Saying goodbye to ‘Bill Moyers Journal’

After decades of providing thorough, thought-provoking, respectful and truly admirable coverage of some of humanity’s most important issues, Bill Moyers bids farewell to weekly television with the final broadcast of Bill Moyers Journal this Friday. Among the many people making their goodbyes is our friend Stephen Colbert:

Stephen Colbert, host, The Colbert Report
Bill Moyers is everything I never aspire to be: Calm, Thoughtful, and Informative. Two years ago, Bill asked me to be the first guest of this, his last series. I can’t remember what scheduling conflict kept me from doing it, but I’ll always remember that I was a fool to say “No.”

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Having read and watched only a fraction of Mr. Moyers’s prodigious body of work over the years, I nonetheless hold him in the highest esteem. Reading Moyers on Democracy reminded me of what great heights can be reached in essay form. Reading Moyers’s eulogy for Barbara Jordan in that book taught me what an exceptional woman she was. Reading Moyers’s occasional internet postings are lessons in what eloquent and passionate defenses of individuals’ liberty can be. Watching his shows piques my curiosity and makes me want to learn more.

I will miss having Mr. Moyers on my television each week and can only be grateful for the number of shows he’s created that I have yet to watch. I, too, wish Stephen had been able to accept the invitation to appear on Mr. Moyers’s show, and I will hope that Mr. Moyers will find time to visit Stephen on the set of The Colbert Report someday. Until then, I leave you with this interview with Jon Stewart from Bill Moyers Journal in 2007.

I wish the best to Mr. Moyers, who is leaving a legacy of which anyone could be proud.


  1. Mr. Arkadin says:

    Given how much Moyers mentioned Colbert on his show, I always wondered why Stephen hadn’t been on the show. It’s sad to hear Stephen was invited and turned it down!
    Like you Ms.I, I will miss Moyers’ show. (And the show Now which is being canceled simultaneously) Moyers could take a subject I thought I had no interest in & wasn’t sure I’d even watch and make it riveting, informative TV. He’s almost the only liberal on TV who consistently questions and critique the White House on it’s civil rights policies (or lack there of) since Obama took office.
    I’m especially depressed to see the show replacing it is headed up by the underwhelming Alison Stewart & milquetoast Jon Meacham. :(

  2. What a legend. Thanks for the eloquent tribute, MsI. That conversation with Jon is an excellent example of the thoughtful, engaging, substantive, important work Bill Moyers has shared with us for so many years. Best of luck to Mr. Moyers.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I had not seen it before.

  4. Just in case you guys haven’t seen it yet, Jon also appeared on Bill Moyer’s show in 2003. The video is still up on the PBS site. Unsurprisingly, Jon wore almost the exact same outfit on both interviews.

  5. mark kennedy says:

    You can still watch his previous episodes online here:

    Click on “BILL MOYERS”.

  6. Susanne Carver says:

    I am suffering from ‘Journal’ withdrawal, so I love being able to watch this interview. Moyers did say on his last show that he was working on other projects…it would be lovely to see him make an appearance on TDS!

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