Guest Alert: Steve Carell to visit ‘The Colbert Report’

Stephen Colbert is finally going to host one of my favorite potential guests on The Colbert Report: Steve Carell! In the wake of Steve’s multiple returns to The Daily Show — and none to The Colbert Report — since his move to the West Coast, I was starting to feel like Jon was deliberately cockblocking Stephen for this primo guest. Now, at last, we’ll get to see the two Steves, together again. Hooray!

Let’s celebrate with some Klassic Kolbert:

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And here’s a bonus link to the 10 F#@king Years – Even Stevphen compilation. Love!

Tip of the hat to the Late Night TV Page!


  1. That’s great news :) Cannot wait for the interview, they should just do another “Even Stevphen” for fun

  2. colbaby says:


    Carell’s been at the top of my guest wish list for nearly five years. This is going to be epic.


  3. MaryLovesColbert says:


    This is going to be an a-maz-ing interview, I just know it! :D :D :D

  4. jentaps says:

    Yay! This will be epic.

  5. Awesome!!! This is gonna be epic!!!

  6. nerdygirl says:

    It’s hard for me to keep my sailor mouth in check here, but I am so ********* excited about this! I have been dying to see “Stevphen” together again for years.

    PS: I am not really a sailor.

  7. OMG YAY! I can’t wait to see this.

  8. This is so awesome. I’am so looking forward to this next week.

  9. lockhart43 says:

    Yay! I am so excited for this! I cannot wait to see it. :D

  10. TruthPower says:

    I am so happy now. I was hoping this would happen. Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. Gratefull says:

    *happy dance*

  12. TruthPower says:

    Now we so happy we do The Dance of Joy!!!!

  13. Karenatasha says:

    Do we know exactly when this historic rematch is taking place? ;-)

    • lockhart43 says:

      I checked the Late Night TV Page – it says he will be on the show on Wednesday July 7th. :)

  14. One of my dreams is coming true! And thanks, Ms I, for including one of my all time fav segments of these two together! Pure Love! I hope Steve gets a double segment like Tom Hanks did his last time on.l

  15. jbirdNZ says:

    Oh joy! Serious fangirl squeeing going on here…

  16. YES!!! This’ll be awesome! It sure seemed like Jon was hogging Steve and BriWi (Although I don’t mind him always getting BriWi, they’re awesome), but Steve vs. Stephen would most likely be an awesome, improvised… actually, there’s no telling what they’ll come up with! That’s why its awesome! :D

    Quick note: At the moment, on the TDS site, there’s no guest listed for that Wednesday, yet. Does that mean there’s a slight chance that Steve’ll be jumping from TDS to TCR, like Al Gore did? Or ever better, something beautiful in the form of a Toss?

    • lockhart43 says:

      Or ever better, something beautiful in the form of a Toss?”

      Ohhh one can only hope…*fingers crossed*

  17. Lordy, this is going to be amazing, wonderful, epic! What other words are like amazing, wonderful, epic?

    *runs off to find thesaurus* Hmm, there seems to be a picture of Steven and Stephen in place of words that are like amazing, wonderful and epic. :D

  18. 4 words: It’s about f#@*ing time!

    (ponders delightfully at what they will do)

  19. OK, this is one time I’m really sorry I can watch TDS & TCR online only .
    I don’t know if I can stan waiting until the next morning to watch.

    Are any Zoners going to be at the taping?

    recaptcha: so hoarsest (what I’ll be after a marathon squee-fest!)

  20. jbirdNZ says:

    Just rewatching while waiting for the break to be over. I just love this exchange:

    Stephen: In this next piece of tape-

    Steve: Let’s really -let’s not

    Stephen: Oh no no no -let’s… Oh, do let’s.

    Subtle and cracks me up every time.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I love that part too! I love that he adds “Oh, do let’s” at the end. It’s hard to make that clip any funnier than it already is, but that little ad-lib just makes the whole thing. :)

      • That “Oh, do let’s” is so inspired and classic. I even tried it out on my 7 year old daughter the other day. Not *quite* the same impact, but I like to throw random Stephenisms around the place. Keeps me, at least, on my toes!

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