Episode 6091 (7/8/2010) – Arturo Rodriguez

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6091 (July 8, 2010)
GUESTS: Arturo Rodriguez
SEGMENTS: Modest-Con 2010, Automatics for the People – Ilya Shapiro & Jackie Hilly, Emergency Thought for Food – Candwich Setback
VIDEOS: Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is it wrong to still be worn out from Wednesday’s episode? It was awesome to hear all the screaming from the audience – I wonder how many of those fangirls are Zoners? I know at least one is a Colboard mod, so it was nice to hear Stephen give them the props at the beginning of the show. The “Stephen Colbert” haircut made me laugh so amazingly hard – “blessings and peace be upon my part.” Hee!

I can only imagine how much fanfic the comments about the “mandatory post-show group shower” are going to spurn. And is it odd that I could have listened to Stephen talk about the candwiches all day? “Si Se Puedewich!”

In honor of Stephen’s two-week vacation, we’ve used a tropical theme on our poll for this show. Let us know what your favorite parts and lines of the show were tonight!

The Stephen Colbert haircut is legal in Iran

  • You know, I tell you, what all week I could have used a fan, specifically fangirl.
  • So for our upcoming two-week break, I want to go someplace cooler, and I’m thinking a middle eastern desert, specifically Iran. Now, I’m no fan of its dictator, Mahmoud Ahma – GetKnockedDownButIGetUpAgain – majad.
  • In an attempt to rid the country of decadent western cuts, including ponytails and mullets, which from now on will be known as “business in the front, infidel in the back”.
  • My hair is now legally enforced via Sharia law, blessings and peace be upon my part.
  • Nation, our American gun rights make me more excited than a kid shooting up a candy store.
  • What’s that? I know your father doesn’t like me. We’ll just make sure that at the reception he doesn’t get loaded.
  • Hey, I don’t lose my right to free speech when I’m drunk. Case in point, right now.
  • I’m sorry, I just have some repressed memories that have been resurfacing in the last 15 seconds.
  • We may be further away than we thought from the candwich.
  • PBJ strawberry, PBJ grape and BBQ chicken. I am confident only one of those b’s stands for botulism.
  • Well, the candwich industry has been crippled, folks. Think of all the jobs lost, like the people who make sandwiches, the people who make cans and the people who put sandwiches in cans.
  • How do you say, “yes we canwich” in Spanish?


  1. It was difficult to choose a favorite segment; I’m still woozy from Wednesday’s show. Modest-Con and the interview with Arturo Rodriguez were the best ones, IMO. I would have preferred to skip the handgun interview in favor of a longer interview with Mr. Rodriguez. Nice tropical beach scene on the poll, DB!

    Candwiches = FLURPY

    recaptcha: Then disguise (with a fake tan, perhaps?)


    that is all

  3. leorabk says:

    were there a lot of fangirls in the audience last night or…?
    i wonder if they are going to make a segment of stephen trying to be a farmer. that would be hilarious (kind of reminds me of zoolander trying to work in the coal mines :D)
    anyway i cant believe stephen is already going on another vacation- doesnt he know that i am helpless without a 4 times a week dose of him :( gosh colberT think of me and other fangirls for a change ;)

  4. lockhart43 says:

    I liked the gun-control segment – it’s really a topic that is anything but black and white. There’s an enormous grey area on what should and shouldn’t be restricted, so I appreciate whenever it gets brought up on the show. Though I think I would have preferred a Word instead of the two-person debate on that one. And I can’t even talk about the Candwich for fear of vomiting in my mouth. I do hope they have Stephen’s participation in the “Take Our Jobs” campaign as another Fallback Position; I can’t wait to see that coverage.

    I was starting to wonder when they would be going on a break – as much as I will miss my daily dose of Stephen for the next two weeks, he is long overdue for a vacation, especially with him being under the weather lately. And now both Jon and Stephen will be well-rested when I go to the tapings in three weeks, so that’s a plus. :)

  5. marleygirl84 says:

    I actually voted for Modest-Con just because of the fangirl shout out! That was one of the coolest things ever!

    2-week break? Oh gosh, that’ll be hard, but I know that Stephen could use the rest after being sick, and Jon and the guys (and gals) over at The Daily Show could definitely use it because they are working so hard on their book.

    • I know there were some Colboarders in the audience (and I’m hoping some crossover Zoner gals as well). Have we heard any reports yet from the show? I’m really hoping for a taping report!

      • marleygirl84 says:

        Yeah Meg went for sure and she told us beforehand that she was going to ask for a fangirl shout out. Ask and she shall receive! It made me so happy! She really deserves only the best time possible. Anyway, she hasn’t come back with a report yet, but I know she will.

        • Oh that Fangirl Shout out was just so awesome. I was so excited when Stephen did that. I just want to give a big Thank you to Meg.

  6. I enjoyed the whole show, but voted for the interview because I am sure it will lead to an amazing field piece. Will Stephen come to the field in his suit a la Eddie Albert in Green Acres? Or will he come dressed as a farm worker?

    That fan-girl shout out was very cute.

    Hoping Stephen and co. have a great vacation.

  7. Who knew Sweetness’ dad didn’t like Stephen?!

    I enjoyed the interview and can’t wait to see the inevitable upcoming clips of Stephen apple picking, grape squashing, tractor driving, ditch digging, etc.

    Enjoy the break Stephen & co.! Rest up and enjoy some quality time w/ friends and family–Well deserved!!! We’ll miss you!

    • Karenatasha says:

      I bet Stephen will be spending at least some of that precious vacation time filming segments–including, perhaps, the farm worker one. He really can’t do those when the show is in production.

    • “Who knew Sweetness’ dad didn’t like Stephen?!”
      Especially when he’s “loaded” – what a groaner of a pun! ;)

  8. Stephen will never be short of fangirls, all the flailing can provide a lovely cooling breeze, but he’d be more comfortable if he took his shirt off…did I just write that out loud?
    Is there no limit to the disgusting things that pass for food? *looks for a bucket*
    Very interesting interview with Arturo Rodriguez, one of those ones where you want a longer version. I wonder if Stephen will have pinstripe overalls when he tries his hand at being a farmer?
    We’ll have to bunker down and gather enough Stephen and Jon supplies to last us over the break!

  9. So excited by the fangirl comment – THANK YOU MEG!

    Great episode last night, the interview was interesting and the Modest Con segment was hilarious. Plus, I rather enjoyed seeing Stephen smoking that cigar. :P Just wish the Daily Show piece had gone on a little longer, lol.

  10. Michele says:

    So happy Meg got a shout out! I knew immediately that she was behind that. :-)

    Another show where it’s difficult to pick a favorite segment. I enjoyed the gun control debate and the appearance of Sweetness. Still not old. Also laughed pretty hard at Modest Con 2010. Canwich…. *gag* I hope to see some footage of Stephen as a farm worker. They could have so much fun with that!

    And I’d just like to say how thoughtful it was for TCR to go on break when I’m going on vacation so I won’t miss any shows. ;-)

  11. ColbertGirl27 says:

    I vote for the Fangirl shout-out at the top of the show. He always looks surprised when women respond to his fangirl comments. So cute!

    recaptcha: in clairol

  12. Mr. Arkadin says:

    I loved how the crowd roared for Sweetness like “she’s” a REAL cast member.
    Ha! That even seemed to catch Stephen off-guard. :)
    And the “Dirty Harry” bible verse was great!

  13. DogGoneGirl says:

    Hello, my name is DogGoneGirl and I am a fangirl … do I hear an amen!

    The FanGirl shout out was massive! Meg (a CN Mod) posted about her long awaited trip to NYC and TCR and we were all hoping she would get to ask him a question at the studio. It was just funny and wonderful when he said it as it told us that she had!! Yaa!! Looking forward to a Taping ReporTT … Yaa!

    • Karenatasha says:

      What’s really wonderful about the fangirl shout-out is that we know he was asked to do it last minute, because of Meg’s request–and yet he came up with such a clever line on the spot! He wouldn’t have had time to go to his writers.

      • That fangirl shoutout made my day. That was massive. I really hope that they keep that video as the one that starts playing on the CN website during the 2 week break. (2 weeks? NOOOO) Yeah they need it though.

        I was also thinking how great it was how he incorporated it. Stephen’s improv skills at work. Thanks Meg and Stephen for the shout out. The rest of the show? Oh yeah, there was a whole show after that. ;-)

        The candwiches? Oh MY GOD!!! Who sits there and thinks up this stuff? GOD! I wish he would’ve continued with the Daily Show shower story…maybe later.

        I kinda hope he works in the fields for real and not for the show. How great would that be?

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