All You Need to Know: Vancouver Extravaganza Edition

Hello Zoners! Well, the magic of the 2010 Olympics is over now, but we can use this post as an opportunity to reflect back on the amazing shows and athletic feats that happened during this time. So….who’s ready for London in 2012?

Episode Guides:

The Olympics Tapings!:

Mainstream Media:

  • Coverage kicked off with the lovely description of Stephen as speedskating’s “sugar daddy”.
  • The Vancouver Sun reports on Stephen’s welcome to the games.
  • We were spoiled for opportunities to see Stephen. Here’s one of his segments from the “Faces of America” special.
  • And here’s some more videos of Stephen and company leaping to Pluto’s defense for ‘The Pluto Files’.
  • Ujjal Dosanjh talks about his appearance on the Colbert Report here.

Stephen Colbert in the Zeitgeist:

Who’s Honoring Stephen Now:

  • The Audies are with Selected Shorts featuring Stephen reading the selection “The Veldt” being featured as a finalist.

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