Episode 6033 (3/8/2010)

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6033 (March 8, 2010)
GUESTS: Ezra Klein, Tom Hanks
SEGMENTS: Best Foreign Language Film Category, Action Center: Health Care Bill, Tom Hanks interview (Parts 1 and 2), Sign Off – One Thought
VIDEOS: Monday, March 8, 2010

Greetings and salutations, all! I’m pinch-hitting for DB and I couldn’t get to the episode guide as quickly as she does — mea culpa — but since my doing the guide gave me an excellent excuse to watch the show repeatedly this morning, I hope you’ll allow me my good mood and overlook the tardiness.

Stephen starting off the show with his sound editor’s act of mutiny was brilliant, and I loved that he was able to segue from there into giving a shout out to Juan Campanella for his Oscar win. As some of your fellow Zoners noted, Campanella’s name might be familiar to attentive Strangers with Candy fans, as he directed a number of hilarious episodes. Congratulations again and again, Juan!

Ezra Klein was delightful, as always, and that graphic with Uncle Sam choking on the health care bill as blocked by Mitch McConnell’s head just cracked me up. I’m always amused by a “jam it down our throats” montage (because I’m silly like that), but there have been two of them on The Daily Show lately, so it was that graphic that really put me over the top and prompted the guffaw.

Of course, it was the Tom Hanks interviews that were my favorite parts of the show. It was a bit disorienting for Stephen to do a two-part interview segment, but he clearly enjoyed talking to Hanks so much, and there was a lot to talk about. Watching Stephen slip out of character a bit to thank Tom for Band of Brothers … so moving. I don’t have HBO so I don’t think I’ll be able to watch Hanks’s new series (yet), but I may just have to add another book to my reading list. Those battles in the Pacific were really something else, and I’m always impressed by the passion Hanks brings to his work. (And his ability to make people feel like “big fat pussies”. Hah!)

What did you all think of the episode?

  • Last night, Nation, was Hollywood’s biggest strokefest: the Oscars. The one day a year when you have to give a crap what a sound editor does.
  • The one thing I don’t understand is, why is there still an award for Best Foreign Language Film? I mean, listen to the winner, writer-director Juan Campanella. This clown’s up there jabbering in Argentinian. Lalalalalalala–empanada!
  • Folks, you know the Democrats’ continuing health care fetish is threatening to destroy Congress. And that would come as quite a blow to the 10% of Americans who still approve of Congress.
  • Up ’til now, folks, President Obama has shown the kind of leadership I admire in a Democrat: none.
  • Those bold words reminded me of when FDR told our troubled nation: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Unless … what do you guys think?”
  • His voice really seemed to have changed. Folks, I’m afraid Obama is going through presidential puberty. And the Testicles-in-Chief have descended into Sack Force One.
  • Yeah, don’t you know anything about football, Democrats? You don’t score touchdowns against the will of the opposing side. That’s mean! You give them back the ball, then they help you kick a field goal. And everyone gets ice cream. Just not heath care.
  • You know, I enjoy your movies, you know I’m a fan. There is one pattern I’ve noticed in your movies … I’m not in any of them.
  • Just make me the evil Pope in your next Dan Brown movie.
  • When I think of World War II, I’m gonna think of Saving Private Ryan, you know? Because it really felt like I — in the theater — I was there, on Omaha Beach, but with a thirty-two ounce Diet Coke. You know? So … even better.
  • Hanks: If you are anywhere between twenty-one and fifty-three, which I am … you will watch this series and feel like a big, fat pussy.
  • I’ve got a bumper sticker on my car [Hanks: “Thank God!”] that says “War never solved anything except fascism and slavery.”


  1. nerdygirl says:

    I knew the name Juan Campanella was familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I’d heard it — thank you for refreshing my memory! It was a toss-up for a favorite segment in last night’s show, but I chose Part 1 of the Tom Hanks interview because I liked the story about Stephen’s Uncle Ed.

  2. Stephen has successfully converted me into a Tom Hanks fan. Though it’s a shame they didn’t make out again – always a let down. I am also exploding with excitement, I cannot wait for The Pacific to come out. Band of Brothers was amazing, this will even better!!

    On a side note, does anyone else think Stephen has a resemblance to FDR when they put that pic up? It would be awesome to see Stephen in an FDR biopic!!

  3. The graphic of Uncle Sam choking on the healthcare bill because McConnell was blocking it made me laugh pretty hard too. Loved that! I really enjoyed the extended interview with Tom Hanks. We have the Band of Brothers series DVD set and pull it out once in awhile to watch it. We don’t have HBO so we’ll have to wait until The Pacific comes out on DVD but I know we’ll be adding it to our collection.

  4. cordgrass says:

    mmm….evil pope…..

  5. friedthing says:

    I was so annoyed at first when Tom Hanks told Stephen he wasn’t an actor, but now that I think about it, “Stephen” is not an actor, so Tom was just talking to the character. I guess even as an uberfan I can still mix them up!

    The mention of empanadas kind of got me in the mood for one… I’ll see what I can do about that :)

  6. mrtigger001 says:

    Oh wow, 2-part interview. I think that’s a first, is it not?

  7. I guess this show was actually filmed on Thursday? Hanks posted pics of Colbert’s green room snacks and was posted on Thursday.

    I enjoyed the 2-part interview. Its nice to be able to have a great in-depth conversation on TCR.

  8. Arianne says:

    I love that the choking thing made Uncle Sam turn BLUE. I wonder if that was intended knowing that blue = Democrats.

  9. I chose the first part of the Hanks interview because it lends itself to the second and I loved both [my attempt at using the associative property!]

    Count Tom Hanks as an “it getter” and a fun one at that! I loved his bored look and face in hands as he waited for Stephen to come over at the beginning of the interview. Sometimes I forget that Hanks is a comedian, too.

    I agree with friedthing above, thought it was great that he addressed Stephen in character [about acting] and was able to navigate the interview in that matter. I guess that happens when you are a repeat guest and “friend of the show!”

    • I don’t know if this was ever resolved but does a person become a friend of the show after their first appearance, or once they agree to a second appearance?

      • I don’t know. Good question. I think it is someone who has appeared once and had a good time and may appear again. Ex. Elizabeth Alexander might be refered to as a “FOTS” but Barney Frank may not. :)

    • lockhart43 says:

      “I loved his bored look and face in hands as he waited for Stephen to come over at the beginning of the interview.”

      Me too! I also love that he calls him Steve, ha. I love Tom Hanks – the more he comes on the Report, the better. :)

  10. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Juan Campanella!! Sooo crazy. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t even catch that it was him.

    I loved that interview with Tom Hanks. A lot of fun, really sincere and thoughtful. :) And funny!

  11. I thought that was an adorable, very “Stephen” way for him to give a shout out to Juan Campanella. I didn’t recognize the name at first and wondered why, of all the things that happened during the Oscars, he picked on that poor man lol. Now that I know, I am just awwwwwwing all over the place.

    I’ve always really liked Tom Hanks as an actor but also for more of a specific reason. Stephen once mentioned in the “Bewitched” DVD special feature on Michael Caine that every family has a movie, and his family’s was Zulu. Well my family’s movie has to be That Thing You Do! We all love watching it together and can practically quote the entire thing by heart, and of course sing all the great catchy songs. Since Tom Hanks wrote, directed, and costarred in that movie…..there just has to be a special place in my heart for him! :)

    • Growing up we never really watched TV or went to the movies since we lived in a rural area and to get to town/movies took 45 mins. So once I went to college, I had some great roommates who got me caught up on all I missed. That thing you do was definitely one of the movies that was caught up on. The songs were catchy though and would get stuck in your head.

      But thanks for the great reference; I completely forgot Hanks was the band manager.

  12. lockhart43 says:

    I have three things to say about the fantastic, fantastic episode last night:

    1. I love that he mentioned Juan Campanella’s Oscar win – huge congrats to Juan! I’m tempted to watch a marathon of his SWC episodes now. :)
    2. I got a little teary-eyed when Stephen thanked Tom Hanks for Band of Brothers.
    3. The Tom Hanks interview is easily one of my favorites of all time. I love that they did a two-parter, it was great!

  13. It was a great show but I loved Stephen’s story about his uncle the most although it was a very sad story that he had died so young and after the war in Europe was over. It always amazes me the way Stephen can glide right out of character to do these things when I haven’t even noticed.

    Hanks pretending to be annoyed at Stephen’s entrance was very funny.

    It looks like Tom is insisting on calling Stephen “Steve” – I have also read that he was the one who insisted on calling Conan “Coco” to his face (after that started on Twitter Tracker).

  14. that was a kind of unusual episode, huh?
    the interview especially…the character was SO light. I mean, at least he had that giant soda in the theater, or else there would have been actual questioning. the stuff with Ezra Klein was informative but not at all comedic. it’s not like this is totally unprecedented, but it’s not the norm either.

    first time watching on the colbertnation website…pretty decent, except all the commercials telling me I was comfortable being a man.

    • bipolypesca says:

      It’s nice to see someone was able to watch it in full on the site. I’ve been trying for days and only get the last 13 minutes–just the interview and the ‘good night.’ Judging by the comments, it isn’t just me. Maybe if I’d watched it the first day it was up… :(

      • Ms Interpreted says:

        This may only be part of the issue, but the segment with Stephen’s commentary on the Oscars and Juan Campanella’s win might not be back on CN.com.

        It has to do with the incorporation of clips from the Oscars and the fact that the Academy keeps a pretty tight hold on those rights. I read somewhere that other media outlets are able to use limited clips from the show in the 24 hours after it originally airs, then further restricts usage to shorter Oscar clips in the first week after the ceremony. After that first week, I think people are basically barred from using clips of the show unless they get permission from the Academy.

        Assuming I’m remembering that correctly (and that the info I got was accurate to begin with), it’s not surprising that part of this episode is unavailable on CN.com.

        It’s kind of akin to the way some of Stephen’s performances of artists’ copyrighted songs disappear from the site after a certain timeframe.

        • bipolypesca says:

          Jeez, could be! I was trying on, I think, 3/10 or 3/11, though. So maybe it was just for the first day that it was available? Either way, bah! I miss Hulu…

          Thanks a lot for the reply, though! :)

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