Eye Candy: Space Rocks!


    More on Stephen’s fantastic news: His pending Space Camp trip. Here is a Look Back at Looking Forward.

More than once has he mentioned seeing the moon landing as a child was a pivotal experience and how sad he thinks it is that there is no equal experience for his kids’ generation. Here are some pictures from other episodes when space and joy came together.

Hey, Stephen, are you excited about going to Space Camp? or high on cough syrup … LOL


“Oh,” Stephen says, “I could die and go to heaven now!


Can’t wait to see Stephen do this in the Vomit Comet!


Fantastic to have Sunny Williams jumping on COLBERT


Remember when Stephen and Garrett got to exchange WristStrong Wristbands? Sources say Dr. Reisman will be returning to space in the last flight of the shuttle, Atlantis.


Hopefully your DNA doesn’t mutate too much in space!


Great Space Camp Uniforms!



  1. Mmmmmm….eye candy. There was almost nothing better than seeing the epic smile on Stephen’s face when he interviewed Garrett in space. His joy spread throughout the entire Nation that night. I know I couldn’t stop smiling. Thanks for the post!

  2. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Oh, what a fun recap of all his space moments! I love the captions you put on these pictures, all so funny! :P His interview with Garrett Reisman while Reisman was up in space is one of my absolute favorite Colbert moments. :)

  3. Gratefull says:

    Glad you like – send me your ideas for “Eye Candy” Themes when you get ’em *smile* I’ll see what I can do.

  4. lockhart43 says:

    Aw thanks for the great Eye Candy, Gratefull! And I’m with MaryLovesColbert – the OMG SPACE! interview with Garrett Reisman is one of my faves. I just love the sheer and absolute joy on his face throughout the entire thing.

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