Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist – WTF Emmy 2010 Edition

Stephen Colbert builds a human centipede from the Colbert Report staff (screencap courtesy of

Stephen Colbert’s part in the 2010 Emmy awards, while small, was mentioned all over the Emmy coverage that hit the news cycle this morning. Many praised his efforts as one of the highlights of the evening, and others booed the Emmy voters for not giving him the Emmy that they felt he deserved. We can relate to that sentiment.

So sit back, dig in, and absorb today’s Emmy zeitgeist.

Best of the Emmys

  • Greatest geek moments from the 2010

    “Strangely enough, one of the highlights of the night, besides Ricky Gervais handing out beer to the front row, was Stephen Colbert’s Human Centipede name-check. While accepting his nomination for writing team on the Stephen Colbert Report, the comedian claimed his writing team was “the greatest staff in the world. These people think together, they move together, they act as if they’re one living creature. Or they soon will — once I make them a human centipede.” A collective shriek was heard round the nation when Moms everywhere googled “Human Centipede.” Well played, sir.”
  • Top Moments: Jimmy Fallon, Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais Keep Things

    “10. Best Presentation Patter, Part I: Introducing the best supporting actress in a comedy category, Stephen Colbert announces that the night is all about the ladies. ‘Many of you look lovely tonight,’ he deadpans. Jane Lynch, the winner of the award, goes on to thank her parents for ‘being so unintentionally hilarious.'”
  • Emmy’s 8 Best Moments: ‘Glee,’ Alexander Skarsgard And That Amazing Opening Sketch!

    “Jane accepted her first ever Emmy win by calling it “outlandish,” kissing Stephen Colbert on the lips and thanking her “lord and creator, Ryan Murphy, for creating the role of a lifetime,” and told her fellow castmates, “You’re young, and you’re wonderful and fresh-faced and, when I’m not seething with jealousy, I love you.”
  • The 2010 Emmy Awards Had a Great Host, but Odd PacingTV Squad blog:

    “More good stuff: Even though it felt like the producers were rushing, I did welcome the elimination of the presenter banter. Only people who knew how to do it well — Fey, Colbert, Joel McHale — got to be funny. Even then, they kept it to one or two lines.”
  • 2010 Emmy recap: Party time at AMC,

    “Stephen Colbert, who is funny just walking, comes out to present to the Best Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Comedy.”
  • Horror at the 2010 Emmy

    “But the real horror winner on TV’s biggest night has to be The Human Centipede. In a pretaped nominee video, Stephen Colbert lauded his Colbert Report team as “the greatest staff in the world. These people think together, they move together, they act as if they’re one living creature. Or they soon will, once I make them a human centipede.” As a topper, the text “100% Medically Accurate” appeared on screen as Colbert’s staffers ran in terror”
  • Liveblogging The 2010 Primetime Emmy

    “Stephen Colbert is up to his usual schmarm and manages to overtly underhandedly insult women while exalting them.”

Worst of the Emmys (i.e. WTF, Emmy Voters?!)

  • Emmy Awards: Best and worst momentsNational Post:

    “Love Jon Stewart. Love The Daily Show. Don’t really mind that it has now won eight in a row. But, this year especially, The Daily Show over The Colbert Report? Really? Thankfully, we have Stephen Colbert to look forward to. He’ll be talking about that all week. Just you wait.”
  • What’s behind Emmy surprises? Were voters drunk?LA Times Gold Derby blog:

    “But “The Daily Show” romp, mysteriously, continues. Not even boatloads of Hollywood sentiment behind Conan O’Brien’s “Tonight Show,” the vast popularity of Betty White’s stellar episode of “Saturday Night Live” or Stephen Colbert’s gutsy visit to Iraq in his “Colbert Report” submission could topple “Daily Show.” Why? I don’t have a clue.”
  • VIDEO: Emmy Highlights – Mad Men & Modern Family Among Big

    “It was hard not to feel just a tiny bit awkward during the award for Best Variety or Music Special. When Fallon walked into the audience to sing a song with Stephen Colbert, the camera picked up Conan O’Brien sitting just behind the them, trying his best to look unaffected.”
  • Hey, Jon Stewart: Give back this Emmy for ‘The Daily Show’!Gold Derby blog:

    Pssst! Do you want to know what secret weapon Jon Stewart used to claim Emmy victory for “The Daily Show” as best variety series for an unprecedented eighth time in a row? Roland Martin’s ascot.

    . . .

    That’s it. That is what so wowed Emmy voters to choose “The Daily Show” over “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” (which submitted his historic, heart-tugging farewell episode), “Saturday Night Live” (the Betty White spectacular) and “The Colbert Report” (Stephen Colbert gets a visit via satellite from Barack Obama while Colbert entertains troops in Iraq).

  • Obviously, if such a tepid “Daily Show” entry can beat all that, then it’s destined to continue winning its Emmy category … forever.”

Behind The Scenes at the Emmys

  • Emmy Awards 2010: What the Cameras Didn’t SeeCBS News:

    “Jane Lynch and Stephen Colbert experienced a different kind of physicality, however, after Colbert presented Lynch with her Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. The pair had to be chased down and grabbed by an Emmy staffer when they exited the stage the wrong way.”


  1. Ms Interpreted says:

    The money quote for me turned up in this item I just found a moment ago:

      Finally, we asked [John] Oliver if the streak would end at eight. He wouldn’t answer that but did say: “I don’t think people would mind.”

    Well said, sir (and this from a woman who has come uncomfortably close to crying with laughter while attending one of your stand up gigs).

    • lockhart43 says:

      Ha! Well said, John Oliver. I also like this quote: “We come here, have a little party and then go back home.” That helps remind me that at the end of the day, it’s just a stupid award that really has no basis for how TDS and TCR operate – except for “Stephen,” of course. I can’t wait for another Who’s Not Honoring Me Now when they get back from break!

      • Gratefull says:

        Yes, Who’s Not Honoring Me Now and a Toss, please! *grabby hand*

        Mr. Stewart says that TDS and TCR are the same DNA … two halves of the one hour. Too bad, TCR couldn’t have got custody of the Emmy this year!

        Glad Mr. C got loads of warm & fuzzies from the press. YAAA! Human Centipede, LOL … Tacos for everyone!!

      • Katydidnt says:

        I completely agree–Who’s Not Honoring Me Now AND a toss would be great!

  2. Katydidnt says:

    Apparently another TCR fan decided the best way to express her disappointment was through song…and it made me smile, so I thought it might be worth sharing:

    Apologies for the unwieldy link, but I apparently don’t know how to embed.

  3. Haha, I loved this: “Stephen Colbert, who is funny just walking…”

    Yes yes! A toss, please! And the Atone Phone had best be ringing off the hook this year.

    • Ahhh, yes, The Atone Phone is upon us soon! Better get dialing, Emmy voters…you have A LOT to apologize for this year.

  4. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Thanks for compiling all of the news, this is great! :D

  5. Oh and was it ever revealed why Jon wasn’t there last night?

  6. As a Red Sox fan, I am used to rooting for the underdog and continually being disappointed. From now on, The Daily Show is the Yankees to me.
    I have to agree with the person who said that they should reject the Emmy. The Daily Show is wonderful but it was not better than its competition this year. Jon is a Mets fan, so I assume he hates the Yankees. C’mon, Jon–Don’t become the Yankees. THROW IT BACK! THROW IT BACK!
    Since you are the executive producer on the Report, it’s not like you’ll really lose.

  7. pkyoubuggin says:

    Does anyone know why Stephen didn’t do the red carpet this year? Is the red carpet intended for people breaking out more into the business or something? I am just curious.

    • First: Welcome to the blog, and LOVE your handle! You totally need to get a PK Winsome gravatar to go with that (go to and register, and the picture by your post will change!).

      Second: There are a few red carpet pics (post forthcoming); however, since he was one of the first presenters of the night, I’m guessing that he had to get there super early, so he probably missed a lot of the normal red carpet shenanigans.

  8. Thanks for all the followup DB and MsI I love that John Oliver quote!

    I do think a lot of people are tired of the Emmy voters playing favorites – which they have been doing for decades – and while we can’t do anything about it it’s nice to see that people enjoyed Stephen’s appearance on the show.

    I’d love to see the Emmy voters all have to answer a quiz to prove they watch every show on the ballot! Because I really think they don’t. Stephen is on the same time as Leno (ugh), Dave, and was on against Conan. Sure they should have watched the submitted show tape but did they?

  9. I thought TDS submitted the Glenn Beck episode and not the Ascot one?

    Too bad the shows are off for two weeks, we can’t see their immediate reactions! I hope they would still give time to talk about it during a Toss or a Who’s Not Honoring Me Now segment.

    • Karenatasha says:

      I thought it was the Glenn Beck episode too, with the 15-minute sequence by the blackboard. I have to say, I thought it was brilliant. Needless to say, I think Stephen should have won. But Jon did choose the right episode to represent his best work.

    • They’re just off for one week + Labor Day. They’ll be back on the 7th. :)

  10. Gratefull – “Mr. Stewart says that TDS and TCR are the same DNA … two halves of the one hour.”
    I completely agree with that. I have one favourite show. It is one hour long, and it is called StewartandColbert. It is an awesome show.

    And YES, tacos for everyone! (I may have memorised that speech in case I ever win an award.)

  11. I would have thought the clip showed in the presentation would be from his Iraq show, not for the writing nomination, or couldn’t they have shown any of the Iraqi shows for some obvious military reason? Am I just confused? I did love the whole Human Centipede clip though, brilliant!

    • lockhart43 says:

      I think the TCR staff made that clip specifically for the Emmys. They could have played a clip from the Iraq shows, but my guess would be that since they won the Writing Emmy, Stephen wanted to show off how proud he was of his staff for winning an Emmy (a win that was barely televised), while simultaneously making the clip funny with the Human Centipede bit. :)

      • Thanks for the explanation lockhart, that does make perfect sense. I love how proud Stephen is of his writers. Yay!

      • lockhart43 says:

        You’re welcome! And I love how proud Stephen is of them, too – I love how that Emmy clip included his whole staff, that made me happy.

    • I think including the entire staff in the clip (not just Stephen, or the writers) was wonderfully appropriate. The Iraq shows were amazing, and unprecedented, and there’s no way they could have pulled it off without a staff of such talented and dedicated people. The honor of the nomination goes to every one of them, and I’m so glad to see that highlighted (though I send my condolences on the gruesome fate that apparently awaits them).

  12. I’m sorry to lower the tone here [we Brits can spot a smutty double entendre a mile off], but I can’t get past “Stephen Colbert’s part in the 2010 Emmy awards, while small, was mentioned all over….”! *giggle* Oh, DB!

  13. Mr. Arkadin says:

    That’s terrible! You should be ashamed! ;P

  14. Is it too soon to suggest that TCR nominate the July 7 episode with Steve Carell for next year’s Emmys? Not only was it an amazing show in every way, but the show featured Stephen, Steve and a guest cameo by Jon! The Emmy folks could happily award them all (in a manner of speaking).

    • Karenatasha says:

      No, it’s not too soon at all! I think that show was amazing. Don’t know that it would get Carrell anything, though. Was he credited as a writer on that episode? And does it go to individuals who might participate in a single epidode or only the staff writers? For Best Variety Show, whatever is entered, I think the award goes only to regular staff, since it’s really given for the year, with the submission meant only as an example.

      I think Carrell will still be eligible for “The Office,” though. Did you hear they’re thinking of Harvey Keitel to replace him? I love Keitel, but boy that would be a 180-degree turn!.

  15. Shannon Nugent says:

    Jon already has enough emmys. It’s time for Stephen and Steve to get one. Stephen has a few, but not enough. Steve doesn’t have any. It’s definately time for Steve to get one.

    “From now on happy meals come with zoloft” Good line by Steve.

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