Bob Costas rides the moose for Stephen Colbert

Earlier today, I briefly snorted with laughter when I saw a tweet that said “Colbert showed up in vancouver to 10X the crowd they had set up for… The crowd chanted until Bob Costas rode the giant moose.” There’s really nothing about the idea of Bob Costas riding a moose that isn’t funny (and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before someone makes up an entry for “ride the moose” on

So now my day is that much more wonderful, because now we have art:

I’ll put some more Eye Candy after the fold, but you should check out for the full set. (Note to the ShotinVancouver people, the name of the “Miracle on Ice” guest you were looking for is Mike Eruzione. He was our team captain in ’80 when the US beat the Soviets.)


  1. This is awesome. I wonder how big the crowd was?

  2. I read one account where it put the audience at 3000.

  3. Do you think there will be more/less people tomorrow? Or if they will change how the crowd was handled? Can’t decide what time I should show up so that I’m not looking at the backs of people’s heads the whole time…

    • captnbunny says:

      I got there at 6 and was near the front of the line. Unfortunately the line didn’t mean anything when they let everyone just rush the stage, so I (being about 5’1″) ended up watching the backs of people. After Buble’s interview I moved away from the stage and got a much better view. In short, I’m not too impressed with how they handled the crowd, and I probably won’t bother waking up before 5AM tomorrow, but it was a fun experience and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

  4. MaryLovesColbert says:

    Very awesome!! I’ve got to say that a headline about Bob Costas on a moose definitely caught my eye. :P

  5. Oh, MsI, that headline brought the only smile in an otherwise rotten day. The NSFW imagery potential is huge, but the actual pics are pretty funny too! ;) Thanks for the laugh!!

    In other news, it looks like Stephen’s interview will air sometime between 9:30-11pm EST. Please, please let it be early. I’ll never make it to 11pm!

  6. Oh Stephen <3 <3 He always draws a crowd!

    Thanks for the update!!!

  7. A couple of links for you fine people at NFZ.

    I can’t help but chuckle at this – “The most polite mob I’ve ever been in”:
    (PS. Michael Buble is brilliant… can’t wait for the Americanized version of O Canada to air.)

    Here’s some raw video of before the show and the intro to the show (including the mess-up):

  8. Seriously, all of this press coming through the wire about Stephen being there and all the fantastic Eye Candy is just making me stupid with JOY. :D

    I love that Bob Costas ended up riding the moose at the audience’s request haha!

  9. I will have to take all this in tomorrow, but I hope at least some of you got to see Stephen with Costas on NBC on the late night show. It was funny, and I imagine it will show up either on NBC’s site or maybe Youtube.

  10. Here’s Bob Costas riding the moose! I was the first in line, front row, totally a nofactzoner! and filmed it!


    Me: (I’m Vita)

    • That is AWESOME that you got quoted in the Vancouver Sun for being first in line! And awesome vid of the moose, too!

      We need to break out all these comment links into their own post. Why oh why did all this awesomesauce have to happen on the week before I move?! I’m too busy to blog it all!

  11. lockhart43 says:

    Lunchbox, that is SO cool that you were interviewed! Way to represent the Nation! :D

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