Six Degrees: 3D Freak Out Edition.

“Six Degrees: 3D Freak Out Edition” now brought to you in amazing 2D!!

If like me you’re still be feeling the after effects of Stephen’s latest “3D” obsession, you’ll be happy to know that this post contains no amazing 3D effects whatsoever, but feel free to imagine me in a pair of sexy Roy Orbison 3D glasses. This post does however, include the latest round-up of clips, articles and interviews from the world of Six Degrees!!

Friends of the Show

Amy Sedaris

Conan O’Brien

  • Conan has signed a 5 year contract, which includes ownership of his new show with TBS and not FOX. Conan’s new show will air at 11pm (EST) Mondays – Thursday’s and will be shot in Los Angeles. Conan’s new show will shift Lopez Tonight to the later 12pm timeslot and will be in direct competition with The Tonight Show from 11.30 -12.00pm each night.

    Get all the details from: Detroit News Online.

  • Check out the new Team CoCo website, complete with tour blog, Twitter updates and shop.

David Razowsky

  • Congratulations to David for winning the INNY Award for “Best Improv Coach”.

Father James Martin

  • Father Martin talks to Think Big on what it’s like to be a regular guest on The Colbert Report:

Steve Carell and Tina Fey

The Colbert Report Staffers [and beloved ex-Staffers]

Allison Silverman

Mark Malkoff

And now it’s time to check in with our good friends at The Daily Show

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart

  • “5 Ways to Save CNN” by Dylan Stableford of The Wrap offers CNN some advice on how to stop their ratings free fall, including “firing Jon Klein, hiring Jon Stewart and bringing back Crossfire”. The article also has a nice little summary of Jon’s feelings for CNN. (h/t Jennie)

Aasif Mandvi

  • Aasif provides the voice of “Commandor Zhao” in the “The Last Airbender” video game for Ninetento DSi and Wii. You can check out the game trailer over at [here]. The game is due to be released on June 29 with the movie following on July 2, 2010.

Brendan Hay

    The Daily Show writer Brendan Hay has signed on to be one of the writer’s of the newly announced and as of yet untitled animated “Star Wars” TV Comedy Series. The new project to be released by Lucasfilm will be produced by Jennifer Hill (The Backyardians) and directed by Todd Grimes (Back at the Barnyard) with writering staff including the aforementioned Brendan Hay (The Daily Show) and the creators of Robot Chicken Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. A release date or associated network have yet to be announced.

Jason Jones

  • Jason stars in Funny or Die’s “Shotgun Harley with Jason Jones:”

    “The most terrible, titillating show canceled in the 80s has been found. David ‘Shotgun’ Harley and his talking van keep the streets and the hottest babes safe at night in this shockingly violent and sexist show.”

John Hodgman

John Oliver

Rob Riggle and Samantha Bee

  • Rob and Sam star along side Brendan Fraser, Brooke Shields and Ken Jeong in “Furry Vengeance”.

    You can check out the trailer and tv spots on the “Furry Vengeance” Official Website.

    “In the Oregon wilderness, a real estate developer’s new housing subdivision faces a unique group of protesters, local woodland creatures who don’t want their homes disturbed.”

    Release Date: 30 April, 2010.

Samantha Bee, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, Aasif Mandvi, John Oliver and Amy Sedaris

  • You’re a Horrible Person, But I Like You: The Believer Book of Advice features a compendium of advice from your favourite funny people on life’s little problems:

    “In these pages Fred Armisen offers help telling your dad you’re a lesbian—give him the phone number and he’ll do it for you. Mindy Kaling provides guidance on ending things with your mistress—dude, you totally have to kill her. Rainn Wilson offers insight on contacting that girl you dreamed about last night—he has created all-purpose web portal for such interactions. Amy Sedaris identifies the best way to a man’s heart—bone saw through the chest cavity.”


  1. Wow, thanks for the great round-up, Katt! This is going to keep me occupied for some time, especially with all the videos :D

  2. I’m seeing Conan in May!! I can’t wait!!

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