Episode 6112 (9/8/2010) – Joe Biden

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6112 (September 8, 2010)
GUESTS: Vice President Joe Biden, Gen. Raymond Odierno, Yogi Berra
SEGMENTS: Joe Biden serves hot dogs to the troops, The WORD – Over And Out
VIDEOS: Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wow. Just wow. Who knew that honoring our brave men and women of the armed forces could be so fun! The tank intro was super awesome (“Jay Leno doesn’t have one of these!”) – how fun must it have been to be able to ride in a tank! And the “Been There Won That” opening featuring the troops was getting me all verklempt until Stephen showed up wrapped in a flag in the soldier’s sunglasses, in which I almost spit out my oatmeal onto my keyboard. And “Army of Won” is a fantastic new intro word for these special shows.

Stephen spared no expense in treating the troops. From cold American beer, to real grass, to hot dogs served by Joe Biden, to the Toto Washlet, Stephen though of everything to make sure that those troops who risked their asses for us had the best … for their asses. I loved the music and feel of the “Price Is Right” themed toilet treat. When Bullet said “Premature Evacuation”, did anyone else think of Jane Fonda?

I really liked the interview with General Odierno, especially the part where Stephen got to keep his hair at the end. I was also very touched at Joe Biden’s message of how to honor the troops. The whole show was just amazing and fantastic and wonderful, and was a most excellent tribute to our armed forces.

So what did you think of the show? Go out and hug a soldier today, then come back and leave a message in the comments!

Stephen Colbert and Joe Biden

  • And if you can tell the difference, you’re the President of the United States.
  • I’m going to trust you folks won’t give away my position. It’s missionary.
  • In Baghdad the only way you can feel something that plush and tickly was to run your toes through Saddam’s mustache. He will be missed.
  • The Toto Washlet. You’ll feel like an angel flew up your butt.
  • Now, it’s easy to say the iraq war is over, but actually ending it might take a little longer. What do you think, 50,000 troops still in Iraq?
  • Because let’s face it, it has been over, over and over. [Operation Groundhog Day]
  • Then it was over when we pulled Saddam out of his spider hole [His Spider-Sense Never Even Tingled], only to be over again in 2005 when Iraqis proudly displayed their purple fingers, proving they had voted, or that they had just done something terrible to the Grimace.
  • In fact, you’ve won this war so many time, that if there was an award for the number of times you’ve won, you’d win that, too. [Unless “The Daily Show” Did]
  • By the way, Wolf Blitzer, stay away from that boy. [He’s Got A Restraining Order]
  • My hope is that we can turn the entire country into a Disneyland. All of those out-of-work Saddam doubles would make great Captain Hooks.
  • How does a man with your strength and stature say “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo”?
  • You look fantastic!
  • I hope I didn’t startle you with my heroics.


  1. It was just an all-around awesome show. I also was getting misty-eyed at the opening montage of soldiers until the graphic of Stephen in the flag. LOL! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for tonight!

  2. A very fun episode, I agree.

    Biden was definitely my favorite moment. I was expecting a lot of crowd/audience shots in this episode, so I made an effort to pay a lot of attention whenever the cameras panned the soldiers. I’m pretty sure a few of the solders were surprised or taken off guard by they old guy with the hot dogs turning out to be the Vice President, which was heartwarming.

    I was disappointed however, in that they didn’t check back in with the guy who left to use the Toto Washlet early in the episode. I wanted a status report.

  3. Ms Interpreted says:

    I’ve said in some other places how excited I’ve been for these episodes, so I won’t repeat that here. But I will repeat that I thought the show last night was really, really cool show. Stephen has been such a mensch about supporting the folks who are actually doing the fighting; even when you’re against the wars, it’s awesome to see how much he honors the ones tasked with the dirty work.

    Hard to pick a favorite moment; Stephen standing on his desk to give Gen. Odierno his hair was a really funny visual, and that opening sequence made me grin from ear to ear. But for all that — and for all the usual greatness of The WØRD’s writing — I think my favorite bit from the show might be a totally unscripted one: the reaction of the audience to the VP Biden “reveal”. It really looked like he caught them by surprise with that. Those guys in the second row looked really astounded when “hot dog guy” raised his head, and that just made the moment for me.

    Can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

  4. Such an excellent show all around. Seriously, every minute of it was amazing. I enjoyed the interview with VP Biden more than I expected to (heh – normally I find him kind of irritating), and seeing Yogi Berra was a real highlight. If you’re a baseball fan, and especially a baseball fan from the New York area, Yogi is a hero. What a great touch to have him make an appearance.

    That tank was awesome. Bet it was fun “cruising” around the New York City streets in that!

  5. Brilliant show! Who else could have gotten the sitting Vice President of the United States to pass out hot dogs to a crowd? (hint: no one else) Any show that has me laughing one second and getting a little weepy the next is a strong one.

    Oh and for anyone who didn’t watch the Daily Show last night, Jon laid into Stephen right off the bat over last night’s announcement of a potential counter-announcement, saying he’s not so tough without his attack goose lol. Worth a watch.

    • You’re right, that was a great TDS segment last night! I do hope they keep that back-and-forth going, it’s really hilarious. Also love Jon’s little “hints” at his potential announcement in the Moment of Zen. Now if they would just do a Toss! This no Toss drought is getting unbearable…

  6. How can I pick a favorite segment?? I loved the green grass, beer, and hotdogs, and how every moment of the show really did manage to be about honoring the troops. Not just in a sappy flag waving way, either, but with frequent reminders that they’re still over there doing their jobs, whether we call it “combat” or not.

    Biden’s comment about how to help the troops still serving by helping their families had me all misty, and I thought Stephen made a really strong statement at the close – that 100% of us praise what they do, and 99% of us avoid doing it. Flag waving, that’s easy; acknowledging our responsibilities to those we’ve sent over, that’s right.

  7. Awesome show. Stephen really made an honest work honoring the soldiers.
    You can be against the war, or even had a really bad opinion of what the United States are doing in Irak, but those guys go there and fight for whatever you think is right, without making any questions and that has honor and you should thank them.

    Awesome show, and i looking forward also for that “announcement/counter-announcement” between TDS and TCR.

  8. I really can’t fully put into words how amazing both of these shows have been, so I’ll try my best to note some of my most favorite parts of last night’s episode, as if the entire show wasn’t just one long-running favorite segment. :)

    Loved the real grass, that was a nice touch. And I cracked up at the “Price Is Right” theme as Stephen introduced that fancy toilet. I also liked that Stephen made a point at the beginning of the episode that the purpose of these two shows isn’t to debate the war; it’s to honor those who served in it. Nicely done.

    Both of the interviews were fantastic, but I particularly liked the one with Joe Biden, and not just because it opened with Stephen breaking down a door, ha. For all of the crap that the media gives Biden for being gaffe-prone, it’s easy to forget that the guy is an excellent speaker who speaks honestly and genuinely, especially when it comes to our troops. I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how hard it is for students at my college (I go to a community college), who have children and a spouse in the military, to find babysitters for their kids while they are in school. So I was especially touched when Biden mentioned offering to babysit for a child with a mother or father serving overseas.

    Big thanks to Stephen and the TCR crew for a great episode and an even bigger thank you to the troops for living in danger so that I can sleep safely at night. :)

  9. I too liked the way Biden came across – he seemed genuinely pleased to be there, and sincere in his sentiments. Not sure why he gets such a bad rap, although a certain custard shop manager might dispute that!

    LOVED the intro! BLAAAAAM! And that General Odierno’s a big lad, isn’t he?! Poor little Stephen, having to stand on his desk…

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