Episode 6026 (2/23/2010)

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6026 (February 23, 2010)
GUESTS: Lindsey Vonn, Bob Costas
SEGMENTS: Stephen visits international houses
VIDEOS: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seeing the Olympians that we’ve been cheering on during the week come on the show has been a real treat for me. I really enjoyed the Lindsey Vonn interview. I’ve seen interviews in a fireplace setting, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen an interview in a fireplace. Well, except for that Bob Costas one with Stephen. Lindsey was just so giggly and happy to be there. And her response to Stephen asking if he was a very, very old man was just adorable.

We’d been getting spoilers about the different House segments all last week, and they were just as wonderful as we thought they’d be. Stephen chugging hot cheese was hysterical, and the Irish house looked like a rocking good time. Here’s hoping that the good people over at ColbertNation.com come up with the high-def long version of the song that Stephen was singing at the Irish House as one of their online Vancouverage extras.

And man, was that crowd rowdy during the Bob Costas interview! Bob has a fantastic mix of it-gettery and cockiness that really works when he’s with Stephen.

What did you enjoy most about Stephen’s adventures in Canada tonight?

Stephen Colbert Chugs Cheese at the Swiss House

  • And thank you, everyone out there for joining us in here in Vancouver, at the Colbert Report International Broadcast Chalet.
  • There is no finer way to prove which nation is best. And in this global confrontation, America is kicking ass and mispronouncing names! WHOO! USA! USA! USA!
  • Though I would argue that no Olympian is more decorated than Johnny Weir. Remember, he’s a figure skater. For them, this is business casual.
  • Now you were almost kept out of these games by a bruise on your leg, or what medical science calls a “boo-boo”. Did you have a team of surgeons come in and kiss it?
  • But Lindsey, you’re an American sports hero, you should wrap it in Velveeta!
  • I’m a very, very old man to you, aren’t I?
  • And if the ski is a boy, wouldn’t that drag down the mountain a little bit?
  • As an American, I learned everything I know about International houses from my pancakes.
  • After jamming with the Ricola twins, I sat down with director of the Swiss house, Manuel Salchli.
  • Put up the translation as he talks.
  • Yes, I wanted to say “The lamp is vomiting onto the table.” Do you have a problem with that?
  • Who wants to celebrate Irish culture! Ulysses, by James Joyce ….
  • Wait a second, I have breaking news. There is a fight in an Irish bar.
  • So I went back home … to the Irish house. The USA house doesn’t have a bar.
  • How did you get to where you are in broadcasting if you don’t even know how to pander to the greatest crowd in the world?
  • It’s the UN, but in skin tight lycra.
  • Oh, you’re feeling sorry for Al-Quaida now? I think you’re taking politeness too far now, Canada.


  1. I thought Bob Costas came off looking particularly non-it-gettery myself. Although he was a good sport with the moose.

    My vote went to the IHOP segment–loved it when he pulled out Ulysses and started reading! :) And the fondue pong was nice too.

  2. PriyaNoblet says:

    Oooh. I see a couple votes for Ride The Moose! Just wait until thursday night, my friends :) just you wait!

  3. The boo-boo comment was my favorite! I played it more than once :). Oh, and I too hope we get a long version of the Irish song!!

    This is totally off topic (and kind of superficial) but I’ve been getting more and more annoyed with how the hair people have been doing Stephen’s hair. They make him look more like Dracula (“I wanna be a vampire.”) every day by slicking it straight back like that. Why can’t they just let it fall sideways as gravity intended? Maybe I don’t like it because I have a harder time seeing Chuck Noblet or Correspondent Stephen in him when his hair is like that. I don’t know, never mind.

    • He can’t get a haircut until he leaves “Vancouver.”

    • I agree w/you about the hair. I am more of a “softer” look with the wave in the front. When I see it now I think of Ronald Reagan–but Dracula is good! :)

    • PriyaNoblet says:

      I was so upset with how much s*** was in his hair when I touched it on Thursday. It was so stiff :( totally upsetting. I so understand how you feel

      • Priya:

        Please remember – this is a family-friendly blog. Please word your comments appropriately in the shiny, happy spirit of this blog. Thanks!

    • MaryLovesColbert says:

      I have to agree – it seems to be slicked in a weird direction. I’m more of a soft look kind of gal too. Leave all that product out!!

    • friedthing says:

      Ok, at least I’m not the only one :). Oh well, maybe Stephen likes it that way, in which case, Sir, you keep right on rockin’ it. The Count Ronald is where it’s at.

  4. Again, the entire show was amazing. I went w/ the Costas interview, but I almost went with the Internation Houses. Everything about the show was fun. I liked Stephen giving Bob a hard time with this gem:
    How did you get to where you are in broadcasting if you don’t even know how to pander to the greatest crowd in the world?

    And him giving the crowd a hard time about Al Queda.

    From this:
    Brought to you by Verizon Wireless* [*may contain some wires]-that had me in stitches.
    To: Ride the Moose!
    And everything in between. I loved his segue to the “other” show. Walking out of the studio, and then into outside Vancouver.

  5. Vonn laughed her way through the entire segment. I would, too! You just can’t prepare for a Colbert interview! Who knows what he will ask or say?!

    Great stuff at the International Houses. I really do hope they post outtakes and extras like they’ve been doing with the “Skate Expectations.” Ridiculously adorable!

  6. If Vonn hadn’t wet herself laughing throughout her chat, I know I nearly did at the International Houses segment -and Stephen in jeans, always a pleasure, oh yes…

  7. I found Vonn a tad annoying, as all she did was giggle like a school girl. But then I realized I’d be doing the exact same thing in her shoes, so all was forgiven.

    The International Houses segment was my favorite, especially the reemergence of Ulysses in celebrating Irish culture. His “field” pieces tend to always be my faves.

    “Yes, I wanted to say ‘the lamp is vomiting onto the table.’ Do you have a problem with that?!”

    • “But then I realized I’d be doing the exact same thing in her shoes, so all was forgiven.”

      I’d be giggling helplessly, myself. It was fun to see how much Stephen enjoyed the interview, too.

  8. I just can’t pick a favorite segment…. well, maybe the International houses won by a hair, thanks to fondue pong!

    I would love to hear Stephen sing all of “Rocky Road to Dublin” – especially if he could get The Chieftains on TCR!

  9. MaryLovesColbert says:

    What a fun show!! Lindsey Vonn seemed to be really enjoying Stephen’s jokes, teehee. But the highlight for me was all those visits to the International Houses! Sooooo fun. Fondue and “Ulysses” and table hockey! Absolutely hilarious. :P

  10. Still smiling over the show. I’ve decided that “I temporarily care” is my new favourite phrase.

  11. laughing at nothing says:

    I agree, I think Stephen can put whatever he wants in his own hair. No one is telling Shaun White how to wear his (*awesome*)!

  12. I think my favorite was the visit to the different houses, what with the table hockey, the fondue pong (it made me want fondue, after midnight!) and most of all the Irish house. I wish we could see more of Stephen’s Irish house visit in particular. Perhaps tomorrow?

  13. ColbertGirl27 says:

    Voted for the international houses hands-down! And can I just say how jealous I was of the Russian girl when Stephen kissed her hand?!

  14. WendyTheWiser says:

    That cheese drinking bit was just too much…and I can’t believe that Costas got on the Moose.

    By, the way, have ya’ll checked out the Colbert Trivia App? It’s good sh$@!

  15. The International Houses segment was the best, hands down! The fondue pong was absolutely hilarious, especially when he chugged the fondue cheese haha! And I loved the Russian air hockey face-off as well.

    I really like how Costas and Stephen interact with each other, and it was so great to see Costas hop on Ebersol…er, the moose :P

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