Episode 6076 (6/14/2010) – Stephen Prothero

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6076 (June 14, 2010)
GUESTS: Stephen Prothero
SEGMENTS: Smokin’ Pole, Who’s Not Honoring Me Now/Who’s Honoring Me Now
VIDEOS: Monday, June 14, 2010

Yay, another week of new shows! It really never gets old. Stephen screaming “GOOOOOOOAL!” is always amusing, especially because “Stephen” professes so much disdain for soccer. I think he just likes an excuse to yell really loud. And while Stephen was trying to be silly with his comparison of Britain’s pensions to Pea Paw getting oil on his Florida shows, he’s kind of got a pretty serious point – while the pension problem is a very sad thing for many people who are losing their retirement, the oily mess is a catastrophic environmental disaster worthy of at least a little criticism.

Stephen openly weeping is never not funny, even if it’s just Acting! (Genius! Thank you!) And when I saw the story about Rain winning the Badass award, I was seriously amused at how many articles described Rain as “that guy who had a dance off with Stephen Colbert”.

I always enjoy any guest that is discussing religion because Stephen always brings his best game. Stephen Prothero really did his best to hold his line and not let the silly steamroll over the discussion, and the balance between serious and silly was just about perfect for this interview.

What did all of you like the most about tonight’s show?

See? I can act!

  • It is the biggest British mess to hit our shores since Amy Winehouse.
  • You know what else is heating up? Our pelicans’ eyeballs.
  • supercalifragilisticexpiali-suck it!
  • But I don’t give a flying shepherd’s pie about your pensioners. What about our pensioners? Your oil has washed up on Florida, and it’s getting on my Pea Pop! Now I’ve got to go down there and scrub him with dishwashing liquid.
  • English muffins are now Freedom Muffins. And Brit Hume is now Free Hume. You’re welcome, Free.
  • We are going all the way … to the next game.
  • I’m the only one excited here. No, don’t humor me.
  • Yes kids, he’s real. And he’s crazy!
  • We cannot let these fall into the hands of the Canadian military. For them, a 1000 year old ground squirrel snare is a huge leap in weapons technology.
  • And you don’t want to be on your knees in Canada. It’s covered with ancient caribou dung.
  • Mr. Freeze, Ice-second that motion.
  • By the way, the world’s second largest ice breaker? Every factory in China.
  • See, I can act.
  • It was a veritable Who’s Who in who’s in Twilight.
  • And now he wins for Ninja Assassin? Clearly [Rain] only won the Badass award because the movie has the word Ass in the title twice, and was bad.
  • But you know who you didn’t see in that clip? Me. Who’s the better ninja now?
  • No big deal, my name is in the dictionary. Now I can just sit back and let those royalties roll in. Why do you think they call it Coining a phrase? Cha-ching!
  • Any way I want to say it? Smith.
  • Let’s go with Yes, it makes me seem smarter.


  1. lockhart43 says:

    First off, that screencap is priceless! I loved that “See? I can act.” comment. And Stephen shouting “GOOOAAAALLLL!!!!” is always going to be funny.

    As soon as I heard about Rain winning an MTV Movie Award, I was hoping Stephen would mention it, and he didn’t disappoint. Though my favorite part of the show was the interview, I really enjoyed it. Prothero was able to hold his own and provide some great answers to Stephen’s (as always) great questions, and the discussion was very interesting.

  2. Gratefull says:

    I had heard about the English fumble (to mix sports). It was sooo funny to watch Stephen weave that shot back into again and again. GGGOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL! Makes you cringe for the poor goalie. It isn’t funny if it isn’t true!

    Totally stoked about “Truthiness” being in the dictionary with the Colbert citation! YYAAAAaaaaaaaaaa

  3. I now have a hankering for Freedom Muffins – though I don’t think that was “Stephen”‘s intention!

  4. karenatasha says:

    Loved the soccer (or football to the rest of the world) routine, and am always glad to see someone launch one at BP. Re his disdain for soccer: it may well be true, but I have a funny feeling he also enjoys it as a tiny poke at Jon, who played college soccer and funds a scholarship. (Just as I think Jon relishes the South Carolina routines he gets to do every time something weird goes down in that state. Which is all the time.)

    Also enjoyed the Rain reference, especially since that dance-off is one of my fave routines.

    And congrats to him on the dictionary citation! Wonder if he ever imagined that was in store for him when he started the show.

    By the way, did anyone catch what Stephen said to Prothero after the interview? It was louder than usual, but I missed it.

    All around, a great show.

    • friedthing says:

      I think it was just “Thank you so much.” But I could make up something more exciting if you want :)

      • Karenatasha says:

        Ha! No need. As long as I didn’t miss anything. Stephen’s not usually that loud once they cut to commercials.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I like to think that every time they get ready to make fun of South Carolina on The Daily Show, Jon calls up Stephen to rag on him about how crazy his home state is, hahah.

      And I had no idea that Jon funds a scholarship for soccer, that’s really great.

      • Karenatasha says:

        Either before, or after the show! It’s interesting. I do wonder how much they discuss things, given that they’re both on crazy schedules.

        Re the soccer scholarship: I read that in an interview, and don’t know if he still does fund it, but I bet he does. That’s one reason I’ve been having such fun with him and John Oliver as the World Cup continues.

        • lockhart43 says:

          I’m loving the World Cup coverage too! John Oliver is really the closest thing TDS still has to Stephen. The banter is there with Jon and John, like it was with Stephen (John consistently telling Jon to go f*** himself is the equivalent of Stephen challenging Jon to a duel during the 2004 election, ha). I love the continuous back-and-forth between him and Jon, like in last night’s segment where Jon was mocking him for England’s 1-1 tie with the US. That “you’re right – no one is better than England at not beating the United States” line was hilarious!

        • Mr. Arkadin says:

          Your 100% right about Oliver being the closest thing to Stephen TDS has. :)
          And thank God he showed up too! IMHO after Stephen left & before Oliver showed up whenever Jon went to a correspondent I would just cringe! Remember when they try to keep doing TWIG. Without Stephen!!!!! *Shakes head in disbelief* :(

        • lockhart43 says:

          :) Exactly. I loved Rob Riggle and Rob Coddry, but there wasn’t that fake anger and willingness to get back at Jon. Whenever Jon would suggest that Stephen was wrong or show him up at something, Stephen would retaliate and it was always hilarious. With John Oliver, I feel like they actually have that again.

        • Mr. Arkadin says:

          Yeah, both Stephen & John have that same aggrieved, anger that they aren’t hosting the show. Because Jon’s keeping them down! ;)
          recaptcha button: revolver said. Look out Jon! Sweetness is loose! HaHa!

  5. Mr. Arkadin says:

    I like the first two segment quite a bit. Freedom muffins & Free Hume were great! And it’s never not cool to bring up “truthiness” or Rain! *Fist shake*
    However: Did anyone else notice that when Stephen ran over to do the interview, he gave the audience the Nazi salute!? I’ve watched it now five times & he really does! For a second afterwards he has a little smile & an expression on his face that seems to say “What am I doing!” Ha! It’s really weird &kind of funny. :P
    I’m not in anyway suggesting that Stephen’s a Nazi of course. But I am wondering if any Zoners were present & if there’s a back story to this? He also looked rather weary going down the stair. So maybe he was just having a brain cramp.

  6. dodgerblu31 says:

    This was the first episode I have been able to watch in a month!! I have been going through major withdrawals, and this was a great episode to come back to. Everything was great, Stephen screaming GOALLL!! and crying over a Tony were priceless. But then you throw in an old-school RRAAIINNN!!! scream and this episode becomes classic.
    It was also fun to see his genuine delight about being put in the dictionary. Wasn’t there a joke about him having pasted himself in the dictionary before? No longer necessary!

  7. The dictionary bit reminded me of the olden days when the Nation was printing and pasting



    DB, Can you please put the ReCaptcha above the Send! Button, I keep forgetting to fill it out first since it comes last.

    • marleygirl84 says:

      That happens to me too! The Recaptcha thing. I forget to fill it out and I lose my message.

  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but there’s apparently a Discovery Channel documentary about Rain, and Stephen Colbert appears very briefly at the end of part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPcr0MuWLpQ&NR=1) and beginning of part 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLk8iHRH4MI&feature=related) to share some thoughts on Rain’s visit to the Report. Pretty cool.

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