Episode 6077 (6/15/2010) – Carl Safina

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6077 (June 15, 2010)
GUESTS: Hanna Rosin, Carl Safina
VIDEOS: Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You know, the more I hear about the “oversight” of offshore drilling, the more upset I become.  It’s such a dangerously cynical mix of corruption, laziness, and strategic exploitation of legal loopholes.  A Swiss-owned rig, leased by a British company, operating in US territorial waters, and it’s under a Marshalese flag of convenience in order to skirt inspection regulations? It’s times like these I especially appreciate how deftly Stephen and the writers raise pointed issues, while coating those very bitter pills in sweet, sweet humor.

I’m all for the sharp satire, but I love a bit of physical comedy, too, and Stephen shimmying out of his boxers (with his pants still on!) was silly as all get out.  Someone needs to lay a dance beat over those moves!  To men who find that particular female talent amusing, I say:  you just try wearing a bra all day, and see how quickly you learn to get out of the darn thing.  And the microwave as the modern implement of bra/boxer burning? Wonderfully absurd.

I thought both interviewees did quite well – interesting topics, good banter, lots of information.  The idea that men may be falling behind women has become quite a concern in higher education in recent years, so I was interested to see Hanna Rosin’s take on the situation.  I thought Carl Safina made some great points about regulation and the role of government, and I was pleased that Stephen chose to let him have the last word.  I’ll definitely be checking out more of their work.

What were the highlights of  tonight’s show for you?

Shimmy shimmy!

  • Are men an endangered species, and if so, can I no longer hunt them?
  • Lesbians raise well-adjusted teens who don’t misbehave, and that proves it’s unnatural.
  • Teenagers are supposed to be cryptic, angsty, mumble-mouthed narcissistic alienated mood-swinging reclusive cynical hormone junkies who go through vampire phases and are mortified to be seen with their parents even when you take them someplace awesome like the Grammys.
  • If they’d been raised by lesbians, they’d have been Alexander the Relatable, Joan of Accounting, and Regional Manager Tut.
  • Men can focus!  I focus like a laser beam… hey, my pen has a little boat on it.  Jimmy, let’s get me a gross of these and I’ll hold a regatta.
  • Hey ladies, you want a girl that bad, go to China. Every checkout counter has a ‘Take a daughter, Leave a daughter’ tray.
  • Why is that laughable?  Why would you not leave your infant alone with an unemployed man?
  • How long before a woman is crowned People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive?
  • I heard the oil is haunted by the ghosts of the dinosaurs it used to be.
  • Four to eight hours? Look, I’m no fan of regulation, but I believe an oil rig inspection should last longer than a Phish concert.
  • I say we nuke ’em. What’s that? We did? Testing our H-Bombs? 67 times in 12 years? Then clearly this oil spill is revenge.
  • That’s why you don’t see Successory posters that read “Give Up, You Have No Control”.


  1. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Wonderful show! I loved the shimmying best. A truly LOL moment.
    Given the subject matter of the 1st interview, I was hoping Stephen would mention again his fear that an army of women (lead by Hilary of course!) were out to capture men & steal their sperm to make lesbian demon babies! Seemed like the right time to bring that up again too me. ;P
    Thanks for filling in for DB, wren. Superb job.
    I was starting to get the shakes! :}

  2. Good show! My favorite part of Stephen’s interviews is when he is so taken aback by what the guest has said that it sparks a genuine reaction. Sometimes it is a shocking or absurd statement but usually it is random. When Ms. Rosin told Stephen (after he asked to be remembered as “one of the good ones” when women have total control) “You will be the righteous mantile” and he stopped himself and just flashed that grin- it was like a moment of pure unexpected joy!

    Thanks for pinch-hitting wren!

    • Karenatasha says:

      So true about that genuine reaction! That was one of my favorite moments, too. (Although him shimmying out of his underwear really had me laughing.)

  3. Thanks for the excellent guide, Wren! I was incapacitate this morning by a healthy dose of medication for a backache, so I wasn’t able to get up in time to do a guide this morning. Thanks again for helping the site. Also, excellent screen cap! Can’t wait to watch the show!

  4. Am i shallow for thinking when he decided to shake his way out of his boxers I thought to myself ‘what a gyp?’

  5. friedthing says:

    Can somebody explain the “righteous mantile” comment for me? I don’t understand!!

    • I think she was trying to be creative with a title to give Stephen since he wanted to be known as “one of the good ones” and she started with “…righteous man…” and ended the title with -tile. I think it may be a case of drawing a blank (my friends and I call it a brain-fart!) That’s my understanding anyways…I could be off! :)

    • I believe it’s a play on “righteous gentile.”

  6. MaryLovesColbert says:

    That shimmy of his was something to behold. ;P

  7. Sounds more like a reference to the righteous gentile, the name given to non jews who helped the jews to escape the holocaust. Well known term.

  8. lockhart43 says:

    Love that screencap, wren! Thanks for filling in for the episode guide, much appreciated! :)

    YAY for a Toss last night, finally! For some reason, it’s always hilarious when Stephen pretends like he’s too important to know who Jon is, lol.

    The “End of Men” topic was such a perfect one for “Stephen” to tackle, and I loved the Hanna Rosin interview. I smiled at the “righteous mantile” comment, but mostly because of Stephen’s giant grin right after hearing it. I’m with luvtcr – that was definitely a moment of pure unexpected joy. :D

  9. The whole Testoster-ruin segment was brilliant and the shimmying was just the absolute icing on the SC-cake. I can imagine a few gifs being made of that!

    My reCaptcha: comical three. Reminds me of the recent thing with SC, Conan and JS on stage -yay!

  10. Oh, Stephen. No red, white, and blue boxers? For shame! Also, shame on you for dissing your own daughter. You know she’s going to write angsty poetry about this someday…

    The Testoster-ruin segment and interview were a joy to watch, and the ever-labyrinthine oil spill story grows stranger by the day.

    The Toss was YAY!

  11. Michele says:

    I loved the “righteous mantile” comment and his reaction! Both interviews were very good and interesting.

  12. I was there for this taping it was a great experience!! i actually got to ask Stephen a question, I asked him if his ‘signature’ dance move (hands up, spinning) had a name. He said no and asked if I would like to name it I was not prepared with a name so he asked me for my name and named the move the Wilkinson after me!! Seeing the toss in person was great too Jon and Stephen talked about their kids before the toss it was cute seeing them both just chatting!!

    • lockhart43 says:

      That’s awesome that he named it after you! I’m definitely calling that move The Wilkinson now, as in, “Stephen sure does a mean Wilkinson.” :P

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