Eye Candy: Midday Anchor at WPTS Patterson Springs, North Carolina

Sept_24_2007_WPTSOkay, so we are reminded of Stephen’s prophetic past as the midday anchor at WPTS Patterson Springs, North Carolina. Truly, an echo of things to come *grin* He cut his teeth in News so long ago and thank goodness, someone kept the video … LOL … How come no one wears a dicky any more?

So, how marvelous was he when he addressed the rumors way back when about Ricky Martin’s chosen lifestyle. Not to mention his early sense of fashion.


Or how about his diatribe about the “insidious soft ‘C'” … no one finer when it comes to his discerning pronunciation of the subtler letters.


Maybe you liked him better in his surgical gown showing his work ethic on his child actual birthday … not following Jon Stewart’s lead the weekend his kid was born.


Or perhaps his “Papa-Bear-like” outburst when told to apologize for a news report mistake … He had a call back from Richmond F$&king Virginia, you know!


Remember when he was the Totalitarian Ruler of Malawi?


OH, the mustache! *Smile* so glad we still have an archival record.


  1. jentaps says:

    Bwah! Geez, I love when he wears a mustache. Never not funny. Thanks for pulling those out for us!

  2. ColbertGirl27 says:

    I wish we saw more of him from Patterson Springs. Love those segments. Thanks for compiling some awesome Patterson pics:)

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