Episode 6064 (5/6/2010)

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6064 (May 6, 2010)
GUESTS: Andrew Sullivan, Stewart Brand
SEGMENTS: Coulbert Report British ElectioN Couverage: The Race For Prime Minister, Governor!, Movies that are Destroying America
VIDEOS: Thursday, May 6, 2010

Loved the Coulbert Report British Election Couverage graphic, with the blue meanie and the nod to Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python opener graphics. I also enjoyed hearing Andrew Sullivan talk about the British election. Also, Stephen can talk in accents all friggin’ day and keep the fangirls happy.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person I know who has no desire to see Ironman 2. There’s just not many movies I’m looking forward to this year. I have yet to see the first Sex and the City movie, and I doubt I’ll see the second. That being said, Jake Gyllenhaal running around in a gladiator outfit? Count me in!

What did all of you think about tonight’s show?

Mum, we'd really like to govern for a while!

  • This is the one day that separates us from the separation of church and state.
  • Consider this: Franklin Graham, son of Billy, was disinvited from the Pentagon’s prayer event just because he said Islam was an evil religion that practices murder [turns to side camera] which I did *not* say, by the way. Because Muslims are super! In fact, I think the prophet Mohamed and I would be best buds.
  • Coulbert Report British Election Couverage: The Race For Prime Minister, Governor!
  • English elections are often a bellwether for US elections. For instance, conservative Margaret Thatcher was elected in 1979. then in 1980, we elected Ronald Reagan – basically Thatcher with smaller hair and bigger balls.
  • Hey, would you like to know something interesting about Gordon Brown? So would everybody in England.
  • Hung Parliament – and yes, that’s also the name of the world’s most polite porno.
  • Ma’am can we form a government please? Mom, we’d really like to govern for a while.
  • Sometimes I rent DVDs and only watch half so I can return them without rewinding.
  • You know who would make a convincing upright block? Keanu Reeves. It was the role he was born to play.
  • Oh, I have the technology.
  • Once again Hollywood is giving aid and comfort to our enemies by glamorizing the life story of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahma-Jake Gyllenhaal-ejad.
  • Sex and the City 2 – Now this movie is the story of, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, four shopaholic whores.
  • I think they would frown on Samantha pulling a reverse wheelbarrow on her hotel balcony sex swing. Which, I believe, is how she tips the bellman.
  • Because if your kids eat enough lunch meat, by the time he’s Tony Stark’s age, he too will need a replacement heart.
  • Ironman Viagra – if your man is iron for more than four hours, consult your Dr. Doom.
  • Do you get a lot of death threats written on hemp paper?


  1. leorabk says:

    i liked the brit election coverage. there was another nod to monty python with the “naughty bits” line.
    the photo not available for Muhammad thing was very clever. speaking of which i really wanted stephen to cover the whole comedy central south park muhammad “scandal” but i think its too late for that :(
    all together a great show
    -but where was the snoopy drawing? :(

  2. I like his Irish better. :)

    I like how he hammered the guest.

  3. I absolutely loved tonight’s show. Anything with Iron Man, Sex and the City a Monty Python shoutout and Stephen speaking with an accent is made of major win in my books!!

  4. EveArdenFan says:

    Last night’s show was great all around. But then the show is great every night, so this is not news. The British election coverage was the best part, Monty Python references, accent and all.
    On the subject of movies coming out this summer, I’m very excited about Toy Story 3! Hey, I’m a Disney nerd. What can I say?

  5. luvtcr says:

    A very good show! I know nothing about how England’s Parliament works so I have been fascinated (and a bit immature and giggly) about the likelyhood of a Hung Parliament. Very interesting.

    I had missed “Movies that are Destroying America”- this may be the first segment since the new set. But, I could be wrong. Stephen’s use of the touchscreen was great but I was waiting for Snoopy to appear in one of the films highlighted.

    The interview was good and I appreciated the fact that Stewart Brand acknowledged that he had changed his mind about clean coal- more of a it’s better to do something rather than nothing- but at least it’s a step in the right direction. It has taken us so long to even make a move!

    I did notice some weird editing last night. During the intro when Stephen runs through all the words- a few were cut out and during the transition from The USA Today piece and the beginning of Andrew Sullivan there was a strange cut (perhaps it was a cameria angle). Anywho- I noticed because I am a huge geek. You can make fun of me- its ok! ;)

    • Mr. Arkadin says:

      Guess I’m a huge geek too! So I won’t make fun of you. :D I thought the two edits in beginning
      were quite jarring. Similar to a TDS interview that goes long & they have to post the complete version online.

  6. I think his accent would be categorized as more Dick-Van-Dike than English… well, maybe it wasn’t so bad. But it wasn’t up there with his other accents IMHO.

    The new use of the board for the MtaDA segment was good. I’m so happy to see the Stephen and I agree on Keeanu Reeves lol. And the “Oh, I have the technology” line made me lol. Oh, and DB – you can count me as someone you know who has no interest in seeing IM-2.

    ReCaptcha: “the fishiest”

  7. lockhart43 says:

    Any episode where Stephen does an accent of any kind is a good episode! It’s hilarious that he always adds “Guv’na” in when he does a British/Cockney accent. And I loved the MtaDA segment! Stephen’s description of the women on Sex And The City as “four shopaholic whores” was both accurate and hilarious. I did miss Snoopy, though. I think he might have started drawing it on the screen just as they were cutting to commercial.

    I enjoyed both interviews last night. Stephen and Andrew Sullivan play well off each other. Plus, it was great that Stephen kept hammering Stewart Brand – I think Brand actually gave some pretty clear responses, which made the whole interview go smoother. Stephen looked adorable with his feet kicked up on the desk for the sign-off; I wonder how many times he’s done the sign-off by reading the Life section of The USA Today. :]

  8. colbaby says:

    I voted for the British Election Couverage, gotta love that graphic. And Stephen’s accent is beyond adorable.

    I’m moving to the UK from the US this September, so I’ve been pretty interested in the election coverage. I am however disturbed by the fact the Report doesn’t air there anymore. And the fact that apparently I won’t be able to access the show’s website. (Thanks, Viacom!) The horror…the horror…

  9. I loved the British election coverage, the Movies that Are Destroying America was great too. But the second guest made me sad. I don’t think he made any mention of really clean energy at all – no wind power, solar power, even though other countries are developing them way more than we are. “Stephen” didn’t even get a real chance to bounce off him.

    Otherwise though, a very fun show! And Stephen can put his feet up on the desk every night as far as I’m concerned.

  10. I liked the comparison between Gyllenhaal and Ahmadinejad, since I took it as a shout out to that SNL Digital Short where Samberg sung a love song to Ahmadinejad and made the same comparison.

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