Spoiler Alert: Go Knicks!

Check out this picture that just showed up on the Knicks City Dancers page!

Stephen Colbert with Knicks City Dancers

Look who stopped by the MSG training center to hang out with the Knicks City Dancers! Stephen Clobert shot a feature with the KCD and Allan Houston for an upcoming episode of The Colbert Report. Stay tuned for the air date.

And may I be the first to say, how hilariously adorkable!

h/t Grace


  1. Laaaura says:

    Oh my… lmao! He’s clearly the sexiest one.

  2. That. is. hilarious.

    It’s too bad the knee pads are covering up those great legs!

  3. Michele says:

    LMAO! I can’t wait to see that one!

  4. ajf;lkajsd;glkaj;lsdgj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and a;slkgj;lkjsagjdsa;lkg;ih;alkjhglk!!!!!

    Lord help me.

  5. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Oh…my dear Lord. This is going to be fun!! :D

  6. Cute shoes! This is going to be hilarious – I love it when Stephen does Fallback Position (or equivalent) field pieces. Sooooo funny!

  7. Gratefull says:

    LOL … that is tooo funny … does the man have no sense of embarrassment? Wow, spandex should pay him royalties … he sure makes it look goood!

  8. LMAO!! Spandex must work on Stephen the way Spanx attempt to work on me! Those shoes are very patriotic- I wonder if Nike is ready for the instant demand after this segment airs?!

    I’ve said it before- the man can make anything look good! But, he’s the only one not displaying any cleavage! ;)


      The man is gloriously ridiculous. <3

  9. He looks good. I feel like he’s gonna start dancing like a Rockette any second now as he stands in that position.

  10. TruthPower says:

    “Stephen Clobert”. Typo. Haha. I love this new feature. Great work DB.

  11. OMG, how freakin’ ridiculous is that!! And by ridiculous, of course I mean cute and hilarious at the same time. The pose is perfect. I am so looking forward to seeing this on the show!!

  12. I love his shoes! :)

  13. friedthing says:

    How does he manage to look cute in an outfit like that? It’s atrocious! He has some mysterious, innate power over funny costumes.

  14. lockhart43 says:

    Thank God for Stephen. I can’t think of any words to describe this picture because I’m laughing too hard! :D

  15. This just gets more hilarious every time I look at it. Thanks for the look – can’t wait to see the Fallback Position segment!

  16. Mr. Arkadin says:

    That blonde on the right sort of resembles Lara Logan! I guess Lara needs a Fallback Position too. ;)

  17. jentaps says:

    OMG, this is so great! I can’t wait for this segment to air. Is there anything that the man won’t wear?

    Pure fun.

  18. So I love Colbert but he does look like a total dork here. Better than being a douche and checking the girls out or something though.

    I wonder if Colbert did “boot camp” with the dancers, lol. http://nyknickscitydancers.com/photos.aspx?galleryId=97

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