VIDEO: DEVO performs “Whip It” during ‘Colbert Report’ soundcheck

You probably noticed that DEVO was on The Colbert Report last night. You probably guessed that they did a bit of a rehearsal and soundcheck on the set of The Report before the show. And you’re probably familiar with their 1980 single, “Whip It”.

Watch it all come together in this video … and look for a familiar, bespectacled face to make an appearance toward the end of the clip.

(You can also check out DEVO’s Colbert Report soundcheck and rehearsal of “Fresh” here.)


  1. Fan Tas Tic!! 30 years on (ack!), and they’re still rocking it. Go Devo!

    What I wouldn’t give for a DVD of soundchecks and rehearsals for all the great bands that have been on the show.

  2. I just time-traveled back to the ’80s. I can still picture parts of the video for “Whip It,” which probably means I watched way too much MTV back then.

    • I time-travelled back to 1980, singing along like a loon!

      Seems I’m not the only one, Recaptcha tells me: Luisa would :D

  3. Gratefull says:

    It is humbling to see Mr. C introducing himself …

  4. lockhart43 says:

    I love that he used his full name to introduce himself, as if they didn’t already know who he was. So incredibly nice and cordial, and unbelievably adorable. :)

  5. Coquette says:

    I just wish someone had sneaked video of The Mountain Goats doing their extra song (This Year) w/ Stephen singing. Aww.

  6. Nooooo, it’s gone. :(

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