Episode 6073 (6/8/2010) – Mark Frauenfelder

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6073 (June 8, 2010)
GUESTS: Mark Frauenfelder
SEGMENTS:Barack Obama on “Whoomp! (There It Is)” video?, The WØRD: P.R.-mageddon, Who’s Watching the Watchdog?
VIDEOS: Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In the summer of 1993, I was 22. I had just gotten my early college graduation present, a 1989 blue Chevy Corsica, from my parents and was about to start my senior year in college. And I can remember cruising around Commerce, TX with the windows down singing “Whoomp! There it is!” (the Tag Team version, not the inferior predecessor by 95 South) and loving life. In hindsight, I really think Tootsie Roll had a more lasting impact on the early-90’s Booty Jam genre, and I’m sad that Rump Shaker didn’t really have any lasting power, but Whoomp! was still a masterpiece for its time. Stephen playing the “Whoomp!” video and rapping about Pop that Coochie brought me back to a simpler time, a time where the world was mine and the radio was awash with misogynistic rap songs. Well, it kinda still is, but just go with me on this one.

It seems like forever since we had a WØRD segment, and this one didn’t disappoint. BP’s CEO is such a douche, and for him to think $50M worth of ads was going to clean up his image even a little bit is mind-boggling. I think Stephen made a very valid point – is the company using Tony Hayward as a focus point for all the hate? Probably. Oh well, maybe if he gets fired he’ll get his life back.

Stephen in the Consumer Reports labs was like watching a kid in a candy store. The way that way Maxine/Larry whimpered “Please don’t put aluminum foil in the microwave” was hysterical. But the moments that I adored the most were the ones where he was being calm, straight faced, and totally unreasonable, like when he asked about the nuts and then casually mentioned his “nut allergy.” And I got tears in my eyes with laughter when Stephen started singing to Jim/Larry in the testing lab/parent’s basement.

I, um, kinda spent too much time watching 90’s booty songs while writing this post and didn’t have a chance to watch the interview before I had to leave for work. Please do your own commentary about the interview in the comments to let me know what I missed. (Don’t worry, I’ll watch it when I get home.) Thanks!

I know this much is true ...

  • This is not what the White House needs right now. They’re looking at a summer of Jake Tapper asking Robert Gibbs “Did the President also pop that coochie, pop pop that coochie?”
  • Because right now, from a PR perspective, it’s as if BP sold Cadmium-tainted Shrek glasses to a Gaza bound floatilla while cheating on Sandra Bullock with Joran van der Sloot. And then date raped a sea turtle.
  • They also bought the search terms poison sh*t storm, shellfish holocaust, and date raping a sea turtle. [Also Title Of Lost Spongebob Special]
  • It makes sense, because only BP has f**ked more people than Tiger Woods. [Both In Trouble For Unsafe Drilling]
  • On that last one, he was actually quoting a pelican.
  • He’s like a living, breathing, box of baking soda. [Harm and Stammer]
  • Southwestern, I’m not sure if it crosses the border, but I’d check its papers.
  • It’s ALIVE!
  • There’s no nuts in any of these, are there? Because I have a serious nut allergy.
  • Now do you soil yourself?
  • Let’s say I killed a drifter with a dinner plate …
  • I’d like to hear “I’m sorry.”
  • I liked this Larry.
  • I had learned far more than I needed to know.


  1. Gratefull says:

    His commentary on BP is clearly too close for comfort for BP. Kudos to Mr. C and the writers.

    The ConsumerReports piece had me ROTF. … very funny and extraordinarily annoying all at the same time … when he makes people apologize …aarrhhhh! *headshake* … they were really good sports! Loved the “parent’s basement” couch moment … LOL

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  2. Michele says:

    I was 26 in 1993 and listened to my cassettes (yes, I said cassettes) much more than the radio but I still remember Whoomp! pretty clearly. I love how an old song can bring back so many memories!

    I really loved the Word! I don’t see how BP can truly recover from all this even if they do fire Tony Hayward. That’s my hope anyway.

    The Consumer Report segment made me laugh so hard! I loved how the guy responded, “The Bosch over there.”, to Stephen’s question about which machine would clean everything off if he killed a drifter with a dinner plate. LOL! But Stephen singing to the guy in the “basement” was just hilarious. The guy played along really well too.

    The interview was fun. Frauenfelder brought out some gadgets and I laughed at the one that just turned itself off and that was it’s only function. I don’t really remember any specific lines from it though.

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  3. I love that they added “SCILF” to the opening credits. I loved “Who’s Watching the Watchdog?” Stephen in a labcoat is love!! I can’t decide which I like better; Stephen saying crazy things whilst being dead serious or Stephen seranading Larry and putting tin foil in the microwave. Another great Word segment, as usual. Everytime I see that guy from BP, I can’t help thinking he looks just like Michael Sheen.

    Did anyone else notice that Stephen was wearing a different watch tonight?

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  4. lockhart43 says:

    The Word was really great, but I absolutely loved Part 2 of the “Who’s Watching The Watchdog” segment! I laughed so hard when Stephen started serenading Larry (Joe), and I was instantly reminded of Stephen at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. The tin foil in the microwave was really funny, too. (It’s ALIIIVEE!! haha)

    The interview with Mark Frauenfelder was really fun. I liked all of his cool little gadgets, and I loved the smile on Stephen’s face when he asked Frauenfelder if he was an elf. :)

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  5. nerdygirl says:

    I adored the cigar box guitar that Frauenfelder played — coincidentally, I am taking on that very project this weekend. I just hope mine turns out as nice as Mark’s.

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  6. Ms Interpreted says:

    I seriously want that “useless” machine. It’s a through and through delight.

    Oh, and there’s a set of backstage photos from Mark Frauenfelder’s visit to The Colbert Report here, if anyone’s interested in browsing them.

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    • Ooh! Paul Dinello was a total easter egg in those photos! It’s also cool to see all that fan art up on the walls at the studio.

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      • Ms Interpreted says:

        I know, isn’t it great? Paul makes me … almost angry, really, because he simply does. not. age. So unfair! But it’s great to see such a huge grin on his face, and knowing that he’s back at The Report — even if only behind the scenes — has put a smile on my face many a time.

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        • Michele says:

          So lovely to see Paul Dinello behind the scenes again. Maybe Tad will make an occasional appearance. He doesn’t seem to age does he? I wonder if he has an oil painting in his attic…

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        • LOL! I thought the same thing about the oil painting!

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    • MaryLovesColbert says:

      Thanks for posting the link to these! I love that the one crew member’s laptop has a “Colbert Report” logo in the corner! And – omg, Paul Dinello!!

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    • marleygirl84 says:

      Thank you for posting the link!!! I think it’s really great that he took a picture of some of the fan art Stephen and the show has received over the years. I thought of that as the interview was going on, when Stephen mentioned that handmade stuff has a part of a person’s soul in it and just can’t be thrown away.

      And it was wonderful to see Paul!!!! It’s great to see that they still hang out/visit each other when possible. I really hope when Amy does press for her new book that she’ll come on TCR and maybe something great can happen, like with the tumbling :D

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      • lockhart43 says:

        I would love to see Amy Sedaris on the show again! And it would be fantastic if Paul Dinello were involved in that somehow, of course. I just love the way the three of them interact with each other.
        *fingers crossed*

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    • lockhart43 says:

      Paul Dinello! That makes me happy that he’s still there. And you’re absolutely right – the man hasn’t aged a bit.
      Thank you SO much for the link!

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  7. The writers were on fire last night–very good job! Was all ROFLMAO.

    Consumer Reports shenanigans were also very silly, and I completely geeked out when he started talking about Elves during the interview–that lucky lucky guy!

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  8. MaryLovesColbert says:

    The Consumer Reports bit was so much fun and so hilarious! I loved when he started singing to the final “Larry.” XD The whole show was just a bundle of fun.

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  9. All I can say is Stephen has got some smooth moves. I feel like that move was pulled on me in a similar surrounding sometime during middle school (perhaps with the same song now that I think about it!)–only the boy wasn’t as adorable as Stephen!

    Loved the tinfoil in the microwave- I’ve also used a cd- to the same effect!

    I want to see more from the Consumer Report segment–you know they’ve got oodles of footage. I love Stephen run amok!

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  10. Being of a certain vintage, Whomp (there it is), completely by-passed my radar. However, I was happily transported back to 1982 with True during the Who’s Watching the Watchdog segment.
    The W0rd was text-book stuff, kudos to the writers!
    I also loved Mark Frauenfelder gadgets, the Turn Itself Off box reminds me of the old skeleton in a coffin money box.

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  11. lockhart43 says:

    I was just reminded of this when I watched the episode again tonight – did anyone else notice that at the end of the Mark Frauenfelder interview, Stephen sounded like a combination of a blues show host (which was what he was going for) and Linda Richman, Mike Myers “Coffee Talk” character from SNL? That had me laughing so hard!

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  12. Seriouy, serious LMAO at the serenade in the Watchdog Report -who of us wish we were that ‘Larry’?

    My re Captcha: lechery to, mmm…

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  13. Mr. Arkadin says:

    I loved Stephen lip syncing Spandau Ballet. That was great! I hadn’t heard that tune in years. New wave wimp rock rules!
    That interview was so massive. The look on Stephen’s face while listening to Frauenfelder tell the story about the lightening fallen tree & making a spoon (SPOON!!!!! Sorry. I miss The Tick.) was just priceless. :]

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