Do you want the writer and director awards on the Emmy presentation? Make a call!

The I’m With Coco fan group over on Facebook has been spearheading a movement to get the Emmy award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Series back into the main Emmy broadcast. This is the last year that Allison Silverman and Peter Grosz will be eligible for the writer Emmy for the show, and I’d love to hear their name one more time. As fans of the ‘Colbert Report’ shows in Iraq, I’d also love to see James Hoskinson’s work there be honored on the main telecast as well. Here is their advice for calling the Emmy planning offices to get the writers and directors awards back on the air!

CALL John Shaffner’s assistant, Marsha Alexander, at 818-754-2824, using the Talking Points below. Please be POLITE and RESPECTFUL – angry callers are not taken seriously. The clock is ticking on their ability to reverse the decision, so the sooner you call, the better.


  • Your hands are not tied. The Emmys change their content and order every year. If you want to do this, you can make it happen.
  • We want to see the writers and their hilarious “names video,” *especially* this year. And so do millions of other viewers!
  • We are millions of passionate 18-34-year-old viewers, and you are about to drive us away. Do the right thing.
  • As it stands, women and minority writers are marginalized in this year’s telecast. The lack of diversity on television offends and hurts our communities of viewers, who you are about to drive away. Do the right thing.
  • The Emmys are a way to celebrate television on television, and the writers that are writing Jimmy Fallon’s material are the same people who write for Variety, Music or Comedy SERIES. So it’s okay to use comedy writers to make the award show more entertaining, then think it’s OK to NOT celebrate writers?
  • The e-mail portion of the drive has been met with a set of canned responses at first, and then no responses at all. Hopefully with a lot of calls, the Emmy awards will realize that the Emmys are not only for the people who are being honored, but also for the fans who have made the shows successful. And the fans want to see the writer video montages in the main Emmy broadcast, and want to see the directors celebrated for their work.


    1. this sounds awesome i think i’ll give them a call. seriously the award show will be boring without stephen, jon and conan (or is it stephen, jon, and conan ;) )

    2. I’m not from the US so I can’t help you guys out but it would be great if the emmy people gave in to this. The Writing category is the best part of the show!

    3. Rein, you can still email the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and tell them that you want BOTH Variety, Music, and Comedy SPECIALS and SERIES to be included in this year’s telecast. :)

    4. Not from the US either, so I’ll be sending out psychic energy waves to convince the Emmy people. Will try the e-mail too. :D Let’s go, Zoners!

    5. d_train2002 says:

      Hey non-US people, we over at I’m With Coco are still encouraging all international viewers to email the Academy CEO John Shaffner or his assistant Marsha Alexander at these email addresses:

      Please use the talking points above and remember to be POLITE and RESPECTFUL. No angry emails. One reason that the emails may not be getting answered is because we had a template for us to use. If you don’t use the template, there is a better chance that your email will be seen.

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