Six Degrees: Kiss Me I’m Irish Edition.

Ok, so I lied. I’m not actually Irish, I’m Australian but you can still kiss me and we drink just as much … if not more. I hope you’ve all recovered from good ol’ St. Patty’s Day and the festivities that ensured. Mine was a rather dismal day, I didn’t touch a drop of drink, there were no celebrations at Uni and I only wore green by accident. So if you’re like me and have had a boring day/week I hope the activities of Stephen’s friends and colleagues puts a smile on your dial.

Friends of the Show

Amy Sedaris

  • You can pre-order your copy of Amy’s new book “Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People” from Amazon which is due for release on 2 November, 2010.

    Product Description:
    America’s most delightfully unconventional hostess and the bestselling author of I Like You delivers a new book that will forever change the world of crafting. According to Amy Sedaris, it’s often been said that ugly people craft and attractive people have sex. In her new book, SIMPLE TIMES, she sets the record straight. Demonstrating that crafting is one of life’s more pleasurable and constructive leisure activities, Sedaris shows that anyone with a couple of hours to kill and access to pipe cleaners can join the elite society of crafters.

Conan O’Brien

Dana Carvey

Greg Holliman


  • Joakim Nilsson talks with about the band, The Colbert Bump and their 5 scheduled gigs at SXSW 2010.

    Have you heard about the phenomena called “The Colbert Bump” (an increase in popularity as a result of being a guest on the show)? Do you feel like you experienced this in the US since your TV performance?

    We had an import record in the States and the day after we played on the show the record sale had gone up 85,000%. [Laughs] Yeah, it was like in place 90,000 the day before the show and the day after it was #72 on Amazon. And we went up to #2 on the iTunes hip-hop charts above Kanye and Eminem. We had heard about “the Colbert Bump” but this was more like The Colbert Earthquake.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • An Evening with Neil deGrasse Tyson“From Plutos 1930 discovery to the emotional reaction worldwide to its demotion from planetary status, astrophysicist, science popularizer and Hayden Planetarium director deGrasse Tyson offers a lighthearted look at the planet.”

    When: Thursday, March 18, 2010, 6:00 – 8:00pm
    Where: Pace University, Multipurpose Room, One Pace Plaza, level B

Steve Carell and Tina Fey

The Colbert Report Staffers [and beloved ex-Staffers]

Peter Gwinn

  • Peter recently competed in The 2010 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. (h/t Ms.I)

    The featured game of the evening was a group trivia event in which solvers formed teams of four people. John and I teamed up with our lunch companions, Kelly Langan and Peter Gwinn, an old friend of mine from the Chicago comedy scene. Peter was a top-ten ACPT rookie last year. He’s also a writer for “The Colbert Report” and skipped a Writers Guild of America dinner to join us at the tournament, which his TV friends kidded was an even nerdier way of spending the evening than theirs.

Now it’s time to check in with our good friends at The Daily Show

Jon Stewart

Steve Carrell

Steve Carell and Ed Helms

  • From: Cinema Blend:

    Helms and Carell are teaming up to make an untitled project about Civil War re-enactors who are transported back to the event itself. The project is still in development, but with Carell producing and Helms credited as one of the screenwriters, it likely won’t go forward without both of them. Given that neither can film movies except during The Office hiatuses, it’ll be a while before we can likely see it go forward.

Ed Helms

  • Ed will be staring along side Jason Segal in the stoner comedy “Jeff Who Lives at Home” which is being written and directed by Mark and Jay Duplass.

Rob Corddry

Nate Corddry

  • Nate plays “Pvt. Loudmouth” in The Pacific, airing March 14 – May 16 on HBO.

Rob Kutner

Aasif Mandvi

Mo Rocca

Lewis Black

  • Lewis will hosting a seven day cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Liberty of the Seas. Lewis sets sail November 7 – 14 and will be joined by comedian friends John Pinette, Kathleen Madigan, Susie Essman, Dom Irrera, John Bowman, Ted Alexandro and Larry Wilmore – with Madigan also hosting bingo!

    Cruise Price & Details: Lewis Black Comedy Cruise.

John Oliver

Rob Riggle

  • Bullz-Eye from Premium Hollywood chats with rob about his “about the special, as well as his work on “SNL,” his two and a half year stint as John Oliver’s officemate, and some of his upcoming film projects.” (h/t Ms.I)

Samantha Bee

  • Sam can next be seen as “Jill” in “Date Night” – in cinemas April 9th.


  1. Coquette says:

    Aasif is 44 years old! Whoa…I would have guessed 30ish or even late 20s. And sadly there is no “Aasif’s wife” to speak of…

    • Okay, that’s just weird. He’s my age. I also would have guessed early thirties, possibly twenties.

  2. Great round-up, Katt. They don’t do much for St Patrick’s Day here in Italy, either – so I had a mint gelato because it was green.

    I have to say that I can’t imagine being on the same cruise ship with Lewis Black for 7 days. I love the guy, but that’s a lot of energy to absorb!

    And one language point: Wouldn’t “beloved ex-staffers” sound better? “Ex-beloved staffers” sounds like we don’t love them anymore!

  3. MaryLovesColbert says:

    WOW. Lots of stuff to report on! Amy and Sam have books coming up – exciting! :D

  4. ColbertGirl27 says:

    I loved seeing Amy on The Martha Stewart Show, but Martha was so mean to her…making her go through all those silly tests. I know the segment was supposed to be silly, but Martha seemed to believe she was really testing Amy. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me. Looking forward to Amy’s book for poor people:)

    P.S. I hope Amy does take over Martha!

    • I know exactly what you mean and I was almost gonna say the same thing! This happens every time she goes on Martha’s show! I love seeing her do the crafts and stuff but I swear Martha Stewart is jealous of Amy or something because she’s always trying to knock her down a peg.

  5. Amy looks so good! I swear she’s getting younger. I really can’t wait for her book to come out!!!!

    Ahhh Greg Hollimon…’s great to see him again. As much as I adore Stephen as Noblet, Principal Blackman is my my favorite character on SWC

    • friedthing says:

      Oooo, Blackman’s my favorite character too. It’s probably mostly the voice :). And speaking of people looking young, my first thought about the dentistry convention video was, “Wow, Greg Hollimon has such a smooth face!” The guy’s got zero wrinkles.

      • lockhart43 says:

        Blackman’s not my favorite character (Noblet all the way) but I totally agree with you about his voice – I love everything he says on the show, he’s hilarious! He seems like a super sweet guy too, like an enormously tall teddy bear.

  6. lockhart43 says:

    Wow, that is quite the list! Thanks Katt!

    I wish CoCo was coming to Michigan, I would totally see that! Same goes for Movits! – I got some of my friends into them, and I have a feeling they would put on a great show.

    I love Amy Sedaris! I haven’t had a chance to read her first book yet, so I’ll have to do that before I pick up her new one. I am going to see her brother David in a month though – whoo!!

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