Filming Stephen Colbert in the M1117 “Guardian” Armored Security Vehicle

This is fantastic, y’all: the New York State Division on Military & Naval Affairs has posted an article on taping the opening segment of last night’s show.

You should definitely read this story by Lt. Col. Paul Fanning; it’s no surprise he captures all the fun and excitement of the moment, but he really captures its overall sincerity, too. Stephen and his Colbert Report crew really made these troops feel appreciated, and that’s the best achievement of them all.

New York Army National Guard Soldiers Participate in “Colbert Report” Filming
Team from 206th Military Police Company Drives Colbert to His Studio in an Armored Vehicle

NEW YORK, NY (09/09/2010)(readMedia)– –“Hey you can’t park that here,” yelled a voice from an upper floor of the New York City studio on West 54th Street.

“You want to tow it?” replied one of the Soldiers from the street, knowing he wasn’t just speaking with a comedian, but also the host of one of America’s hottest shows.

Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert took a short ride on September 8 in an M1117 “Guardian” Armored Security Vehicle driven by troops of the New York Army National Guard’s 206th Military Police Company.

They took him up to the front door of his studio while the cameras rolled. The taped sequence was the introduction for his evening broadcast and his Guard crew was enjoying the ride even more than he did.

. . .

Read the full story about taping the ASV sequence with Stephen Colbert here

Thanks for the report, guys, and for all your accomplishments!


  1. What a sight that would have been, to look up and see a tank rolling through Manhattan.

    I enjoyed the article, but for god’s sake, it’s the Colbert Report, not the Colbert Show!

    • Ms Interpreted says:

      There were a couple of little errors like that (i.e. The Colbert Report is not Comedy Central’s highest viewed show, much as we love it), but I’m definitely willing to overlook them in this instance. I agree that it’s a huge peeve of mine when reporters on a regular media “beat” do it, though.

      Still, how much fun must that segment have been for those guys to tape? The exchange quoted at the beginning of the article put a huge grin on my face, and it stayed there throughout the rest of the item.

      • Quote: The Colbert Report is not Comedy Central’s highest viewed show, much as we love it

        Maybe the Army just gave Colbert the Army Bump!

    • Caoilfhiann says:

      It’s better than the people who think Jon Stewart’s name is John Daily. As long as the “Colbert” is in it, I doubt Stephen cares what his show is called. lol

  2. Lovely article…and I totally agree about the “Colbert Show” thing…it made it kind of hard to read.

  3. lockhart43 says:

    “”This is great,” said Sgt. Joshua Flint from Cherry Valley, NY. “He’s even going to use one of my jokes,” he boasted.

    I’m secretly hoping it was the Leno joke. :)

    The article also says that the soldiers got to drive the M1117 over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, up the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and into Manhattan through the Battery Tunnel. How cool is that?

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