

    The video interview with General David Petraeus was awesome. Colbert Nation gets its very own certificate of commendation! Whoo! I’m definitely printing that. :)

    I nearly cried when the audience gave and Cpl. Bleill and Lt. Col. Cummings a standing ovation mid-interview, and I definitely shed a tear during the John Legend song. That was really beautiful, especially with the video clips playing in the background. Both episodes were brilliant tributes that were really sincere and heartwarming, while still being incredibly funny. This has been such a great week!

  6. Aww, that was such a beautiful and moving song, and I bet you anything Stephen was crying off camera ;)

    I too was super impressed that the Report was so concerned with what the troops ACTUALLY needed and wanted, as opposed to merely throwing a big party.

    Well done, TCR!!

  7. The Returnification shows have just been so wonderful to watch this week and the TCR have done such an excellent job of welcome, support and fun.

    On another note, thank you for the various mentions of the beginning sequence rappel as Colbert Nation (where I usually watch) didn’t have it, so I found another online source and it was *definitely* worth it, and nice to see the opening credits too for a change. This site is great and handy in so many ways!

  8. And again a really amazing and awesome show. The Returnification programs were funny, but from yesterdays episode my favorite part was when Stephen said that he has to grow a bigger pair of balls to do what the soldiers do…Stephen is great.

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