Call for Stephen Colbert to hold “Restoring Truthiness” rally gaining momentum

Restoring TruthinessIt’s not often that we here at No Fact Zone are surprised by a grassroots movement involving the fans of Stephen Colbert. However, in the past 48 hours I’ve been inundated with people sharing the news, and asking questions, about what has come to represent a huge movement by the Colbert Nation – the “Restoring Truthiness” rally movement.

The idea for a Glenn-Beck style rally for the Colbert Nation started with a post at (which of this post, has received 9,557 up votes and 6,152 down votes):

I was woken in the middle of the night by this(along with the sound of my cat getting ready to pee on the rug).

Think about it. It’ll be just like Colbert’s mockery of GW Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondent’s Dinner, but 500,000 people will be able to participate with him. We’ll all stay totally in character as teabaggers. The kid with the microphone that interviews all the idiots at these things can come by and we’ll ramble into his microphone.

This would be the high water mark of American satire. Half a million people pretending to suspend all rational thought in unison. Perfect harmony. It’ll feel like San Francisco in the late 60s, only we won’t be able to get any acid.

I know you’re out there somewhere, Stephen, watching LOLcat gifs along side us. We need you. There’s no way to have a logical public discussion with the teabaggers. The best we can do is to mimic them. Show them a mirror and hopefully some will realize how ridiculous they actually are… Or maybe they won’t even realize that they’re being mocked, which could be even more awesome.

Within 24 hours, a Facebook page dedicated to the movement was founded.:

My Fellow Americans, this is a dark time in our history, and only one man can bring the light of Truthiness back to Washington. But first we need to bring Stephen Colbert to DC.

So let’s get 100,000 of us here to convince [The Colbert Report] that they should do an event on the DC Mall this Fall.

This movement has caught on so quickly that a fan site has been created in its honor – This is what the Colbert Rally founders have said about the movement:

Do we honestly want Colbert to hold a rally? Definitely. Is this some left-wing agenda driven response to Glenn Beck’s rally? No, but we do want to make a parody of it, and who better to do it then Stephen Colbert. Our goal is to stir people up to be a part of a fun light-hearted movement to NOT take politics too seriously, and have a few good laughs along the way.

The movement has been covered in such online news forums as Crooks and Liars, Huffington Post, the New York Observer, MediaMatters blog, the Comedy Central Insiders Blog and We Love DC. The Newsington web comic has even drawn an adorable little comic strip about it!

Also, just FYI, No Fact Zone has multiple Completists in the DC area. So we could have some seriously kick arse coverage of an event like this. You know, if it actually happened or something. Just sayin’.

Editor’s Note:
The Facebook page has published two mailing addresses for exec producers on the show. I’m not sure if those e-mails are even correct, but even if they are, I feel fully aware that they have been made aware of the movement. Please, Zoners, do not spam members of the ‘Colbert Report’ staff. Thank you.


  1. friedthing says:

    The show’s 5-year anniversary in October seems like a good time for such festivities ;).

  2. Karenatasha says:

    Oh, oh, oh!!!! Brilliant. A must-do. PLEASE, Stephen!

    DB, you’re right: I’m sure that Stephen and the show’s staff is aware of this, and the best way to convince them is to join the FB or other page so that the number of people signed up grows and grows. Annoying them is not a good policy!

  3. That would be an awesome (if slightly late) birthday present for me if that actually happened.


  4. Love the idea – of course! – and it would be great fun in terms of Colbertexposure. However, it’s very easy to get thousands revved up going “yeah, yeah, let’s do it” online, but would it really generate enough physical attendance on the day to be worthwhile?

    Also it would have had to have happened much, much nearer the Beck ‘event’ for maximum satirical effectiveness.

    Still, if it happens, let’s hope Stephen has the balls, unlike Glenn Beck, to stand on the top step!

  5. I thought this was silly the first time I heard about it, but I’m starting to be sold on it. If “the nation” truly played along, it would be the ultimate in satire. And more importantly, annoy the hell out of all the right people.

    I only have one suggestion. Hold the rally on the opposite side of the mall, in front of the Washington monument. This way, he can’t be criticized for standing on the wrong step, it would send a message that he (and we) stand for the opposite of the fools at the Beck rally, and delivering an epic speech in front of an enormous phallic object is just more “Stephen”‘s style. ;)

  6. How many tweets would it take to get this to be a trending topic?

  7. Hey, I’ll be in DC the week of September 20. Can we do it then? :-) I wonder how many people would show, but it would be great! Especially, as Colbaby said, in front of the phallic Washington Monument.

    Restore Truthiness Now!

  8. MaryLovesColbert says:

    I support this cause. :D If Stephen and the Report folks got behind this, it could be an amazing piece of satire.

  9. Just looked at the Newsington web comic linked in the post. I especially like the second panel. How AWESOME would it be if everyone in the Nation wore magic rings that summoned Stephen when we said, “Colbert Nation UNITE!” (Of course, only to be used in emergencies. Like when the show is on break and we need our daily fix.)

  10. lockhart43 says:

    I am totally for this whole idea, I just have no clue how TCR would pull it off. You know they would want to cover it on the show repeatedly, and I imagine they will want to make sure that they do it in the right manner so that it’s satirical and still sincere. So I’m not sure that October 10th would give them enough time – I’m sure they spent more than a month writing and rewriting the WHCD speech. But anyway. Maybe I’m just a downer. ;)

    I do love that this idea started within the Colbert Nation. And regardless of whether or not this happens (and I hope it does happen – it would be absolutely fantastic), I hope they at least talk about it on the show! :)

  11. I cannot even imagine Stephen Colbert NOT stepping up and making this happen. Whether it happens 10.10.10 or .01.01.11, it is gonna happen. And I am soooooooooo thrilled to realize I have to be there this time. So if you’re driving there by way of I-40 through Ft. Smith, Ar…. I’d love to share the expenses for a ride, please, holla. :))

    • Welcome to the site, Lollie! I pass through Ft. Smith constantly, as my mom lives in Van Buren, AR (just got back from there, actually). Gotta be honest – it’s just nice seeing someone who’s even heard of Ft. Smith!

  12. If not an actual rally in DC; fake backdrops with millions of photo shopped people and signs would be and excellent “Special” on Comedy Central!! All stand up comics as speakers…..!!!!

  13. Go to this link to fill in the petition to have Stephen Colbert hold the Truthiness Rally:

    It’s fun, it’s easy, and most importantly, it’s Truthy. Also….

    Here is the FaceBook page for Truthiness:

    Here is the Official Restoring Truthiness Rally web page:

    Thank you,

    DMGenest, S.A. (Satirical Activist)
    Truthiness Correspondent of NH

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