Daily Show Toss Recap – week of 2/8/2010

Before we go, let’s check in with our good friend Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report…

I hereby proclaim the week of February 8th as Official Toss Week of ‘010, because this week we got not just one, but two glorious Tosses! Makes up for the long dry spell from early December to January, doesn’t it? Lots to cover this week, so let’s jump right in with Wednesday’s:

2/10/2010, Daily/Colbert – High-Definition Ski Mask: In high definition, Stephen mistakes Jon’s face for a ski mask made from an elephant’s scrotum.

Awesome! This is my favorite Toss in a good long while. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for watching the boys crack each other up. There’s no way that “elephant scrotum” joke was planned, judging by Jon’s reaction. “It looks good on you, though!”

But wait, there’s more! Here’s Thursday’s Toss:

2/11/2010, Daily/Colbert – Olympics Excitement: Stephen wants to share his excitement about going to the Olympics with his fans, not Jon’s.

Here Jon wants to promote Stephen’s stint at the Olympics, but Stephen would prefer to share it with his audience, not Jon’s. Although I love Stephen’s little “Here comes my Shooowwww!” at the end, my favorite part is when he says “That’s something I wanted to promote to my fans, not yours” through his clenched teeth.

How did everyone like this week’s Tosses?


  1. lockhart43 says:

    LOVED the Toss from Wednesday! I just love it when Stephen says something to crack Jon up. It’s so awesome that we got TWO Tosses this week! I checked the TDS site and unless I missed one, I had to go all the way back to January of 2009 to find where they did two Tosses in one week (it was on January 27th, and another one on the 29th). Lucky us! :)

  2. PriyaNoblet says:

    Elephant Scrotum! Such a great diss, and it totally cracked Jon up! How does he come up with this stuff?! ahha

  3. As Jon said “It is so nice to have friends isn’t it?” Especially ones that give compliments like comparing you to an “elephant scrotum.

    I’m not surprised that Stephen wouldn’t want to share the fans since everyone knows how possessive he can be *imitates the grabby hands* and it extends to more than just awards.

    The trend seems to be more than the Toss also since twice this week TDS TCR have done similar stories so the writers are doing a lot of collaborating.

    TDS did the weather and so did TCR with both making jokes about the dark becoming a global crisis.

    Then they both did stories about the Trap of the Health Care Summit with both using Star Wars footage of Admiral Akbar.

    Hopefully with their working closely together it will make for more Tosses that way.

  4. If an overlapping joke is what it takes for us to have a toss, I’ll take it! Hee… there’s just too few of them! :D

    But seriously, I doubt that the writers of both shows are collaborating… might have been just a “great minds think alike” thing.

  5. That was so much fun!!!! I LOVED the first toss.

  6. MaryLovesColbert says:

    I loved the Tosses this week! We’re so lucky to get two in one week. Wouldn’t it be nice if this trend continued? ;P

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