Episode 6002 (1/5/2010)

Colbert Report Episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 6002 (January 5, 2010)
GUESTS: Riley Crane
SEGMENTS: Colbert Report Special Report: Night of Terror – The Crapification of the American Pant-scape, The WØRD: Ideal Or No Deal, Better Know An Enemy: Yemen
VIDEOS: Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday morning. I’d like to thank everyone for their amazing and thoughtful participation in yesterday’s Episode Guide – I love it when the Nation comes together to talk about Stephen.

I’m a bit under the weather so I’ll make this short. I’m also a bit cranky because ColbertNation.com uploaded last night’s ‘Daily Show’ where the full episode of ‘Colbert Report’ should be, so a nice pretty screencap will have to wait until the mistake is corrected.

I think Stephen’s new high-def touch screen prop is magnificent, mostly because now he can draw Snoopy for all of our amusements. Speaking of amusements, I loved the little red balloon that went by during the interview.

How did all of you enjoy the episode? And what were some of your favorite bits?

  • For instance, the network has begun selling ad space inside each of my now visible facial pores.
  • It’s all cable news is talking about ever since we got tired of talking about Tiger Wood’s exploding underwear.
  • I don’t know about you, but Santa left a load in my stocking.
  • I say what are pants except the shoes of the groin.
  • We elected a black guy, what more do Nigerians want? [Our Bank Account Number Over Email]
  • What’s tomorrow, Wednesday? Note to self: TiVo “Cougar Town.”
  • With this new pundit technology, I can let you know when to be happy, when to be angry, and when to be Snoopy.
  • And, oh, what’s that sticking out of his jacket? Is it a bomb? Or is it Snoopy?
  • 200 Al Qaeda members in a country of 23 million? Not bombing Yemen to get rid of Al Qaeda would be like not bombing Staten Island to get rid of the Wu-Tang clan.
  • The point is, we should invade Yemen. Or Panama.
  • It’s so nice to know that the Internet is being used for something positive and useful.
  • That’s a graduate student way of saying you gave some cash out.
  • If you pay people, the free market is doing all the work.


  1. I enjoyed watching Stephen play with his new SmartBoard! His Woodstock was better than Snoopy, IMO.
    While I don’t really have a favorite segment for this episode, I must admit at squeeishly enjoying Stephen’s character-break cussing during Riley Crane’s interview (“Holy ****!”).

    Personally, I’m a little ticked off not only at CC’s video snafu, but at Hulu and iTunes for only offering standard definition.

  2. The multiple references to Snoopy were fun! I happily invite Stephen to my classroom if he wants more practice with a SmartBoard! I think my favorite line was: “No one looks good on their driver’s license.” I am glad I, being a female, wouldn’t be subject to such identification ;)

  3. Is it me, or has the number of seats for the audience also increased? They showed a shot at the start of the episode and it looks way bigger than before. Awesome!

    Pic of audience: http://i45.tinypic.com/5pnbci.jpg

    • No its not just you, I noticed that too. Looks like they’ve added a few rows. I wonder how many seats were added (and will it be easier to get tickets)? ;-)

      Love the new Smartboard. Should be a fun new toy for Stephen to play with.

    • lockhart43 says:

      That makes me happy that they’ve added a few more rows to the audience – makes me hopeful that I might actually be able to get a relatively good seat (if I can’t get a ticket) when I make the journey over there this summer. =]

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Woah! That is too big! I’m so glad I went in 2008 when it was smaller, but I know they have to balance the feeling of intimacy with the demand for seats.

    • And have you all noticed people wearing the new, cool, red Colbert hats in the audience?

      So great. Just received my hat in the mail the other day.

      • lockhart43 says:

        No I didn’t notice that! That’s awesome! You are so lucky. I’m still waiting for some extra cash to find its way to me so I can buy the hat as a late Christmas present to myself, lol. :)

  4. Since I’m not allowed to watch the full episode trought the site I didn’t notice.I’m trying my best to be right and not use torrents or so,but they’re making my life dificult not even uploading the videos…And I wish I could see the new opening credits… :(

    I think Comedy central is punishing me for not being an american…damn it! LOL Anyway… Snoopy is love,but his Woodstock is way too much better.

    And gotta love the new site header.Nothing says sexy like blue spandex LOL

  5. I thought the addition of a Smartboard was so, well, smart. It’s a great way to showcase the “wonderful technology” that the news networks use. And who doesn’t love Snoopy?

    During the beginning of the segment on Yemen, I cracked up during the “yah mon” part at the end of the montage. I believe it was taken from the movie “Cool Runnings” about, of all things, a Jamacian bobsled team! ;D

  6. The Smartboard adds a whole new level to the joy machine. I couldn’t help but laugh watching Stephen’s face as he played with that thing.

    As much as I love Stephen’s new toy, I was completely blown away by Riley Crane and his use of market incentives and social networking technologies. I’ve always been fascinated with how to use individual incentives to encourage positive collaboration, but rarely have the chance to see it work in reality. It never hurts to have Stephen show he has a pretty good grasp of economics either :)

  7. I see much amusement ahead with that new Smartboard. Of course I’m also wondering how long it’ll be before Stephen tries to draw dirty pictures with it. I’m sure it’ll be tempting.

    • cordgrass says:

      Have you watched The Love Guru? :)

      • No, I haven’t. I guess I should? :D

        • You’d be better off You Tubing the bit with Stephen and Jim Gaffigan. That’s really the only funny bit in the whole movie, unfortunately.

    • Ann, you must mean how long will it take him to draw dirty pictures on air. I have to imagine, with that bunch, it’s already been put to such use by any number of folks there! ;)

      • Hah! I didn’t really think of that, but yes, I meant “on air.” I wonder if we should take bets on when that happens. I’m going to guess within two weeks. ;)

        • Ha ha! I’m sure it’s already happened off air but, yeah, it will probably eventually happen on air as well. And probably within a few weeks. LOL!

  8. cordgrass says:

    Of course my favorite part was the driver’s license. :)

  9. Has anyone seen the driver’s license without the blur? It seems the audience did? I hate it when props get censored, esp. on the Report.

    • lockhart43 says:

      I remember an episode a few months back where Stephen showed a picture of naked man, at some music festival I think, and he mentioned that the audience saw the picture uncensored. So I want to say that the audience saw the driver’s license photo in all its glory as well. TCR props just keep getting more ridiculously hilarious, I love it.

  10. I really loved the entire Night of Terror – The Crapification of the American Pant-scape segment and all it included (the Word and the smartboard). Excellent! Interesting interview as well.

  11. mrtigger001 says:

    I’m hoping that the SmartBoard leads to many John King references in the future.

    Okay, am I going crazy or are the TCR full eps on CC streaming incredibly slowly? I swear I was watching this last episode like 10 seconds at a time.

    In light of Stephen’s ‘pore advertunities’:
    ReCAPTCHA: Cabinet pimples

    • Might depend on your connection speed. It’s been streaming fine for me, and gloriously sharp.

  12. lockhart43 says:

    I really loved the entire episode tonight. Stephen’s new driver’s license photo had me laughing so hard! I hope there aren’t too many people who would actually be able to recognize him by that picture, hahaha. The “Night of Terror – The Crapification of the American Pant-scape” just cracked me up, and I really loved the point he was making with The Word. Stephen is going to have so much fun with that HD touch-screen, and I can see why: if I were him, I would get so distracted just doodling on it, ha. It was so funny how he kept circling and pointing to Yemen on the screen, appropriately mocking CNN…it’s so wonderful when he purposefully inserts himself into the sheer ridiculousness of all the other news networks. He was smiling an awful lot during the bit, too; you could tell he was enjoying his new toy :].

    As expected, I really enjoyed the Riley Crane interview. Crane’s idea of using social networking in order to have a positive influence on the planet (instead of using it to tell the world what you had for breakfast) was very interesting to me, and Stephen seemed interested as well, as he sort of let Crane do a lot of the talking to be able to make his point. That “Holy s**t!” character break was fantastic. :)

    I also wanted to restate what DB said above about the episode guide from Monday’s show – what a great discussion! Interactions like that make me proud to be a Zoner :D.
    Looking forward to another great episode tonight!

  13. I seriously can’t get over how new and bright everything is. This week is seriously shaping up to be awesome for both shows. :)

  14. OMGColbertinHD! says:

    Wonderful show. I kinda wish Riley Crane had been on the first show of the year rather than Erickson, who struck me as a very disingenuous man..I actually wanted the interview to be longer, because Crane seems to be a brilliant guy brimming with great ideas.

    Snoopy love is always appreciated :)

    I’m so grateful that the show is back and everything but I can’t be the only one DYING for a toss right ?

    Now if Hugh Laurie was to be a guest on the show, I could die a happy man.

    • ColbertGirl27 says:

      Haha! Nice username!

    • lockhart43 says:

      Trust me, you are not the only one dying for a Toss! I really thought they would do one on last night’s show, but no dice. Hopefully they’ll have time for one tonight…I don’t think I can hold out much longer, lol.

  15. I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t been able to stop doodling lil’ Snoopy’s all day

  16. It’s impossible to pick a favorite segment. The entire show was great! I did vote for The Word, as it was an especially good one, I thought. But the Night of Terror was incredibly funny. “If you mix up the letters in YEMEN, you get ENEMY. Did I just blow your mind?” Bwah!

    I also enjoyed the interview w/ Riley Crane. And character breaks are never not funny. Wonderful show!

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