Friedrich Schiller gets The Colbert Bump

Wondering about Monday night’s sign-off, when Stephen cradled a little plaster bust and said, “In the words of Friedrich Schiller, Good night!”?  Evidently it’s part of a decades-long tradition at Carleton College for students to ‘appropriate’ the bust of the German poet, and then display him at public events.  PegasusLibrarian has a brief but entertaining article on the tradition:

For those of you who haven’t heard me talk about our Schiller before, the general idea is that at any given point, some secret group of students has him and every other student wants him. […]  Well, apparently the current keepers of Schiller planned the ultimate in public displays. They got him onto the Colbert Report last night. That’s our Schiller, folks!

Hmmm… a commenter there wonders if Carleton alumnus and TCR writer Peter Gwinn had anything to do with the appearance…

(h/t Jennie)


  1. cordgrass says:

    Cool! Was wondering about that, I knew there had to be a backstory

  2. lockhart43 says:

    This is great! I can just imagine someone in the studio audience mentioning it during the Q&A and Stephen getting excited to add it in the show. Thanks for the backstory!

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