Fangirl Suit Report: Vancouverage Suitage

colbert_olympic_HandsomenessSo, Zoners, over break let’s take a look back. We didn’t post these the week they happened so here we go for a trip down memory lane. As Stephen will tell you, a critically important part of being an Olympian is looking great! We all know, like when in Iraq, he wore basically the same outfit each day in Canada, perhaps to cut down on the luggage. Still, there were other stellar looks that we will share. Welcome to the 1st part of a *mumble* part Vancouverage series.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The marvelous US Olympic Team Red/White/Blue Polo Cardigan, white shirt (guessing barrel cuffed), red striped tie and white pants with 2010 down the leg and hiking boots.


And of course his marvelous Vancouverage “Stephen riding the Eagle to Defeat the World!” in a black suit, white barrel cuffed shirt with different red striped tie AND laurel crown (should wear that more often!).


In the interview with Ujjal Dosanjh, he wore a dark suit with a striped shirt with barrel cuffs and a red striped tie.


In the interview with Shaun White, great shot of the hiking boots and snazzy brown leather chairs.


And trivia point: the rug appears to be the same one that was on the wall behind Stephen when he was passionately and anxiously awaiting his figure skating scores (see FSR for week of March 1st link)


A NFZ shout out to Brother Ed in a fine gray suit with blue, barrel cuffed shirt and dashing silver tie – hey, Ed, sue me!


Totem poles, hockey sticks and snowshoes, propane deck fire pit, moose to ride and don’t forget, a stuffed beaver.



  1. MaryLovesColbert says:

    A nice look backward! I loved that sweater he wore during the Vancouverage! :D

  2. jentaps says:

    What a fun week that was! As well as the week before when they were actually taping, and we got to see some tidbits.

    Thanks for posting these great pix of Stephen.

  3. jbirdNZ says:

    That was great and lovely to look back on, and thanks for including Ed! Those Colbert Boys sure know how to dress!

  4. lockhart43 says:

    I loved that polo sweater he wore during the Vancouverage (by the way, I think you spelled Vancouverage wrong in the post :P). And thanks for the shot of that great tie from the Dosanjh interview, and the shout-out to brother Ed!

  5. PriyaNoblet says:


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