Episode 6110 (8/26/2010) – Richard Engel

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6110 (August 26, 2010)
GUESTS: Richard Engel
SEGMENTS: Fox News Job Opening, Glenn-Livid, You Mosque Be Kidding
VIDEOS: Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, this show made me just giggle. That’s always a good thing. The picture of Stephen as “crazy” Mary Todd Lincoln was just so amazingly silly. It was awesome. The clips department definitely needs to be lauded for their excellent clip collection putting together Glenn Beck’s comparison of himself to Jesus, Martin Luthor King, Ghandi and Howard Beale, and tip of the hat to whichever writer came up with the line about the Mighty Morphin’ Power Martyr.

The pile of New York Posts that Stephen brought out to show the hypocrisy of the New York Post was another brilliant use of props. The mosque segment reminded me again that I really need to watch “The Big Lebowski” – it’s been in my Netflix quie for months. And I very much enjoyed the interview of Stephen with Richard Engel. I immediately noticed that he was wearing his sneakers from the New York Knicks audition. Wonder what that was all about?

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In the same way I may plan to grow a chin-strap beard, marry a girl and go to the ford theater to get shot in the head, but not like Lincoln ... several rows down.

  • Now, according to Garrett, he is leaving Fox News for the national journal because he wants to talk less and think more. So if you’re an unemployed reporter who likes to talk but does not like to think, Fox News is hiring.
  • I feel like a giddy school girl on Christmas Eve the night before I marry Santa.
  • Thanks to Glenn, some beautiful eight-year-old will grow up to be a hatchet-wielding toothless slave owner.
  • 8/28 Is also the birthday of Jason Priestley. You don’t see his panties in a bunch. Though I wouldn’t mind.
  • That is totally different. In the same way I may plan to grow a chin-strap beard, marry a girl and go to the Ford theater to get shot in the head, but not like Lincoln, several rows down.
  • Oh, my God, Glenn’s chalkboard is going to kill him!
  • Glenn’s not just a talk show host, he’s the Mighty Morphin’ Power Martyr!
  • Soon Glenn will be appearing many America’s grilled cheese sandwiches instead of the current arrangement where grilled cheese sandwiches appear inside Glenn. The day of reckoning is upon us, but I am ready, Glenn. Tell me what to do. I will drink the Kool-aid. My Nikes are all laced up. I’m ready to follow you on to your silver freedom spaceship that runs on human tears. I am sure, I am confident that you are about to give the most inspiring, miraculous world-changing speech in human history.
  • Glenn Beck: Two plus Two equals Four! Oh, well in that case I’m going to the Emmys.
  • The plan is working, your majesty. Yes, oh, yes. Sorry, just another moment, this feels good. Spiders on a mirror …
  • Yes, criminal trespissing.
  • So if the combat troops are gone, what troops are left, like improv troops?


  1. I called it! I knew that would be your screen-cap when I saw the show! Too funny. Glenn Beck segments are always the funniest; now, if only they weren’t so depressing… And what’s with 2+2=4?? Beck certainly doesn’t belong at NFZ.

    All kinds of good in this ep – loved The Big L. clips (yes, you must must see it), the Mighty Morphin’ Power Martyr, the NYP front pages.

    BTW DB, did you mean the phrase “the interview of Stephen with Richard Engel.” as the joke I read it as? I’ve never seen Stephen let a guest take such control of an interview… except for ones sitting in his lap. I think Stephen needs a break.

    As for the shoes – are they the Niki’s he plans to wear on Beck’s Freedom Spaceship? He’s been limping all week but wasn’t last night – maybe that’s why?

    • lockhart43 says:

      “Beck’s Freedom Spaceship.” I really wouldn’t be surprised if that was a real thing. But I do love those sneakers, in all their glittery glory, ha!

  2. I had to vote for You Mosque Be Kidding. I’m a huge Big Lebowski fan so it wasn’t even a debate. Fun fact: I am an ordained Dudeist priest.

  3. lockhart43 says:

    Once again, the writers outdid themselves with the Glenn Beck segment. Mighty Morphin’ Power Martyr? That was genius. :)

    As I expected, I really enjoyed the Richard Engel interview. Engel seems like an honest, goodhearted guy. And it was nice to see Stephen jogging to his desk again! Still not as amped up as usual, but I’ll take it. I sure hope he’s feeling better! Even with the busy Emmys weekend, next week’s break really can’t come at a better time.

    Btw, not to be off-topic, but did anyone else catch The Daily Show last night? If you didn’t, I highly recommend it – they had an excellent sendup of Glenn Beck also, as well as a great interview with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      I did see TDS last night. And I would recommended it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I was actually kind of surprised how influenced TDS’ Glen Beck send-up was by TCR, IMHO. Nothing wrong with that. I was just surprised. Their approaches are usually quite different.
      Not to get to far off track. But, my favorite parts of TDS this week has been: Team Evil vs Team Stupid & Team R-word vs Team N-word. Both were fantastic! :D

      • lockhart43 says:

        Team R-word vs. Team N-word was fantastic! They made such a great point with that segment. Both TDS and TCR have been so consistently strong lately, it’s been wonderful.

    • Karenatasha says:

      Yes, I caught those amazing Daily Show segments. All the Wyatt Cenac/John Oliver “Team” showdowns have been absolutely brilliant. And both Jon and Stephen have been laser-focused lately on a couple of major issues–the mosque near Ground Zero, immigation, and Glenn Beck–and they just keep firing shots. It’s leading to some of their very best work and really links the two shows. It’s fun to see how they both handle the same issues so differently even though they share the same basic perspective.

      Plus, I think the stuff with the Saudi moneybags that has been bouncing between TDS and TCR is riotous.

      Sometimes, I wish the Emmys could actually consider them as a block. Jon and Stephen deliver the best one-two comic, parodic punch in the business.

  4. I think Stephen laced on the Nikes in conjunction with his line about being ready to drink Beck’s Koolaid (he showed them off at this point to the camera- but it was hard to see in the red light). Perhaps an added bonus is that they make the walk/jog to the desk more comfortable or bearable w/ his recent injury.

    Stephen makes a good looking Lincoln! I love how he was just taking in the audience last night. Hope it transfers to the Emmys this weekend!

  5. Mr. Arkadin says:

    This was a great show!
    I was glad Stephen mention that horrible attack on the NYC cab driver & linked it to the media generated hysteria of the community center.
    The Mary Todd picture was just wrong! Ha!
    “2+2=4.” And here I was thinking Glenn Beck was an idiot! Boy, do I have egg on my face now! ;)
    Does any one have a “theory” about why, at the end of the GB segment, Stephen was shot in red light?
    @DB: Are you still going to have a reporT on Stephen’s injury?

  6. DB, thanks for the screencap!
    My favorite segment was Glenn Livid. You just can’t make this stuff up (although GB sure tries!). As much as I loved Stephen’s absolutely dead-pan expression after 2 + 2 = 4, the final screen shot of the pennant from the REAL March on Washington was perfection. Does anyone know how to link to the “I Have a Dreamsicle” segment?

  7. I I think the sneakers were a reference to the Heaven’s Gate cult.

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