Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist – April 24, 2010

zeitgeist2Hey gang! I feel like I’ve been AWOL for the past few weeks while real life was kicking my butt, but I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. And I’m pretty sure it’s not an oncoming Acela express. I hope this means I’ll be able to get back into some kind of regular blogging schedule that allows me to show up around here more often. It’s been tough to keep up with everything! Because, I mean… Woohoo! Space camp!! and Awesome!! New book!! and Awww… “Steve ColberT.” Wasn’t he just the sweetest guy you’ve ever seen on your TeeVee? Here are a few news goodies to feed your Colbert addiction for today, April 24th.

Stephen goes to space camp

  • Any of you who have been regular readers around here for the past year or so know what a total space geek I am, and how excited I get any time Stephen does something that involves either Neil deGrasse Tyson or the space program. So just for laughs, imagine me dancing around my living room going “wheeee!!!” when Stephen announced he was going to Houston for astronaut training. I’m so excited for this! Discovery News has a few more details about Stephen’s upcoming trip: “Colbert’s ‘astronaut training’ will consist of testing out some of the simulators and gear used by astronauts, including the shuttle flight simulator, said Johnson Space Center spokesman Kelly Humphries. The date for Colbert’s visit is still pending.” The space shuttle Atlantis is currently scheduled to launch for mission STS-132 on May 14th, with Friend of the Show and intergalactic TCR guest Garrett Reisman among the crew. It would be pretty awesome all around if Stephen was at the Johnson Space Center in Houston for the launch and/or part of the mission.
  • NASA Watch has another brief article on Stephen’s upcoming trip, which has no new information to add, but the picture to accompany the article completely cracked me up. I wonder if we can persuade Garrett Reisman to do a little graffitti on the Tranquility node during a space walk…

The new(ish) TCR set

  • BusinessWire has an interesting article on Christie MicroTiles, one of the special technology features that was incorporated into the new set when it was redesigned for hi-def broadcasting: “The redesigned stage features 41 MicroTiles arranged as three horizontal displays, in 1×4, 1×5 and 1×4 arrays underneath Colbert’s desk; and four angled 1×7 vertical columns along the backdrop. The tiles display high definition video and graphics created exclusively for the show.”

Emmy magazine photos

  • Photographer Scott Council offers some background information on the photo shoot for Emmy magazine that he did with Stephen last fall: “Both Council and Colbert came up with several ideas that included scenarios as Colbert painting the street red, white and blue, playing a patriotic accordion, feeding a doll-like Statue of Liberty a red white and blue bottle and Colbert enjoying an “All-American” picnic. In the end they came up with seven set ups, and Colbert being the expert professional that he is, rocked them out in an hour and fifteen minutes to Council’s and his crew’s delight.” (Via PDN, Photo District News) You can view more of Council’s excellent portraits, including some of his work from the Emmy photo shoot with Stephen, at his website.

Past guests

  • has some observations on Stephen’s interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and how he challenged Assange on the objectivity of the helicopter video they discussed on the show: “Colbert’s blow-hard character usually just inspires his (mostly-liberal) guests to fall back on tired talking points. But tonight his criticism seemed actually reasonable, and it provided new understanding into Wikileaks and the hybrid form of journalism-advocacy it’s pioneering.” Mediaite also has some sharp comments on Stephen’s interview with Assange.
  • On the St. Petersburg Times’ web site, PolitiFact’s Bill Adair offers up some observations on his TCR appearance back on April 14th. As many guests before him have done, he noted that the appearance gave him “instant status” with his teenage kids.

Upcoming guests

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  1. lockhart43 says:

    Thanks for the great articles, Ann! I am getting so excited for Stephen at space camp! I also liked the Emmy magazine article – I really loved that photo shoot.

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