Episode 6104 (8/17/2010) – Barry Levine

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6104 (August 17, 2010)
GUESTS: Barry Levine
SEGMENTS: Newsweek Ranks the World’s Best Countries, Better Know a Lobby – American Meat Institute, Fox News and Republican Party Make it Official
VIDEOS: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Before I get into the nutmeat of the guide, I just wanted to ask a quick question of the Zoners: Is it just me, or has Stephen been looking really, *really* good lately? Maybe it’s the tan he’s rocking this summer, or maybe he’s dropped a few pounds, or heck, maybe he got himself a fancy New York seaweed and volcanic clay facial treatment just in time for the Emmys or something. But he just looks so amazing this week, so much so that it’s been a bit distracting for the last couple of days.

Did anyone else catch the Superfans reference in the intro to the Better Know A Lobby segment? And could anyone else not stop thinking of Stew the Meat Man during this segment? Stephen hammering the issue of cannibalism of Americans was so wrongly hysterical. At the end, after he had been laboring the point for quite some time, he seemed to drop the “Stephen” voice and be seriously trying to persuade the meat guy that indeed we should be eating Americas. I mean, it’s not a gay thing, it’s a hungry thing – ha! And he seemed genuinely offended that the meat man would, in fact, not eat him.

One of the things that I really like about being in the Colbert fandom is that while his public persona is very open and available, his personal life is just that – personal. You know that when those cameras are off, he’s a respectable Catholic family man, proud of his kids and totally in love with his bride. You’re never going to see him on TMZ with some kind of “exclusive” taped phone conversations, or on Perez Hilton stumbling out of a bar at 5a with a hoochie mama on each arm. I was loving this interview on so many levels. I grew up reading the National Enquirer because my mother used to buy it every single week (she still does to this day). I remember the blue dot, and its appearance about once a year in the tabloid. I was laughing so hard at Stephen’s face when Barry Levine was trying to explain to Stephen that there was no actual dirt to be had on him, which is why he’s never made the cover of the National Enquirer. However, they did managed to mock up a version of Stephen Colbert on the cover of the tabloid, complete with an unflattering picture of Stephen.

What did all of you think about tonight’s episode?

Stephen Colbert on cover of National Enquirer

  • Surprised? Huh?
  • We’re behind Canada. Really?! That country is so lame, their national anthem is “Oh. Canada.”
  • Sweden – their fish are made out of candy. God knows what their candy is made out of.
  • If you’re looking for randy, inexperienced, syphilitic sex partner, Czeck please!
  • I pledge allegiance to the meats of the United Steaks of America. And to the ribeye for which it broils, one bacon, under God, with liver and onions for all.
  • Man, Betsy Ross can cook. That’s a lot of bacon. They don’t skimp on the salt. Someone defibrillate me. That is a baker’s dozen.
  • Who’s pooping on our meat?
  • We’re talking Americans, we’re not talking other people, we’re talking about eating other Americans so we know the quality’s high.
  • So you’re saying that Americans are not delicious.
  • You get a look for these sort of things. And I look at you, and I go hey, yeah, I would absolutely eat you. And that is not a gay thing, that’s a hungry thing.
  • And though they all claim just to be Fox and Friends, everyone knows they’re Fox and friends with benefits. You know what they say – good girls don’t, but Doocey do.
  • How many letters do you get asking for more Harry Hamlin coverage?


  1. Mr. Arkadin says:

    “…no actual dirt to be had on him,…” DB, how can you say that?! Stephen impregnated Sweetness! And I never saw a ring around her barrel? And where’s that baby anyway? INQUIRERing minds want to know! ;)

    • Outrageously, I think NY gun laws still discriminate against man-firearm marriage. As for Baby Sweetness, I expect they’re trying to keep him out of the public eye. Here’s the only photo I’ve seen – totally looks like his dad, don’t you think, especially around the muzzle.

  2. loved the episodes soooo muchhh!! my favorite segment is the “better know a…” they are just too funny. so when i heard the theme music for that segment i literally jumped for joy.
    btw if the national enquirer were to actually have that be next weeks magazine they would sell so many copies they wouldn’t know what hit them!!!

  3. marleygirl84 says:

    I totally agree with you, DB, about how good he has looked lately! When I went to New York a couple weeks ago and got his autograph…..he looked so good in person I didn’t know what to do with myself!!! I could really see the tan, and his hair was absolutely perfect! And he does look a tad bit thinner too, of course that could have been just because he lost his 10 camera pounds.

    Another really great episode, but because I’m a fangirl, it was all eventually outshone by how cute Stephen was in the interview. Smiles galore!!! And once again, he sure likes to eat a lot on his show! It’s never not funny.

    “I went to Dartmouth!”

  4. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Yeah, I would say Stephen has looked really shiney recently.
    The opening two segments were the best. I loved the reprise of Hannity’s madness/fetish mantra about America and the line about the Canadian anthem “Oh. Canada.” was just great!
    Better Knowing anything is almost always pure gold. But I would say last night rose to the “gold, women, & sheep” level! Just great! :)
    The interview was okay. But Levine was trying to hard. That said, I would love to hear more about this all-male school Stephen attended. That really seemed to throw Stephen, & I really loved the expression on his face after hearing that!

    • lockhart43 says:

      I could tell that Levine was definitely pandering to “Stephen” during the interview, and it really bugged me that he kept looking at the camera for some reason. But I enjoyed the interview nonetheless, due in large part to the way Stephen handled it and his great ad-libs. And “Stephen” went to Dartmouth, but if I remember correctly, Stephen went to Hampden-Sydney before Northwestern. :)

      • ITA lockhart43, I was going to vote for the Levine segment but the way he kept looking at the camera just drove me to despair and the urge to slap was rising.

        DB also nailed it on how distractingly handsome SC is looking these days. Still mesmerizing.

        My pick was the meat segment and the whole eating the bacon flag thing, I nearly needed a defibrillator myself from laughing so hard!

        ETA: And hang on, doesn’t Finland have a really high suicide rate or something?

  5. lockhart43 says:

    When I first watched Monday’s show and I saw Stephen, the first thing I said was, “He got a haircut! And that suit looks fantastic.” So that should let you know that you’re not alone in your distraction, DB. He has looked ridiculously good this week. :)

    I totally thought of Stew the Meat Man during Better Know A Lobby, particularly the audio commentary for the SWC movie when Stephen and Amy joke that “meat man” just sounds like code for a woman’s lover in the 1950s, ha. And the Barry Levine interview was really great. The best part was when Levine mentioned the school Stephen went to before Northwestern, and after breaking for a second and deciding how to play the situation, “Stephen” had to pretend like he didn’t know what Levine was talking about. :D
    Oh, and I loved the flag made out of bacon and Slim Jims! I love the Prop department, bless their hearts. :)

  6. Karenatasha says:

    I LOVED the show yesterday so much! But the meat segment had to be my favorite. I don’t know why, but I got the feeling that the guy from the lobby had done everything he could to prepare…and Stephen threw him for a loop, anyway. The cannibalism questions especially were a total hoot, but I thought Stephen was at the top of his game the entire time.

    Re the Enquirer interview: since Stephen asked what he’d actually have to DO to get on the cover, I’d have answered: Have an affair with Jon Stewart! After all, it’s not “Steve Kohl-bert” we’re talking about here, but Stephen Col-bear. After last week’s “Jonathan with the eyes of dead birds,” I think it would have been fun.

    Oh and…yeah, he’s been looking very hot of late. I noticed the hair again.

  7. Ditto on Stephen’s exceptional attractiveness of late – he’s definitely got the bright eyes and shiny coat!

    I thought the interview was surprisingly fun, and I enjoyed how Stephen kept it light while noting that the big “political” stories they’ve broken are really just the same old sex & drugs
    fare (remove Jesse James, insert John Edwards). But the blue energy dot? Really?? Wow.

    Best part was the bit on Stephen’s empty Enquirer file, and the whole Hampden-Sydney/Dartmouth thing. How hard is it for people to remember they’re talking to the character? ;) Stephen cracking up as he said “Nope, you’re thinking of another guy” was just priceless.

    [Also, I think ReCaptcha is trying too hard lately. I’m sorry, but my keyboard has neither Cyrillic nor Greek letters.]

  8. friedthing says:

    That incredulous look Stephen gave the camera when Levine mentioned whatever it was about Matt Lauer was also really adorable :)

    And Stew didn’t even cross my mind, but I did think of Exit 57 for a second when he mentioned Fox and the GOP’s “giant baby”.

  9. MaryLovesColbert says:

    That interview was slightly awkward for some reason, but Stephen seemed to be enjoying himself! And I agree with DB and most of the commenters here – Stephen has looked really great lately. :D

  10. I have to be honest, I haven’t noticed Stephen looking different lately, but that’s because I am always so taken with his looks. I am usually distracted by his good looks so much that I don’t hear a lot of the show. ;-)

    I enjoyed the interview too. I think I know too much about the real Stephen and when people mention stuff that pertains to the real Stephen, I forget that he’s in character too! You never know when he’s going to dial it up or bring it down. I guess Mr. Levine thought he was getting more of the real Stephen.

    Lots of consuming in this episode. I like it!

  11. Again, another show where I enjoyed everything, though I didn’t quite understand the “blue dot” National Enquirer reference – what does it mean again?

    The meat lobbyist interview was also great, though the “meat flag” kind of looked scary to me.

    And the “best countries” segment was a hoot! I knew America wouldn’t be top of the list – and I couldn’t help thinking of Conan and his trip to Finland when the number one country was revealed. I wonder if they watch the Report also there?

    (and yes Stephen does look good!)

  12. Any time Stephen eats in a way to bring on a character break is usually my favorite segment. This episode did not disappoint!

    I finally realized what was so irritating about Mr. Levine, besides assuming he was talking to the real Stephen: He is smarmy!

    Yes, Stephen has been looking wonderful lately, and I can hardly wait for the Fan Girl report.

    • Caoilfhiann says:

      Every time Stephen eats on the show I think, “He really needs to learn how to take little ‘TV tastes,’ “but it’s so funny when he has to continue with the show while trying to get rid of whatever huge bite he’s taken.
      As for him looking particularly good this week, I’m thinking that’s why I tend to watch the show with my glasses off. It makes it easier to concentrate on what he’s saying and not how he looks as he’s saying it.
      I don’t get the blue dot reference, either. I hope it’s covered in the Four Horsemen of the Apopcalypse post.
      I wondered if Mr. Levine was trying to get Stephen to break character by bringing up Hampden-Sydney College. I thought Stephen handled it brilliantly, as usual. Everyone knows it’s that impostor Stephen Colbert that went to Hamp-Sydney and NU, not the one on the Report. Hahaha

  13. Yeah, I’ve noticed Stephen seems to have lost some weight since the break a few weeks ago.
    And I agree with a few of the commenters here, I think Barry Levine was trying too hard, and it bothered me that he kept looking at the camera. And I totally agree with you, DB – I admire the way he purposely keeps his private and professional lives so separate.

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