Episode 6111 (9/7/2010) – Anthony Romero

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6111 (September 7, 2010)
GUESTS: Anthony Romero
SEGMENTS: Geese Witherspoon, Better Know a District – Mike Castle (Encore),
VIDEOS: Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yay for a new episode of the ‘Colbert Report’! As long as it stars Stephen, I have no problem watching “The Col – Breaking Bad Mad Temple Grand Men Glee-bert Re-Modern Family-port with Jon Stewart”. It was so exciting to see Stephen use the back door of his studio again – I haven’t seen it used since Cookie Monster, I believe. I know there were a lot of people wondering how Stephen was going to handle the “Restoring Truthiness” movement, and I think that Stephen handled it wonderfully. While I think it’s great that so many Colbert fans have rallied to the cause of getting Stephen to speak, and gotten the word out that the Colbert Nation is as passionate and strong as ever, it just feels … I don’t know, awkward I guess, to tell Stephen what to do. The proper order of things is that Stephen tells *us* what to do, you know? Upsetting that dynamic just feels ooky to me.

I had forgotten how amazingly funny the Mike Castle interview was. Seeing as how the majority of the discussion was about chickens and chicken marriage, I think that Castle handled himself wonderfully. The interview was really abrasive to me. Anthony Romero seemed to be trying so very hard to bring the funny to the interview. Although I really liked the line about the pope’s Prada shoes, it was funnier the first time I heard it.

Man, I cannot WAIT for the rest of the week! Great guests – Joe Biden! John Legend! Great celebration of our troops! And no telling what kind of special treats Stephen is going to share with us, and with the audience. Bring on the “Been There, Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape!”

Stephen Colbert - Grey Goose

  • Don’t worry, folks, we’ll win it next year when I change the name of my show to “The Col – Breaking Bad Mad Temple Grand Men Glee-bert Re-Modern Family-port with Jon Stewart”.
  • A three-hour rally. Still less strenuous than his normal Saturday routine, watching “Yo Gabba Gabba” for Nazi symbolism.
  • God’s flyover followed by a 21-gun salute when they realized those were Canadian geese illegally crossing our border. No anchor goslings! No anchor goslings! No anchor goslings! All right, it’s not that easy to chant.
  • Rosh Hashanah – it sounds like Miley Cyrus’ Jewish alter ego. [Hi, Allison!]
  • Hey, that’s the back doorbell. I wonder who is there? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my prophetic goose, Geese Witherspoon.
  • Sorry about your break up with Flyin’ Phillipe and Drake Gull-enhall.
  • What’s that? Well, I think you’re cute, too.
  • Jon Stewart made an announcement that he may in the future make an important announcement. Well,l will not be out-announced.
  • And whatever I’m announcing, it will be b-y-o-g — bring you own geese.
  • This is like interviewing a panda.
  • So you are going to cock block Deleware?
  • I would strongly recommend you rethink your marriage with the chicken.
  • Let’s kill two birds with one stone. Close guantanamo and move them all into the ground zero mosque. Because my understanding is that thing is full of terrorists anyway.
  • They feel scary. You’ll admit that. They have beards. They don’t wear belts often.


  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it [and watch it] again – the BKAD with Mike Castle is my favourite ever! Haven’t seen the rest of the show yet [6 hours and 6 minutes to go here] but now I’m primed and ready….

  2. I agree about the Mike Castle interview – I thought he played along enough that it was funny, but not so much as to let Stephen get away with anything.
    But I disagree with you about Anthony Romero, I liked it. Or maybe I just liked it because it looked like Stephen was having fun arguing.
    Whatever, it’s great to have him back again! And yes, Stephen, I was chanting your name all week while you were away.

  3. yay stephen is back!! was anyone else clapping at their computer screen when stephen started to discuss a possible rally of his own?
    speaking of rosh hashana- because its taking place btn wed night-friday (at which my sabbath begins) i wont be able to watch the “Been There, Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape!” until saturday night :(

    does anyone else think that the “hi allison” was directed at allison silverman bc of her curly hair?

    • Oh, I feel quite certain that the “Hi Allison!” was due to the fact that the hair used on the Rosh Hashanah graphic looked eerily similar to Allison Silverman’s hair.

      (On a related note, I miss Allison.)

      • It would appear that they just took that photo of Allison Silverman that you linked and then pasted Miley Cyrus’s face onto it, which is hilarious.

        I miss Allison, too. :(

  4. Mr. Castle sure was a good sport … “are you rethinking this interview?” LOL

    Liked the Romero interview as well. Stephen sitting back watching Romero try (emphasis on “try”) to take the lead with a shout out to the 90 year anniversary. And yes, it came across as very playful for both of them. It also appeared that they perhaps cut quite a lot. Sure wish the uncut version was out there to see too.

    Love this suspense about “the announcement” though I was hoping for a Toss last night – this was Toss-esque …

  5. Jon’s TDS “announcement” played wonderfully with TCR last night. I love it when they work together like that! Though an announcement via a toss or Jon showing up in Stephen’s studio would have been full of WIN! (I wonder if it has anything to do with TDS going to Washington before the midterms? It’s posted on the comedy central website)

    It is always fun when Stephen speaks to inanimate objects that whisper in his ear–I hope Sweetness doesn’t get jealous!

    I found Stephen’s shout out to Allison quite cute- I miss her as I’m sure the staff at TCR does, too.

  6. I loved how Stephen was able to weave together Beck’s rally in Washington, the proposed Colbert Rally, “Geese Witherspoon,” and a bottle of Grey Goose vodka into one hilarious sequence. That was really well done. But what is it with things whispering into Stephen’s ear? First Sweetness, now the vodka…

    I loved the shout-out to Allison Silverman. It was very cute and funny.

    I don’t like it when guests try to take control of the interview from Stephen, so Romero got off to a bad start. Once he settled down a bit it went better. Still, I found him kind of annoying.

    That Mike Castle BKAD is solid gold. I’ve never witnessed a funnier conversation about chickens and whether or not it’s appropriate to marry one.

    Also, DB gets 10 points for the use of “ooky.”

  7. I had forgotten just how hilarious that BKAD with Castle was! The whole discussion about chicken marriage was so bizarre you really have to admire Castle for being able to maintain his end of it. I would have dissolved into helpless giggling.

    I wonder what TDS and TCR have up their sleeves.

  8. friedthing says:

    I thought Stephen did an awesome job addressing the rally thing. You know, if TCR and TDS are going to work together on something, even if it’s just announcing that they may announce something, haha, I’m going to have to wean myself away from my compulsive practice of viewing TCR before TDS (I just can’t wait!) and starting watching them in the order nature, God, and Comedy Central intended.

    I’d forgotten about that chicken discussion! My favorite part is when Stephen absolutely cannot keep from smiling after Castle says he wants to cock block Delaware. He’s trying very hard, though :)

    So excited for the Returnification episodes!!!

    • At the end of October, TDS announced (a few months back) its going to Washington for its Midterm election coverage for a week. I’m sure Colbert’s announcement has something to do with this. My assumption is perhaps Vancouverage/Philadelphia style midterm show.

  9. I’m all for a Colbert rally, but only during his inevitable 2012 presidential run (sponsored by Doritos).

    • I’m going to disagree here. I think micracle whip is much more likely to be the headlining sponsor.

  10. friedthing says:

    Am I being cynical in having just the slightest suspicion that they may have started the rally idea themselves? Not that that would make it any less massive…

  11. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Jon and Stephen are both such teases with these announcements of announcements! I really hope something happens with this rally day, it would be AMAZING.

  12. lockhart43 says:

    I had a feeling you would be using that screencap, DB – it’s too funny not to use. :)

    I do love how Jon and Stephen’s announcements of future announcements linked to each other, that was great. And Stephen handled the “Restoring Truthiness” movement perfectly. It wasn’t a yes, and it wasn’t a no. Instead it was Stephen interacting with a goose and flirting with a glass of Grey Goose, which is just plain fun.

    I was so happy that they re-aired the Mike Castle interview! That’s one of my favorite BKADs. The fact that he got Castle to say that he was going to cock block Delaware is ridiculously hilarious – cracks me up every time I see it. Plus, you can tell that Stephen almost laughed after Castle said it and had to cover it with a smile and a “Thank you.” :P
    P.S. That mini shout-out to Allison Silverman was adorable!

  13. “it just feels … I don’t know, awkward I guess, to tell Stephen what to do. ”

    I agree, DB, somehow this whole rally idea seems funnier as a possibility rather than as a reality, since it didn’t come from Stephen himself. Still, it’s great to see the fun he and Jon are having with it. My favorite line of the night was actually “I think you’re cute too!” Stephen certainly does have a way with inanimate objects (and I’ve always hated those pretentious Grey Goose commercials up till now)!

    The shout-out to Allison was very sweet.

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